Mountain Bandit Hatchets

stamina-nioh-2-wiki Heart Bonus D+ Break 43
skill-nioh-2-wiki Skill Bonus B+ Block 54
courage-nioh-2-wiki Skill Bonus C+    

Special Effect

fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideMid Guard Ki Consumption

Mountain Bandit Hatchets is one of the Hatchets in Nioh 2. This weapon works in conjunction with the Hatchet Skills skill tree. Hachet weapons scale best with the Skill stat, but also scale from Courage and Stamina. So if your Build has high Skill, consider using this Weapon type.


Mountain Bandit Hatchets Description

A pair of hatchets favored by bandits that lie in wait in the mountains and attack unsuspecting travelers and traders. Being able to throw them to get the drop on an opponent during an attack is considered one of these hatchets greatest merits, but they are also very useful for clearing away shrubbery and other obstacles when traversing the mountains.


Location: Where to Find Mountain Bandit Hatchets


Materials Needed to Craft Mountain Bandit Hatchets


Mountain Bandit Hatchets Notes & Trivia

  • See Blacksmith to understand weapon inheritance and properties.
  • ??




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