Kashin Koji

kashin koji nioh2 wiki guide
Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Purity
Resistances Fire
Immune N/A
Special Drop Beardcutter & Hobbler
Kawanami Clan Vest
Shichisei & Heishishorin
Onmyo Warrio's Gauntlets
Yoshiie's Birthright Cuirass
Zenki and Goki
Greater Good Cuirass
Flying Kato's Mask

Kashin Koji is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Kashin Koji is a Yokai mage enemy that attacks with elemental attacks (all element types).


Enemy Description

In-Game Description


Kashin Koji Locations & Drops


How to Beat Kashin Koji

Kashin Koji Boss Guide:


After you defeat Tokichiro for the second time, the fight against Kashin Koji will begin. Kashin Koiji has 4 different phases:

1) Normal Kashin: Try to stay away from him and run in circles. He will mostly use ranged magic attack. Eventually, he will teleport to where you are standing. Dodge his attack and strike back. You can repeat this process until Phase 2 Begins. He can also use his Burst Ice Sword attack. This attack can be counted providing a great opportunity to deal damage.

2) Dark Realm Kashin: While in the Dark Realm his attacks will change, and he will be faster and more aggressive. He will use a sword to continuously harass you. You can use the same strategy that you used for Phase 1: Run around him and wait for his teleport attack, dodge and then strike him. The best opportunity to attack him is after he finishes a combo (He will sheath his weapon). The clone and grapple attack can kill you with one hit so make sure to keep moving to avoid them.

3) Normal Kashin Revived: This phase is the same as Phase 1, but he will now be able to conjure the Summon Ghosts Attack.

4) Dark Real Kashin: This phase is similar to Phase 2, but he will now be able to cast Sword Rain and Summon Ghosts. Remember to use your guard to prevent the damage.

Way of the Demon

The frost sword loses it's burst counter properties, meaning you lose most of your opportunities for burst damage, and the Curse buff he will have makes it so that it is much harder to do damage and Ki damage with the limited opportunities that you have left, especially in the Dark Realm phase.  Your goal is to do as much permanent Ki damage as possible, and to make sure to Grapple Kashin, as he takes a long time to get up post grapple and as he enters the second phase, leaving him vulnerable for a long time without the Curse buff protecting him and his back exposed. This also means less time fighting him in his difficult Dark Realm phase.

Use Purity. The extra Ki damage is key, especially during the Dark Realm Phase.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (Normal)
Burst Frost Sword: He will conjure a frost sword that will create an explosion on impact

NG: You can burst counter this attack.

WOTD: Cannot be burst countered. Instead dodge to the right twice to avoid the shockwave on the first hit and the active frames on the second.

Fire Wave: He will strike the ground with his weapon sending a fire wave towards the player. Run in circles around him to avoid the flames.
Teleport Attack: He will teleport and appear in front of the player. He can use the grappling attack after he teleports. Try to keep moving and running, even if he teleports you will be out of his reach.
Grapple Attack: He will grapple the player and smash him in the air.

NG: Dodge left or right. If you keep running in circles it won't catch you.

WOTD: You can burst counter this attack

Lightning Attack: He will summon several patches of lightning across the battlefield. Run away from him. You can use the opportunity to perform a ranged attack.
Phase 2 (Dark Realm)
Grapple Attack: He will grapple the player and smash him in the air.

NG: Dodge left or right. If you keep running in circles it won't catch you.

WOTD: You can burst counter this attack

Poison Attack: He will summon four poison balls that will leave poison pools when they touch the ground Try to stay away from the poison pools.
Burst Clone Attack: He will perform a burst attack and summon from 4 to 8 clones around the battlefield that will attack the player. Run as far away as possible when you see this attack coming.
Teleport Attack: He will teleport and appear in front of the player. He can use the grappling attack after he teleports.

Try to keep moving and running, even if he teleports you will be out of his reach.

WOTD: Lightning Sword Rain: He flies into the air and rains lightning projectiles from the sky.

Can only be burst countered by Brute. Otherwise create space.

Phase 3 (Normal Revived)
Summon Ghosts: He will summon several ghosts that will chase the player dealing high Ki damage. Try to run either left or right until you avoid all the ghosts
Phase 4 (Dark Realm Revived)
Summon Ghosts: He will summon several ghosts that will chase the player dealing high Ki damage. They will leave a yokai pool where they land Try to run either left or right until you avoid all the ghosts.
Sword Rain: He will knock his weapon on the ground and summon a rain of swords on top of the player.

This attack covers a very large area and deals massive damage. Use your guard to prevent the damage.

