Minamoto no Yorimitsu

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Enemy Type Human

Fire, Corruption, Poison

Resistances Purity
Immune ??
Special Drop Art of Combat: Severing Spin
Art of Combat: Sacred Bird Flight
Smithing Text: Demon Slayer Armor
Smithing Text: Dojikiri Yasutsuna
Smithing Text: Bloodsucker and Spider Cutter

Minamoto no Yorimitsu is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Minamoto no Yorimitsu is a human boss, she is a demon slayer of the past who also wields the Sohayamaru. She summons forth giant Yokai that helps her in battle

Enemy Description

Minamoto no Yorimitsu, often known as Raiko, is a military commander from the mid-Heian period. She is renowned for her valor, having slain countless yokai with a sword passed down through generations of the Minamoto clan. There are many legends that tell of her exploits with her most loyal retainers, the Four Guardians (Watanabe no Tsuna, Sakata no Kintoki, Usui Sadamitsu, and Urabe no Suetake), Such as their defeat of the yokai Shuten Doji and Tsuchigumo.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu, often known as Raiko, is a military commander from the mid-Heian period. She is renowned for her valor, having slain countless yokai with a sword passed down through generations of the Minamoto clan. There are many legends that tell of her exploits with her most loyal retainers, the Four Guardians (Watanabe no Tsuna, Sakata no Kintoki, Usui Sadamitsu, and Urabe no Suetake), Such as their defeat of the yokai Shuten Doji and Tsuchigumo.

Contrary to the generally accepted historical record, Minamoto no Yorimitsu was a woman. Her younger brother, who also went by the name Raiko, was active in the politics of the time, building his reputation on his sister's achievements. The legend of Minamoto no Yorimitsu that reaches us today in fact consists of the intertwined exploits of these siblings.

In the midst of the burning capital, Yorimitsu utilizes the Nigitama stored in her box of Soul Cores to battle the encroaching fiends. Seeing the protagonist's horns, she assumes that the protagonist must also be a demon, and attacks them accordingly. The two warriors are equally matched, but during their fight, Yorimitsu catches sight of the protagonist's blade- the same yokai-slaying blade of her family. She grows even more suspicious of the protagonist's identity, but Kintoki interrupts their battle before she can learn more. She is told that she is needed at the Rashomon gate and heads there at once, leaving the protagonist for later.

Yorimitsu and Kintoki hurry to Rashomon and battle Tsuchigumo valiantly, but when they end up trapped by its sticky web, the protagonist must finish the fight in their stead. After Tsuchigumo's defeat, Ashiya Doman reveals himself as the true mastermind behind recent events. Yorimitsu attempts to get the Nigitama from her box of Soul Cores to attack him, but Doman's dark magic transforms her Nigitama into violent Aratama. Just as the situation becomes precarious, Yorimitsu's ally, Abe no Seimei, appears on the scene and exorcizes the evil yokai. When the dust has finally settled, Seimei entreats the protagonist to aid them in restoring peace to the capital. Yorimitsu finally acknowledges the protagonist as an ally.

Minamoto no Yorimitsu Locations & Drops

How to Beat Minamoto no Yorimitsu

Minamoto no Yorimitsu Boss Guide:

If you start the battle far away from her, such as in the main mission Suzune in the Flames, be ready to dodge since she'll either summon a Yokai from her Soul Core Box or attempt to dive at you. If it's the Yokai, you'll see a grey field under you before it pops out, so you'll have at least a second to dodge away to avoid getting hit.

The key to this fight is paying attention to the weapon she uses. She has effectively three different movelists you have to pay attention to.

  • While Sohayamaru is out she will be far more aggressive, with longer melee attack strings, and will always get up with Morning Light when knocked down. Blocking is not a good strategy, as you will likely get your guard broken. She will occasionally use a buff that puts a aura around her that increases her Ki Recovery Speed, but it will also increase yours if you stay next to her.
  • While Bloodsucker (the Red sword) is out, she will attack with many Iaijutsu attacks and try to be more defensive. Many of her attacks gain armor, and she will dodge often after blocking to create space. She gets up normally without attacking. Blocking here is better since it is largely slow single hit attacks that won't completely destroy your Ki if blocked. Don't get greedy with how often you attack and she will leave herself open for you when she attempts one of her armored counter attacks.
  • Once you've inflicted about 50% damage to her HP, she occasionally summons forth her Guardian Spirit and uses Living Weapon, which empowers her Sohayamaru attacks by infusing them with flames that imbue Purity and gives her more range. While in this state she cannot be stunned by normal attacks, but her Ki does not regenerate, and she stops using the soul core box and Bloodsucker. Concentrate on doing as much Ki damage as you can when you get an opening. Once she runs out of Ki, or if you ground her with an attack like One-Legged Fury or a headshot with a ranged weapon, she gets knocked out of the state.

