Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Cleared Mission "The Way of the Warrior: Novice"
Fists of Reckoning

Limitless is one of the Fists Skill in Nioh 2.


Limitless Description

Expend all your Ki to unleash a mighty blow upon the enemy. (High Stance Only)


Limitless Notes

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Fists Skills
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    • Anonymous

      Totally useless in most situation, Both because it empties the Ki bar instantly during the charge (and thus, can be stopped before you can even launch it because of the time it takes to activate), but also, can be both Parried and easily dodged since it doesn't have tracking

      Compared to sword of meditation (wich does the same work better with both super armor, while still taking damage and tracking), unless you can find a way to paralyze or make sure the enemy somehow decides not to attack you during the ETERNITY that thing takes to activates, Better to use alternatives to pound them into submission

      • Anonymous

        Nure-onna yokai ability is such a good setup for this skill. It doesn't paralyze every foe, but vs those that do get paralyzed, it's so nice

        • Anonymous

          Generally it feels useless, but is possibly the strongest single hit skill in the game, so you could carry paralysis traps or some such to slam dunk enemies into oblivion if you're feeling cheeky.

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