Ninjutsu Power (Stat)

Influences the effectiveness of your Ninjutsu.
Ninjutsu Power (Special Effect)


Increases your ninjutsu power by the amount listed

Ninjutsu Power is a Stat in Nioh 2, as well as the name of a special effect that increases it. This page contains information regarding Ninjutsu Power.


Ninjutsu Power

  • Influences the effectiveness of your Ninjutsu.
    • Damage based Ninjutsu will deal more damage
    • Ninjutsu effects that place a status effect on you or enemies will gain increased duration.
  • Adding more points into Dexterity and Skill increases your Ninjutsu Power. The special effect of the same name also increases this stat by the amount listed. This can be tempered onto Armor and Accessories, as well as found on Soul Cores on later New Game Plus Cycles.




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