kukai boss
Enemy Type Human
Weakness Corruption
Resistances Fire (Major)
Water (Minor)
Immune ??
Special Drop  

Kukai is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Kukai is a Human that attacks with his Splitstaff and Martial Arts.

Enemy Description

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Kukai Locations & Drops

How to Beat Kukai

Kukai Boss Guide:


As a boss enemy, he has several moves that punish blind offense, and gains more as he loses health. You want to do low risk attacks that recovery quickly and bait him into doing Archer's Impact or Shock stopper, and then punish his recovery.  The main risk against him his him deciding to do one of those two attacks and beating whatever you decide to use against him. Exploit how often he uses those attacks after blocking and he will damage himself for you for the first two phases.

Phase 2 begins when he lost a third of his life total. He buffs himself to gain reduced Ki recovery and imbues his weapon with fire. At this point he will periodically use Suzaku's Guardian Spirit Skill, which has armor, making it yet another dangerous attack to counter your offense. Other than that, the strategy is the same.

Phase 3 begins when he has 1 third of his health remaining. His buffs his damage and gains Stalwart, making him immune to being staggered. However, he also takes significantly more Ki damage. He also creates Geysers after certain attacks. At this point, all you can do is wait for him to create an opening for you. When you do get a chance, this is the perfect opportunity to use Yokai skills against him.

He will occasionally use Sacred Ash to remove negative status effects.




Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
 Burst Attack 1: He his staff into the ground, creating a wave of Geysers in front of him Can be burst countered, but if you use phantom or feral you have to counter his staff touching the ground. Otherwise, if you are close to him, try to get behind him, as it doesn't reach there.
Burst Attack 2: He does Archer's Impact, followed by two multi hitting attacks with the splitstaff  Can be burst countered.
Double Flash attack: He does the Fist's Flash attack followed by the Splitstaff one. Blocking the first portion is extremely dangerous. Stay one dodge away from him and don't hold block the entire time.
Archer's Impact: His version of the attack is completely invincible when he moves back He frequently does this after blocking. You can exploit this by doing an attack that recovers quickly to bait him into using this and dodging.
Shockstopper: His version of the attack is armored, and he cannot be staggered out of it. He frequently does this after blocking. You can exploit this by doing an attack that recovers quickly to bait him into using this and dodging.
Phase 2 (66% Life Remaining)
Upon Reaching 66% life, he does one Part of Twin Phoenix and actives Suzaku's  Guardian Spirit Skill. Periodically from now on he will do Suzaku's Guardian Spirit Skill by tapping the ground with his staff. He cannot be staggered while doing this attack. Pay Attention to where Suzaku is, as when the skill ends it dive bombs the ground into a powerful fire explosion.
Phase 3 (33% Life Remaining)
Upon reaching phase three he will eat a Last Gambit Pill and stomp the ground, creating a Geyser. Dodge behind him when he's about to stomp
Changing Ways: When he lands, a Geyser appears under him He doesn't move forward very far, so you can use this to charge or prepare a long range advancing attack like Devastating Rush or Mortal Flow
Heron Kick: A geyser appears from where the attack started from Another reason to not just stand right next to him. Stay a dodge away and the kick is easy to dodge and the geyser is a non-factor
Serpent Sweep: A geyser appears where the last strike is Get away from in front of him.
High Stance Strong Attack: A geyser appears where the attack lands. Get closer to him when you see him starting the attack.


Notes & Trivia

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