Mortal Soul Core

Dropped by

One-eyed Imp
Human Bosses
Magara Naotaka

Yokai Skill n/a
Attack 15 ~ ??
Defense 15~ ??
Attunement n/a

Mortal Soul Core is a Soul Core item in Nioh 2. This Soul Core is found as a drop from Mortal enemies and is used to strengthen another Soul Core.


This Soul Core contains remnants of the soul of a Mortal. Perform Soul Fusion with this to strengthen another Soul Core.

Effects of Mortal Soul Core

  • Unlocks Skill: n/a
  • Effect: fixed-property-nioh-2-wiki-guide --
  • Effect: fixed-property-nioh-2-wiki-guide --
  • Can be fused with another Soul Core to strengthen it



How to get Mortal Soul Core

This item is dropped randomly by One-eyed Imps (rarely), Magara Naotaka and certain Human Boss enemies. They most efficient Missions for acquiring mortal soul cores are the following:

You can further increase your chance to obtain this by equipping items with the Soul Core Drop Rate % bonus.


  • Attempting to attune a mortal soul core will soft lock the game. It's meant to be fused into another soul core only.
  • Unlike other soul cores, mortal soul cores can be used with any other soul core for soul fusion and have no fixed typing, allowing you to replace the default typing of a soul core to make use of Yokai Ability damage (Type) effects and Dragon Vein.



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    • Anonymous

      The side mission "the missing gun" is a nice farm both mini bosses you have to fight have a pretty good chance to drop these

      • Anonymous

        As far as I can tell, the main use of this soul core is that it allows you to change any other soul core to a different type. (Brute, Feral, or Phantom) There are a handful of benefits to this, like the "The Dragon's Echo" skill that refunds 10% of the Anima spent to perform a Yokai Ability, if its type matches the type of your Guardian Spirit.

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