Ki (Stat)

Your Ki energy remaining.
Attacks and evasions consume Ki, but it regenerates over time.
Ki (Special Effect)
Increases your Maximum Ki by the amount listed.
Rarity                                                           Uncommon

Ki is a Secondary Stat in Nioh 2, as well as the name of a special effect that increases it. This page contains information regarding Ki.


Ki Information

This is your maximum amount of Ki energy. Attacks, blocking, dodges and taking damage from certain attacks consume Ki, but it regenerates over time. If you get hit when your Ki is at zero or below, or if your Ki is at zero because you got hit, you become winded. This will knock you down, leaving you defenseless for a time.

 Increasing your Ki increases both your offense and your survivablity, as you can attack more often and for longer without waiting, and you become able to block more attacks safely.

Increasing your Heart Stat will increase your Ki. There is also a special effect of the same name that increases your Maximum Ki. This can be found on many set bonuses and tempered on certain armor and accessories.




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