Lightning Gods of Yomi

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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Purity
Resistances Water
Immune Lightning
Special Drop Lightning Gods of Yomi Soul Core

Lightning Gods of Yomi is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Lightning Gods of Yomi is a Yokai boss that has inherited the body of Ashiya Doman and controls the element of Lightning. In Palace of the Damned and A Storm in the Underworld, Lightning Gods of Yomi only appears after beating Ashiya.


Enemy Description

The Lightning Gods of Yomi are not a singular entity, but comprise of eight savage lightning Gods form Yomi, the Japanese underworld. According to legend, Izanami was sent to Yomi after burning to death. The Lightning Gods emerged from eight parts of her rotting body - a gruesome sight that terrified her husband, Izanagi, who had come to Yomi to rescue her. Izanagi fled, and a furious Izanami orderd the Lightning Gods, who commanded the Underworld Soldiers, and a swarm of Hellish Hags to chase after him.

The names of the eight Lightning Gods are as follows: Ooikadzuchi (Great Lightning), Honoikadzuchi (Fire Lightning), Kuroikadzuchi (Black Lightning), Sakuikadzuchi (Rending Lightning), Wakaikadzuchi (Young Lightning), Tsuchikadzuchi (Earth Lightning), Naruikadzuchi (Roaring Lightning), and Fusuikadzuchi (Hiding Lightning). Each is said to symbolize a different facet of lightning itself. For instance, Honoikadzuchi's lightning bolts are said to cause fires, Sakuikadzuchi's are said to split trees, and Fusuikadzuchi is said to lurk within dark clouds, much like the occasional flashes of lightning that suddenly light the sky.

In the Heian Palace's inner court, Ashiya Doman surrendered his own body to summon forth the Lightning Gods of Yomi - a desperate measure born of his resentment towards mankind. These already savage Gods were further galvanized by the hateful intent behind their summoning, as manifest by their truly terrifying form, intent on smiting any soul unfortunate enough to stand before them. However, this being only a temporary form, the eight Gods are not at their full power. Whenever they attempt to harness a large amount of energy, one of the Gods is left vulnerable to attack. Focusing your attack on this weak link is surely the key to defeating the Lightning Gods at last.


Lightning Gods of Yomi Locations & Drops


How to Beat Lightning Gods of Yomi

Lightning Gods of Yomi Boss Guide:

After defeating Ashiya Doman in the Palace of the Damned, he surrenders his body to the Lightning Gods of Yomi and conjures the dark realm that empowers its attacks. For this fight, the majority of the bosses attacks are lightning projectiles, so you'll want to bring a Lightningstop Talisman and invest in Lightning resistance, Elemental Damage Taken and Projectile Damage Reduction. When fighting the Lightning Gods, use the Sloth Talisman against it to decrease the movement speed as well as the Weakness Talisman to reduce its defenses. The best way to jump in for the attack is after it conjures energy and releases its lightning attacks. Most of the time after each of its attack, you'll have a few seconds that you can use to land a couple of hits before it recovers and prepares for its next move.

While she has plenty of resistances, she takes full damage from Fire, and like most Yokai is weak to Purity, allowing you to confuse her consistently.

Be patient and try not to get too close to it because it will always conjure lightning AoE attacks around it. The majority of the attacks telegraph where they hit ahead of time, so you can use that to get dodge them early and continue to attack. You can also wait for it to teleport towards you, and this way, you can be ready to dodge for its next move and then counterattack with a few hits.

While it's in the Dark Realm she frequently leaves dark realm pools after attacking, giving you free Anima for purifying them. She will also gain glowing skulls on her body that, when destroyed, will stun her briefly regardless of if shes attacking or not and release two Elixir. One-Legged Fury and Brutal Charge is a strong attack to break them with, as even if it fails they will still stun her regardless. Cannon Shots are also effective


