Minamoto no Yoshitsune

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Enemy Type Yokai/Human




Special Drop

Kurama Sword Dance

Sacred Bird Cry.

Kurama Swordmaster Set



Minamoto no Yoshitsune is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Minamoto no Yoshitsune in his boss form fights as a Yokai that attacks with Swords and projectiles.


Enemy Description

Minamoto no Yoshitsune is a military commander from the late Heian period. He was known as Ushiwakamaru in his childhood. It is said that he learned swordmanship from the tengu of Mount Kurama. 

When Yoshitsune's older brother, Minamoto no Yoritomo, began to raise an army to oppose the Taira clan, Yoshitsune hastened to join the army's ranks. It is said that his skill with the Sohayamaru is responsible for many of the Minamoto army's victories. Some even whisper that he must be a Shiftling to possess such prodigious skill.

As violent winds blow, Yoshitsune launches a surprise attack against the Taira base of Yashima. He leaps from ship to ship, making fools of the Taira soldiers who attempt to stand in his way. It is then that he meets the protagonist, who has just defeated the spirit of Taira no Kiyomori in the form of the yokai Uminyudo. Yoshitsune proposes that they team up to defeat the Taira.

Yoshitsune manages to rout the Taira but after returning to the capital, he is forced to flee to Hiraizumi, where the Fujiwara army unexpectedly attacks him, The protagonist saves Yoshitsune and the two attempt to catch up with Benkei, who has gone ahead to secure a safe path of retreat for his master. However, a gruesome sight awaits them when they arrive. They witness Benkei's last stand, dying as a multitude of arrows pierce his body. 

In his rage, Yoshitsune transforms into an Aratama. After a fierce battle with the protagonist, he returns to his senses and entreats the protagonist to defeat their true enemy.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune Locations & Drops


How to Beat Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Minamoto no Yoshitsune Boss Guide:



He is Immune the Scorched, Shocked and Saturated status effects, and has high resistance to Poison and Paralysis accumulation and elemental damage. You want to focus on getting the Purity/Corruption effects on him (Purity preferred) and dealing Ki damage. His wake-up attack after recovering from his Ki being zero has a blind spot if you touch him, so go behind him and lay into him for free damage.

Many of his moves have poor tracking while sending him forward far, preventing him from redirecting easily. Dodging behind him allows you to get to his back; this is the main way of getting damage opportunities.

He can play his flute to activate a Gale status effect, reflecting projectiles back at the player.
Ironically, his own projectiles can be reflected back at him with your own Gale effect or Whirling Blade, doing heavy Ki damage to him.

While perched he will throw projectiles at the player, however he will take twice as much Ki damage if you hit him, and Zeroing out his Ki gauge will immediately force him into a grapple state. This is a great opportunity for Yokai Abilities like Brutal Charge and Moves high in Ki damage that reach vertically, like Sword Ki or Crimson Flurry, as long as you are able to navigate through his projectiles.

The fight is largely the same in Way of the Demon, just be sure to prioritize the Grapple when he is winded to remove the Curse buff, making it easier to do more Ki damage in the Dark Realm more damage from behind.




Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Normal only

Sacred Bird Cry: He pulls out Sohoyamaru and attacks with four slashes that send out projectiles with each attack.
At half health they become Imbued with Purity.

 The move lacks tracking after he starts attacking. Move behind him.
 Kurama Sword Dance: Yoshi attacks with two slashes, a Kick, and two more slashes. Has no tracking; Dodge through him or to the sides to get to his back
Usumidori Combo: He slashes twice with usumidori before doing a lunging stab with Sohoyamaru, then slashing again behind him before sheathing Sohyamaru Dodge to the side when he thrusts. Wait for the final attack after and then whiff punish.
Burst Attack: He calls Kurama Tengu while quickdrawing his sword, and then attacks in an AOE slam in front of him, doing Purity Damage. You can burst counter this attack.
Usumidori Burst Attack: Several slashes with Usumidori followed by the Burst Attack. Avoid the initial attacks and then burst counter the last hit.
Dark Realm and Grounded only
Boulder Breaker: He throws both of his swords at you and then charges at you himself. Dodge into the blades so they go through you and then go to the side. The charge becomes a burst attack on Way of the Demon.
Wing Burst Attack: He spreads out his wings and attacks you with them and his sword in tandem. Can be burst countered Pre-Way of the Demon. Thereafter, you must dodge into him, as the attack has poor tracking while moving far forward.
Dark Realm and Perched
Ho guardian Spirit Skill: He calls out Ho to dive bomb into you, then it does a delayed second attack.

