Kodama Blessing is a mechanic of Nioh 2 that allows players to select a special bonus to receive for an area. Kodama Blessings in Nioh 2 are slightly different to those in the original Nioh game, but their main mechanics remain the same.


What are Kodama Blessings

By making a monetary offering to the Kodama, you can receive Kodama Blessings. If you have already received a blessing from the Kodama, you can change the type of blessing bestowed upon you.

Kodama Blessings gain intensity based on the amount of Kodamas that you have found in the area and guided back to the Shrine. They all cost 100 gold.

Oracle Blessing Increases the amount of Amrita acquired by 5 - 25 %
Samurai Blessing Increases the equipment drop rate by 1  - 5%
Yamabushi Blessing Increases Soul Cores drop rate by 1 - 5%
Healer Blessing Increases Elixir drop rate by 5 - 25%
Hunter Blessing Increases drop rate of materials by 5 - 25%


Please see Shrines for information on the Kodama Bazaar

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