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Lightning Clouds: She slowly strikes a pose and summons 5 clouds of lightning around her that periodically strike Blind spot immediately close to her.
Lightning Crescent: Gathers energy and releases blades of lightning. When you see large lightning orbs around it, it will release blades of lightning that are aimed at you. This can be blocked.
4-Hit Combo: Attacks the player 4 times with its arms. You can block the first three attacks and then dodge towards it to get behind on the fourth attack. You'll be able to follow-up with a couple of attacks while it recovers.
3-Hit Combo: One vertical slash with her arms, a stab, and then spinning forward arms outstretched. If you dodge into her on the second  hit, you will likely get to her back.
Stream of Lightning: Conjures a path of lightning. You'll see a path of lightning that will appear in front of you before it releases energy. Dodge to the sides to avoid getting hit.
Lightning storm: She congers 5 sets of 3 lightning strikes directly in front of her You can see the path they take on the ground. None of them hit behind her. This attack is unblockable.
Burst Attack: Spinning Melee Attack Sometimes, it will mix up its attacks. It will strike twice and then prepares for a burst attack. When you see a red indicator, be ready to activate a Burst Counter to interrupt it. A successful burst counter will allow you to punish it while it tries to recover.
Lightning explosion: She charges up and creates a large explosion of lightning from her position. This leaves a dark realm pool. Deals a large amount of physical and lighting damage This attack is unblockable. When you see her charge it up prepare to either back up or High Stance roll through the attack.
Burst Attack: Grapple. If she catches you she deals a large amount of physical and lightning damage over time. Burst counter this attack. Remember that it cannot be blocked.
Dark Realm
Lightning Clouds: Now summons many more clouds over a much wider area, and leaves a yokai realm pool after wards. This is the attack used when she initiates the Dark Realm. Pay attention to the location of the clouds. You can stay away from them and wait for her to come to you first
Quick as Lightning: Teleports to random spots and leaves a trail of lightning as it moves. Frequently used after another attack to reposition and prepare the next attack. Dodge to the sides, do not dodge towards it, or try to chase it directly when it moves since there's a trail of lightning. Just stay at the sides.
Stream of Lightning: now also creates a yokai realm pool You'll see a path of lightning that will appear in front of you before it releases energy. Dodge to the sides to avoid getting hit.
Lightning storm: Now creates many more sets of lightning while also leaving a yokai realm pool behind. You can see the path they take on the ground. None of them hit behind her. This attack is unblockable.
Lightning explosion: Now charges up faster This attack is unblockable. When you see her charge it up prepare to either back up or High Stance roll through the attack.
Lightning Crescent: In addition to the normal pattern, it can also create all three around her, exploding when they send the projectiles. When you see large lightning orbs around it, it will release blades of lightning that are aimed at you. This can be blocked.




Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      if it wasnt for the 24/7 slowmo gameplay this would be a fun boss, a tip, do not immediately dash or roll after her forward teleportation attack because often she can cast the lightning lines which you cannot roll unless you perfectly time it, so just walk to the left or right in guarding position and get easy hits in after

      • Anonymous

        Lightningstop talismans are seriously MVP here. Not only will they vastly reduce elemental damage, they will completely negate the slow status effect and they last forever.

        • Anonymous

          Purity builds up fast, but have fun getting close and risking getting an instant ailment unless you've got lightning resistance/immunity.

          • If you beat Doman and then die on this 2nd form of the boss, you will start from the 2nd stage boss when you reenter the boss area. It makes things significantly easier.

            I was surprised they didn't make you fight both forms back-to-back actually. Still, this is (for me) one of the higher-ish difficulty bosses. Not the worst, but a solid 7.5 / 10 difficulty.

            • Anonymous

              I wanna hit those weakspots of her's but it's very annoying to try and hit them, even with my bow. Very obnoxious boss.

              • Anonymous

                She’s (they’re) immune to flattery, wining and dining and dressing like THOR. Stiff metal RRRods on the other hand..can’t get enough. So straight to the point with this one ⚔️

                • Anonymous

                  Lightningstop talismans are of course the big game changer for this fight. There's an abundance of anima in this fight when it's in the dark realm, so I think testing different soul cores works especially well here. I ended up using the Tsuchigumo core to slow her down and get a couple of free combos. This often leads to a stagger, opening up for more damage. Extraction talisman plus a couple of sources of Life gained on amrita absorption let you sustain reasonably well while being more offensive.

                  • Anonymous

                    Technically, Lightning Gods of Yomi, plural. It refers to the Eight Lightning Gods (Yatsuikazuchi no Kami) born from Izanami's corpse. So each of those masks is a separate Raijin/Lightning God.

                    • Anonymous

                      Use purity on her, she shrugs off water, fire, poison, (obviously lightning) like it is nothing (it won't even build up). No clue if paralysis works. Sloth works on her, it slows her down but you will just want to break the lightning masks on her body when she's in demon realm. Have fun dodging.

                      • Anonymous

                        During the second phase, when Yomi stamps her foot on the ground 1 or 2 skulls appear somewhere on her body (only in the dark realm). If you break them it will do extra damage and you briefly stun her so you get another hit in. using this tactic I used a odachi in high stance.

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