Kurama Sword Dance

Boss Skill
Skill Type
Dropped By
Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Kurama Sword Dance is one of the Sword Skills in Nioh2. It is a Boss Skill dropped by Minamoto no Yoshitsune that performs a long, multi-hit combo.


Kurama Sword Dance Information




Kurama Sword Dance Notes

  • This Five hit string does a large amount of health and Ki damage, with excellent tracking, while also gaining the largest amount of Anima out of the non-grapple sword skills. While Sword of Meditation or combinations of attacks can do more or similar damage in the same or less time, Sword rain builds a slightly lower amount of Anima much faster, and Sword Ki does much more Ki damage faster, this attack can do all of that at once. In exchange for having such high utility, it is one of the slowest attacks the sword has.
  • If you are not locked on to an enemy, you can control the movement yourself. You can use this to get the attack to hit enemies on there back for extra damage, even if you initiated the attack from the front.



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    • Anonymous

      22 May 2021 20:28  

      I had to take him down 78 times to get this to drop, even with a luck and gear drop build. The RNG is just rough sometimes

      • Anonymous

        18 May 2021 21:07  

        30x with 50% item drop rate, luck 244, kodama bowls, kodama soul core and kodama blessings. still nothing :(

        • Anonymous

          07 Sep 2020 06:09  

          I can confirm this does drop from Yo****sune in the mission Bond of the Blade as well. I got it on I think my 6th run while farming for the other skill. And if anyone wants to know a farming method, Splitstaff Dragon Dance on DotSa destroys his ki, and it does ridiculous damage if you have a +8 ( what have ) weapon. And +8 seems to be the normal amount for random +value drops on DotD.

          I don't know how good the skill is, just thought I could help maybe 1 person out there.

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