Life Leech Talisman I

Life Leech Talisman I
Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Water Talisman I

Life Leech Talisman I is one of the Onmyo Magic Skills in Nioh2. Life Leech Talisman I is a jutsu skill that allows you to ready Life Leech Talisman.


Life Leech Talisman I Description

Allows you to ready Life Leech Talisman

When used, these magical items make enemies release vitality when damaged. You can then absorb this energy to restore life.

Amount Preparable: 1-4
Jutsu Cost: 2.2


Builds that use Life Leech Talisman I

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Life Leech Talisman I Notes

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    • Anonymous

      I figured it out, the wording on the ability is just wrong. It doesn't effect enemies in general for a period of time like it suggests. You actually have to lock on to an enemy and cast it and it affects only that 1 enemy. It gives them a status effect you can see under their hp gauge and a faint green aura. When that enemy is struck green orbs of vitality will transfer from them to you healing you. This spell is best used on tougher enemies and bosses though, since they have more health and you will ultimately be able to gather a larger quanity of health over a longer period of time also really making the most out of this skill. No point in casting on little guys, 2 or 3 hits and they're dead and with them dies your free vitality fountain. Better to use on the toughies and be able to heal by attacking the whole fight.

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