Be mindful of the second attack and dodge both hits

Sword Projectile swarm: He summons his swords and then shoots them either around himself if you are close or in a line toward you if you are farther away.

If far away, move to the side. Up close, you should get even closer, as it has a blind spot close around him.

Falling Attack: He jumps off the perch and does a ground slam at your location. Ends Perched Phase.

Move out of the way.

Cyclone: Yoshi calls Kurama Tengu to summon a cyclone that pulls you in, then does a sword storm around him while jumping off and slamming the ground. Ends Perched Phase.

You can Burst Counter the slam. He also leaves himself open for a long time,  allowing you a great attack opportunity.

Sword Storm Burst attack: Jumps from several positions at once while shooting swords below him, before using one of them to push himself into you. Ends Perched Phase.

You can burst counter the final charge. Before that, stay out of the trajectory of his jumps.

Eternal Rivals Exclusive Burst move: He charges into the sides of the bridge, bouncing off of them and into the opposite side, before finally charging into. Ends Perched Phase.

You can burst counter the final charge. Before that, stay out of the trajectory of his charges.

Jumping Wing Projectiles: Jumps and shoots three projectiles from each wing.

Dodge Toward him when the projectiles gain speed.

Universal Grounded
Sword Projectile swarm: He summons his swords and then shoots them either around himself if you are close or in a line toward you if you are farther away. Straight Path: Move to the side and whiff punish.
AOE: Back away.
Triple Kicks: He kicks three times will gliding, doing a large amount of Ki damage. Dodge to the side.
Grapple: He stands on his hands before kicking you, likely killing you with the grapple if the kick lands. It has no horizontal tracking.
Gattling swords: He summons a circle of swords at his side and shoots then at you rotary style. Move Horizontally
Wing Projectiles: He spreads his wings and shoots three sets of swords - three from each side and then all six. Dodge toward him when the projectiles gain speed.




Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      This is a badly designed boss, as soon as it starts he'll do a one-shot chain stagger attack & if you managed to dodge, or survive that, you'll be in for a long, cheesey, unbalanced fight & he'll easily one, or two-shot you, not enjoyable at all

      • Anonymous

        honestly i haven't beat him yet, but i find his dark realm phase easier to play against than the normal one which i find quite weird. anyway, going on my 30th or so try. wish me luck

        • Anonymous

          Fourth try'd it. After reading these comments, I employed basically every piece of cheese I could think of and I still had to edge it out thanks to the Blue Grave that lasted past 50%. I'm just going to list what I used and maybe you'll get some use out of it.

          Was using corruption fists, actually succeeded in depleting his Ki, just once though. Didn't amount to much.
          Reckless charge was most of my damage (don't bother following it up with Dreadslayer, he blocks it) and Anima build up, speaking of which...
          Saoirse for a good start on building Anima.
          Yatsu-no-Kami core mainly because all my other favorites only stood out when they applied elements.
          Gaki core with Critical Yokai Shift. It's saved my bum a couple of times, including in this fight, and this core is very specific to my quick self-healing since I've stacked a lot of Life Recovery (Amrita Absorption). Send it over to the guy, soak up amrita, get lots of healing for it. Usually, I can bet on getting at least 50% of my hp bar back, oftentimes more. You need a second of breathing room to set that up though, for which the friendly revenant is highly useful. So to help keep them alive...
          Rejuvenation talismans, five, ended up having one left. Probably contributed to the friendly revenant staying alive, as I had Decree on it. I've seen too many of them not do anything about their critical health to trust anymore on them healing themselves on time.
          Quick-change, had 4, ended up needing just one.
          Some gauge charge bonuses here and there and, well... luck. Lots and lots of luck.

          Did I succeed? Yes.
          Did any aspect of this boss fight feel good, be it the boss or my needing to resort to what I did? No. Hell no.
          I'm not proud of it either, but at this point, I'm starting to wonder if the game really respects my time. If not, anything's fair game. If you're struggling against this guy, I wish you good luck and hope any of this advice helped out.