Yorimitsu is a human boss so you'll want to try and reduce her stamina bar so that you can execute a powerful blow when she's stunned. She isn't specifically immune to any element, so confusion is powerful against her.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Either Weapon Phase
Yokai Summon: Yorimitsu summons forth a large Yokai that emerges from the ground.
  • Kasha: She Rolls around in a circle, leaving a trail of blue flames.
  • Mezuki: It swings its massive sword in a circle around where it spawned
  • Gyuki: It does Lockjaw
  • Mezuki and 2 Gozuki: They all charge forward a long distance.
You'll see a grey field that will appear on the ground, telegraphing the attack. While the Yokai attacks, Yorimitsu herself stay still the entire time. If you get to her you can do whatever attack you want, including a headshot with a ranged weapon.
Attacks While Wielding Sohayamaru
Pillars of Flame: Yorimitsu calls her Guardian Spirit and releases a stream of flames that moves fast and tracks you. Keep running away from it and then execute a dodge if needed. It only has mid-range and lasts a short while before it disappears.
Forward Leaping Attack: Yorimitsu jumps up into the air and tries to land on top of you with an overhead attack. You can dodge right through her at the last moment she lands and then follow-up with attacking her from behind while she recovers.
Jumping Attacks: A short range, jumping slash followed by another jumping stab to the ground The range is short and the attack is very slow to do. It can be parried.
Sacred Bird Flight: She can do this on it's own or after doing a melee attack string. Occasionally she follows up with Forward Leaping Attack. Dodge both slashes. Blocking is safe.
Quick Attack String: This does a large amount of Ki damage if you block it, and doesn't rebound of your guard. This has poor tracking if you dodge into her.
Circular Swing: Looks similar to the sword low strong attacks. Parriable
Morning Light: She always attempts this when she gets up from the ground. This has no hitbox behind her.
2-Hit Strike: Executes two slashes and then leaps back. You can reposition yourself at the side to avoid the slash and then dash forward to try and hit her a few times.
Attacks While Wielding Bloodsucker
Iai Quickdraw: Armored. She can attack multiple times. You hear a chime before she strikes.
Block or dodge the first attack and get behind her.
Night Rain Do not try to block the entire attack.
Long Range Grapple: After a long delay, she rushes foward. If she catches you she does a high damage single hitting slash. Burst attack pre-Dream of the Demon Rolling is a safe answer. It has significant recovery time after whiffing.
Short Range Grapple: After a short delay, she tries to grab you. If she catches you she does a high damage combo. Burst attack, Dream of the Demon and forward exclusive. Rolling is a safe answer. It has significant recovery time after whiffing.
Severing Spin: Armored and she uses it often after being attacked. Has a long amount of startup. Back off when you see her initiate the attack, then punish her after the slashes are done.
Long Range Projectile: While far away from you, she will go into Iai stance and rapidly slash, sending foward a large projictile. She will do this multiple times if you stay away from her. Blocking is safe. Close the distance on her while blocking or dodging.
Jumping Shockwave: You hear a chime, she gets into a Tiger Sprint stance and runs toward you. After a period of time she jumps into the air, slashing under her and creating several large shockwaves. Dodge Horizontally when she jumps.
Living Weapon
(During this phase, she does any attack from the Sohyamaru section, now infused with Purity and with more range, but she cannot use the Soul Core Box. Below are attacks that gain projectiles.)
Circular Swing: Yorimitsu swings her sword in a circular motion and releases flames after the second swing. This attack can be blocked but after the second swing, move to the side and try to dash behind her to get a couple of attacks.
Jumping Attackss: Now she slams her sword on the ground twice, causing pillars of flame to appear in front of her. Dodge to your sides and after the second time she attacks she has very long recovery. A head shot or attack that knockes her down like One-legged Fury will immediately end this phase.


Notes & Trivia

  • The smaller of Yorimitsu's swords was originally called the Hizamaru which he renamed Kumogiri, aka the Spider Cutter, after killing the Tsuchigumo, the spider yokai that you fight in the DLC. This is also the same sword as Hobbler and Usumidori, which is the model used for this blade, albeit colored red.
  • Yorimitsu's larger, and the more famous of his swords was called Chisui, the Blood Sucker. After killing Shuten Doji, it became the Dojikri, meaning Doji Cutter, and is regarded as one of Japan's 5 great swords. As with the Spider Cutter, the sword's blade is colored red to differentiate it from the Dojigiri that already exists in-game. Hence why her dual swords are called the Blood Sucker and Spider Cutter in the game.
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    • Anonymous

      45 kills for her to drop Scared Bird Flight.
      She dropped the sword art on maybe the 4th kill.
      Armor smithing text on kill ~20.
      Never dropped the dual swords text, but screw farming her any more after getting the 2 arts

      • Anonymous

        Has anyone had her bug out and just spam the last action she did indefinitely? I've seen her stuck just constantly dodging in her sheathed phase, spamming her ranged attack over and over and over in her standard form in the start of the fight etc.

        • Anonymous

          Him : 10 hit combos, jump all over the place, ki doesn't run out, kills you in 0.2 seconds, grabs and flashy attacks

          Me : gets a strong attack every 3 minutes when I accumulate enough cuckpoints like a good boy.

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            anime was a mistake

            this ***** is like the poster child for edgy anime characters

            little to no character, cool looking skills

            *CLICK CLICK CLICK*

            • Anonymous

              Normally i never ***** about soulsborne or in this case nioh bosses, but this one is just retarded. She has: bigger range or certain melee attacks then spear thrust attacks with "stabillity" MA equipped, gains hyper armor while attackin while also being supper aggresive, has a bullshit one shot grab, can purrify you, can basically enter a mode where she has infinite ki and she can also enter a mode where she gains permanent hyper armor and somehow becomes even more aggresive and cancerous. The only this that i found k
              It works is that you go full kamikaze on her ass and either stunlock/burst her down or get stunlocked/one shot.Now if this isn't a bullsiht boss i don't know what is.

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