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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Fire


Immune --
Special Drop Mezuki Soul Core
Razing Edge Yokai Skill

Mezuki is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Mezuki is a horse-headed Yokai that attacks with breath attacks and its giant blade.

Enemy Description

A Mezuki is a demon with the head of a horse. It can be seen in various picture scrolls depicting images of hell, torturing the wicked alongside the bull-headed demon Gozuki. However, its appearances in legend have also placed it outside of its underworld domain. Most notably, it is one of the demons on parade in the famous Hyakki Yagyo ("Night Parade of a Hundred Demons") that is written about in the Uji Shui Monogatari of the early 13th century.

One theory postulates that Mezuki came to be when a large number of humans and horses met their deaths, their grudges and hatred intermingling until finally taking form as the horse-headed demon. After slaughtering victims in droves to rid itself of its lingering resentment, Mezuki finally fell down into hell. It was sentenced by Emma, the judge of the underworld, to work there for as long as it took to make up for the lives it had brutally taken.

Due to the grudge it bears, Mezuki favors wielding weapons that cause pain to its enemies more than those that are effective at ensuring a swift kill. As a counterpart to its more malicious and sadistic side, it also has the tendency to recklessly charge at its enemies, displaying less forethought and more similarity to a rampaging horse. One might attribute its dual nature to its mixed human and horse origins. If you face Mezuki in battle, dodging its charges and attacking it from behind will surely lead you to victory.


Mezuki Locations & Drops


How to Beat Mezuki

Mezuki Boss Guide:


Mezuki battlefield is big and open providing a lot of space to dodge his attacks and stay at a safe distance. His attacks are very predictable but they deal a lot of damage, so try to time your dodges and you'll have no problem beating him. You can burst counter his main attacks dealing high ki Damage.

If you are having trouble with his horizontal swipes, you can back two times and wait for him to finish his combo.

If you want to play it really safe, you can stay at a distance and just wait for his charge attack. When he is charging at you, perform a burst counter, deal some damage and retreat. Repeat until you defeat him.

When in the Dark Realm he will be faster and summon more ghosts. He will also obtain a new attack where he slices the ground sending two powerful ranged attacks.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Charge Attack: He will charge forward dealing high damage Use the burst counter to stop him and deal high Ki Damage. Use to opportunity to strike him back.
Horizontal Swipes: He will perform three strikes with his weapon You can either run back and wait for the combo to finish or try to dodge each strike. If you manage to dodge the strikes you will have an opportunity to deal some damage
Summon Ghosts: He will spawn 3 ghosts from his mouth that slowly move towards the player and explode on contact. Leaves  behind a Dark Realm pool if connects with the ground. You can quickly run behind him and use the opportunity to attack. If you are not close, you can run behind him or block the ghosts using your guard, but they deal high Ki damage.
Weapon Slam: He will raise his weapon and slam the floor in front of him dealing massive damage. Slams his weapon 3 times in a row. Stops being a Burst Attack in Dream of the Demon. You can burst counter this attack but you have to perfectly time the counter. The other option is to run behind him and attack.
Ranged Attack (Dark Realm): While in the dark realm he can use his weapon to send two consecutive ranged attacks. Becomes a Burst Attack in Dream of the Demon. Dodge to either side to avoid the attack. Burst Counter if possible in later difficulties.




Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “I’ll cleave them all into tiny bits. I’ll hack and saw until I finally reach hell…”




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    • Anonymous

      It's damage was lower than I expected. In heavy armor even the grunts in that mission 3 shot me but I manage to tank upto 4 hits from this thing. Also with heavy armor the ki damage it deals is almost negligible so blocking is very effective just watch out for that grab by canceling it through anki soul core.

      • Anonymous

        Found this guy pretty easy using hit & run tactics with odachi high stance, switching to low when entering the yokai realm to save ki. Making sure to burst counter all opportunities. Sure the same thing will work for other weapons.

        • Anonymous

          His burst attack is easy to counter once you get the hang of the burst mechanic. If in doubt, use the hut to wall Mezuki off to give you time to heal or prepare for an opening.

          • Anonymous

            That glowing rock on the left if you enter the arena can be destroyed by Mezuki and it wil fill up your entire Amrita Gauge.

            • Anonymous

              Blocking the yokai realm-spawning black orbs is a really bad idea. If you are a low level and not using one of the few very high block weapons, two will break your guard.

              • Anonymous

                No more Mezuki in the twilight mission "the bloody tainted samurai" late nerf ? (comparison from the last chance demo) rather disappointing

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