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Character Type NPC
Guardian Spirit Sohaya
Location Interim

Miyoshino is an NPC in Nioh 2. NPCs are characters that can be interacted with or are shown in the game. NPCs are characters that add contrast to the game's lore where they provide information, some are categorized as quest givers, while others are categorized as Merchants whom you can trade with or request for certain services.



Miyoshino Information

Miyoshino was a yokai and mother to the protagonist. The quiet life she led with her young child was brutally disrupted when they were attacked by a mysterious man wielding a staff. Using the very last of her strength, she entrusted a dagger to her child.

Despite being a yokai, Miyoshino fell in love with Saito Dosan, who was known at the time as Mumyo, the leader of a yokai-hunting clan called the Sohaya.

The couple left the Sohaya to build a life together, and were eventually blessed with a child. They lived a happy life until their neighbors learned the truth—that Miyoshino was a yokai and her child a Shiftling. In order to protect him from the harsh judgement of those around, Miyoshino decided to leave her husband.

 When Miyoshino is reunited with the protagonist in the interim, she tells them about the destiny that awaits them-to wield Sohayamaru and seal Otakemaru away forever. Having delivered her final message, she departs for the world of the dead, where Dosan awaits her.

Miyoshino as Suzuka

 Miyoshino, Otakemaru's younger sister, was once known by the name Suzuka. She and her brother first arrived in the village near Suzuka Pass dreaming of a future where humans and yokai might coexist in harmony. However, when Otakemaru declared war upon the villagers, the two siblings turned against each other.

When the protagonist struggles in battle against Otakemaru, Suzuka comes to their aid. Suzuka notices that the protagonist and herself share a similar light. She entreats the protagonist and herself share a similar light. She entreats the protagonist to help her vanquish her brother, and the two head deep into the mountains.

Upon defeating Tate Eboshi and obtaining a large amount of Spirit Stones, Suzuka sacrifices her own Guardian Spirit, Sohaya, to forge the only sword capable of slaying the immortal Otakemaru. However, she loses most of her memories during this process.

When Suzuka finally catches up to the protagonist, Otakemaru has been defeated, and his enormous horns lie on the ground before her. Bathed in light, the protagonist returns to their time, and Suzuka recounts the protagonist's exploits to the others in the form of a fairy-tale for years to come.

After much time has passed, Suzuka, who now goes by the name of Miyoshino, meets Dosan and falls in love with him. The couple is blessed with a shiftling child, the protagonist. Upon Miyoshino's untimely demise, she is finally reunited with her Guardian Spirit, Sohaya, in the afterlife, and regains her memories of her days as Suzuka at last. When her brother finally joins her in the afterlife, she is ready to warmly welcome him.

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Miyoshino Notes & Tips

  • While fighting as an NPC, she uses an unobtainable and unique model of sword rather than Sohayamaru.
suzuka's sword
Suzuka's Unique Sword
  •  It is heavily implied that she is the legendary female warrior Shizuka Gozen. But due to Shizuka Gozen legend being hard to place in folklore, and full of holes and interpretations, as well as the game taking several liberties with its story telling. this is a loose connection at best.


  • Trivia 1: While not mentioned in the game, a since the game takes places during historical dates, in real life the male player character of Nioh 2 has his birthdate on April 23rd and March 23rd for female character. This information is just for fun fact as stated in the main Instagram page and used as a reference in the main Nioh 2 site. /




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