WOTD: Can be brute burst countered.




Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      This guy shows the worst of the combat in this game, the constant chain staggering & the pc's slow movements on healing really suck here, not to mention he will blatanly ignore burst counters when he feels like it the devs phoned this in 100%

      • Anonymous

        In NG, I used throw hatches and he's quite easy. In regards to clones, I'd just keep running around. Make as you're focus on your own ki bar. Don't attack unless you've enough ki left to dodge or roll.

        • Anonymous

          If anyone is still having trouble against him, i recommend having Daidara Bocchi's yokai ability to easy clear his Clone attack. I used it on him on my NG+ run and it saved me a ton of pressure. And also, i also recommend playing some distance on him if you're having trouble avoiding his "never-ending" sword slashes.

          • Anonymous

            Really the only stupid thing about this fight is that the clone move teaches you early on that clones vanish after attacking, then he up and summons 6 perma-clones that can and will spam you to death in about 2 seconds if you don't throw out AoE to kill them. Would have been better if the single clones needed to take a hit too, and perhaps had a longer delay before attacking to make up for it. The rest is quite easy on NG, just run around and don't get greedy, smack him when he TPs to you or exhausts his combo. I had more trouble with Tokichiro than this guy, except for 5 deaths as I tried to figure out what exactly I was supposed to do when he spammed perma-clones.

            • Anonymous

              Nioh 2: excellent combat system and the ability to stagger huge bosses with proper play.
              Kashin: hyper-armor on every move while looking like he'd be pushed over by a stray breeze.

              • Anonymous

                Just beat this boss for the first time after several attempts, level 105 which is apparently below curve. It's quite frankly an insanely easy fight as long as you're going a shrapnel bomb build, which I just so happened to be going. If you're really, REALLY struggling with this guy using normal methods I'd genuinely recommend respeccing into Ninjutsu just for this fight if you really can't find any alternatives. Fight took less than a minute.

                • Anonymous

                  absolue trash design. first hideyoshi then this boss with 2 phases without pauses. at least differently from sekiro you don't have to reapat the fight with hideyoshi
                  i admit when i kill him the first time i assumed a bug had occurred because in my head if the the boss drop loot he is defeated. this one no. he drops loot after first death to lure you in a sense of victory and then revives immediatly in dark reign form to **** you in a 6 hit combo

                  lets be clear i am a veteran of souls like from the first demon souls. i played nioh1 but this ****er deserve a special palce in hell

                  first of all
                  to everyone down the comment that says that he beated him first try i respond bullshit. This boss has a lot of attacks and combo that can instakill a not full health player and also a 6 hit combo/ that can easily detroy full health ones. so a blind first try is beyond ridicolous

                  he teleports, he spam 4 different ranged attacks including poison, tracking fire bolts, dark homing projectile (that seems a loot humity sprite of dark souls memory but i digress). he has a aoe lighting bolt. that not considering his teleporting bullshit and his ability to spam 4 or 6 combo of attacks in melee range
                  oh and don't we forget the 6 clones he can summon that spam his magic bullshit while he personally chase the player in the enitre arena (without cover of course) clones that can remain for at least 20-30 seconds(the longest time i mange to survive with all of 6 in the screen) and disappear only if hitten (good luck doing that during the teleporting chase of the main boss) . without a spirit attack like the daidara bocchi it was near impossibile for me and my build.

                  ah and don't forget the rain of lightin/fire sword that instkill you if you drop his life in the second phase more than 50%

                  yeah continue to tell how you manage to avoid all that on the first try
                  i am not saying that defeating him is impossibile
                  it took me a solid 12 tries but i defeated him.
                  what i am saying is that anyone claiming to have defeated him on first try blind without dying is the worst liar on the planet

                  • Anonymous

                    This guy is extremely vulnerable to shrapnel bombs. Goes down in under a minute with 50 dex 4 advanced shrapnel bombs and 5 regular. Throw while he charges up attacks and when he enters yokai realm.

                    • I can't tell if it's just me but Kashin is insanely difficult in NG++. You can't burst counter his ice sword attack because he doesn't get the large red aura (his eyes still glow though) and he just hyper armours throughs it. I had to resort to the run around and only attack when he teleports strategy and even then he's incredibly difficult because he would nearly 1 shot me i.e 3.7k+ damage with any attack/melee combo. It gets a whole lot worse when he starts spawning more than one clone, either I'm not doing enough damage or the clones take more than 1 hit, it's really hard to get rid of them. If I'm being honest, skip this mission in NG++ or come more prepared than you ever have been because this is the real test. Nothing in NG++ has been this difficult yet, but then again, I haven't fought Otak or the DLC on NG++.

