Determines the effect and capacity of Onmyo Magic. (Weapons mainly affected: Switchglaive)

Magic is a Stat in Nioh 2 determines the effect and capacity of Onmyo Magic. It also mainly affects the Weapons: Switchglaives and Splitstaff. The Cap for this is at 99 until Dream of the Wise, then it reaches 200.



Magic Effect

  • Increases vs. Onmyo Magic
    • 5 per point from 6 to 10

    • .4 from 11 to 15,

    • .3 from 16 to 20

    • .2 from 21 to 40

    • .1 to 98

  • Increases Onmyo Magic Power
    • 9 power per point at 11, scaling down to 3 power per point at 75. Once you reach 100, it gives 1 OMP every 5 points, same as with Courage.
  • Increases Onmyo Magic Capacity
    • 1 per point until 30. Then 1 capacity every 20 points starting from 120 Magic.



Magic Weapon Scaling



Magic Builds

  • Build 1 link
  • Build 2 link
  • Build 3 link



Agility  ♦  Anima (Stat)  ♦  Attack (Melee Weapon 1)  ♦  Attack (Melee Weapon 2)  ♦  Attack (Ranged Weapon 1)  ♦  Attack (Ranged Weapon 2)  ♦  Block (Melee Weapon 1)  ♦  Block (Melee Weapon 2)  ♦  Break (Melee Weapon 1)  ♦  Break (Melee Weapon 2)  ♦  Break (Ranged Weapon 1)  ♦  Break (Ranged Weapon 2)  ♦  Constitution  ♦  Courage  ♦  Dexterity  ♦  Equipment Weight  ♦  Heart  ♦  Ki (Stat)  ♦  Ki Recovery Speed (Stat)  ♦  Level  ♦  Life (Stat)  ♦  Ninjutsu Power (Stat)  ♦  Onmyo Magic Power (Stat)  ♦  Skill (Stat)  ♦  Stamina  ♦  Strength  ♦  Toughness (Stat)  ♦  vs. Fire  ♦  vs. Lightning  ♦  vs. Paralysis  ♦  Vs. Physical  ♦  vs. Poison  ♦  vs. Water

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    • Anonymous

      Nioh 2 Onmyo Magic community, Why the devs hate us so much? For Context, I just watched a video displaying the new Ninja and magic skills and the ninjas have some cool as **** animation which compared to Onmyo well Onmyo got the familiar spells they forgot to put in for lighting and water and a lightsaber. Really! the familiar spell is nice BUT why run the familiar spell compared to 12 shot spells. The familiar spell should have an actual familiar or at least a be a Orb that act as a torrent.

      • Anonymous

        Is there a kind sould who can explain how points in magic scale with spells?? To be more specific, i use the sword but i also use magic for supporting with buffs and debuffs at the enemies. So if i increase my magic will i make these buffs/debuffs stronger or will it only affect the damage dealing spells?

        • Anonymous

          FYi once you hit 30 points in Magic, it ceases to increase your Magic capacity. It can still increase your magic power and switchglaive damage beyond this point, but it will no longer increase the number of talismans you can prepare. So 30 is a good place to stop raising magic and focus on a second or third stat you've been neglecting, or perhaps to get some of your low-value stats up to the first soft cap value that happens around 10.

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