          • Anonymous

            I don't understand the people saying this boss is easy. This is the most frustrating boss in the game for me after Saito Toshimitsu when I first fought him. This dude moves faster than most bloodborne bosses, cleaves my health in two with the majority of his attacks, basically has a minigun that shoots swords (even if that attack is rare, it's completely ridiculous), a health pool comparatively bigger than Gyuki at initial encounter, constant annoying projectiles, an OHKO grab at anything but max HP, long reaching attacks that make his proj. seem redundant, teleports, and elemental resistances to top it all off. I'm an axe main, but no matter what weapon I use or what tactic I employ, I die before depleting his HP past 50%. I really want to enjoy this boss like I have the majority of the rest of the game (I won't talk about Lady Osakebe except for here) but this guy is just insanity. I've been at this guy for hours and I'm starting to think that this just isn't for me. I'm not so much of a masochist that I'm going to learn his moveset back and forth so that I don't make any mistakes when I'm not making any progress.

            • Anonymous

              near-instant grapple that can pretty much oneshot you.....
              you know the funny part?remove that and the boss is just trivial speed test

              • Anonymous

                There seems to be a Blindspot behind him when he does his AOE sword projectile swarm. I dunno if it works all the time, but from my time fighting him if you go and hug his wings during the attack you won't get hit and can even charge up an attack.

                • Anonymous

                  yeah, after nioh1 where devs failed to design about half of bosses, i played nioh2 and was happy... until this moment
                  this thing has about 30k hp on NG and hit u for 2k each attack (and he does about 3-4 every combo)
                  ur character at this stage of the game has 3k hp (or 2.5 if u didnt lvl con) and deals 170 dmg per cast (and about 2k to other bosses)
                  this means that if ALL of ur attacks connect without any misses with all 5 sacred brushes used, u will be able to cut 50% of his hp (and 20% without brushes)
                  after that - u die. because u dont have ability to attack him. or u die to any of his attacks before this moment.
                  i dont think that using everything just to cut 20% of boss hp over ~5-7 minutes evading hundreds of attacks each one of which are oneshot is a good design.
                  this is literally BS, so EZ boss but with overleveled attack and defense which makes him literally unkillable.

                  • Anonymous

                    Are the special skills available on way of the samurai? Or is it like the fight with jin hayabusa in the first nioh where you have to fight him on subsequent playthroughs?

                    • Anonymous

                      Ok, who blurred out the sh*t part in Yo****sune’s name? It can be funny for a bit, but this is still a normal Japanese name. Please stay professional if you decide to make a wiki.

                      • Anonymous

                        I am not sure if i was just dumb lucky or what, i got both weapon arts after my 37th run on Samurai Difficulty, extremely cool skills. And extremely Powerful too espescially if you want to go for an Anima Power Build

                        • Anonymous

                          I like his design in human form. They made him look young and pretty, almost like a doll, and yet he’s a hardcore warrior general. Interesting juxtaposition.

                          • Anonymous

                            I can confirm he drops 2 smithing texts and 2 arts of combat on way of the samurai. Took me around 30 tries to get all of them with 100 luck and 20% drop chance, including the shrine buff.
                            By the way the Sohayamaru art of combat is usable on all weapons (R1+Triangle) and can be found in the Samurai tree. Yoi ichinichi wo.

                            • Anonymous

                              He drops 2 separate arts of combat. One is called Kurama Sword Dance, an very powerful combo for the sword. The other I can’t exactly remember the name of, but it basically allows you to attack with your Sohayamaru. This skill can be used with every weapon, and if you hold down the attack button, it will fire very powerful sword slashes at the cost of 1 anima each wich is very cheap. It also harvests amrita from any enemy it hits, and fills up you amrita gauche really quickly. I have every art of combat in the game as of this moment, and I have to say that the skill for Sohayamaru is the best in the entire game. Just ge careful when using it, because it has a very long animation. You won’t be able to dodge out of it, and after the attack is finished you’ll be vulnerable for at least a second. But I’m very happy with these skills, even if it took me over 50 times beating this guy to get them both.

                              • Anonymous

                                VERY energetic fight. His anima bar barely ever goes empty, but when he activates the Dark Realm and starts standing on the sides of the bridge, you can stand near him and attack him in high stance. 4-6 good hits should knock him off. And if your Amrita Gauche is full, instead of doing your normal grab attack, you can do your Yokai Shift grab attack if you activate your transformation (this goes for any enemy btw). Most of his attacks are very predictable. What you really want to look out for are his sword combos and his grab attack. Dodge behind him when he does a combo but do not dodge into him when he does his grab. This will get you every time. Keep your eye on your stamina bar, this is very important. Hope this helps for those who are struggling.

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