                      • Anonymous

                        for the people who stuggle with this boss, try taking it slow and stay in close range from the boss. when in close range KK mostly use is staff-sword. if he do a combo (3-4 or 6 hit) block and wait then do 1 heavy attack if he use a multiple sword slashes block or dodge and then do 2 heavy. the boss have amazing hyper armor and doing combo can easily result in your death.

                        • Anonymous

                          Easy to beat with high dexterity, ninjutsu bonus, backstab damage, agility bonus, fuma ninja set, shuriken & kunai damage, mystical art for more damage with thrown weapons, about 20 magic and the mystical art for faster cast. Weakness talisman, power pills, protection talisman and use shinobi box and/or sacred brush after the tokichiro fight to get back your onmyo/ninjutsu items. Additionally you could also join the clan 'takigawa' for another 40 ninjutsu power, 100 if you reached elder position in the clan. Also using the mujina soul is really useful because of the "copy enhancement" skill on it.

                          • Anonymous

                            Absolute horse cum. A lot of his***** would be much more forgivable without the random and unwarranted hyper-armor. How do you like being knocked out of your combo, half your ki eaten and most of your health taken by 2 hits? Well it's gonna happen. A lot. Plus he comes after Tokichiro (first time). THEN he revives. Not counting the dodgy grab he can pull after a teleport &the off-screen *****ery. Really, Katsuie, him and that *****ing castle just feel like the developers actually gave up & let the janitor design these unbalanced, unfun-ass bosses. I knew the clones were 1 hit kills (Ryomen Sukuna works real nicely here) but actual blasted hell.

                            • Anonymous

                              Es que nadie notó que este personaje está haciendo referencia en forma de spoiler a lo que viene más adelante en el anime de Boruto? La voz quien interpreta este personaje es el mismo que interpreta a Jiraiya en el anime de Naruto y actualmente en el manga de Boruto aparece un personaje que se llama Kashin Koji, ¨Oh sorpresa¨.

                              • Anonymous

                                Yh the daidare bochi worked, thx to whoever suggested this, id rather fight bed of chaos for 12 hours than fight this guy again

                                • Anonymous

                                  abolute trash boss, 5 clones, really, you have no way of knowing what they are gonna do, if you get hit once you get stunlocked and die. indeed **** this guy. 6 clones fireing homing attacks, unstaggarable boss wearing a dress, ive died 50 times to that curse attack in clone phase, if it wasnt for that this boss would be manageable, guess i need to go level more, its a 5 difficult mission for me, as long as you have time to kill him before the clones start raping you then maybe

                                  • Anonymous

                                    This boss is an actual middle finger to those who didn’t expect this fight to be this game’s definition of CHAOS! (Still enjoyed the fight because i’m a masochist) PS: if you die to him the first time you don’t have to fight Tokichiro again to get to him

                                    • Anonymous

                                      The best strategy is to stay on top of him when he shifts. I cast sloth on him and constantly baited his melee attacks; he never brought out his clones until Phase 2 at the very end.

                                      • Won't lie. This boss wasn't the total BS I read about here. He's challenging and his Jedi force grab is very annoying but his teleport attack can be easily punished and if you have a decently powered Yokai soul core with solid AoE, those clones aren't a problem. I'd say the only real issue is resource management and not checking the boss before him early as I did...

                                        • Anonymous

                                          if you have problems with his clones: equip the daidara bocchi soul core and laser them to dust. worked well for me. cheers

                                          • Anonymous

                                            dude is challanging as ***** but gods does it feel good beating him. honestly hes the hardest fight in the game.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              This boss really needs check points between his phases. One phase alone is ridiculous bull*****but both always together? Hell no, this is disgusting. apparently, Team Ninja really gave up EVEN TRYING to make good bosses. AoE spam, perfect unlimited tracking and cheap oversized numbers don't make good fights. At the very least the Ki damage he does needs to be divided by 4.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                ez fight until he goes full naruto with a bit of avatar with his clones and then he goes soul of cinder ahhhhhhhhh

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Some how I skipped all of the after revive section. What happened is that I had a visitor and that summon from the building next to the shrine, the special summon with a axe. I had used in the first phase, sloth, attack down, and weaken talismans on him, and skipped the second phase. When he was taking awhile to revive after I picked up the stuff, I might have missed the special summon doing something as it completely skipped the last two phases. Needs verifying.

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