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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Water
Resistances Lightning, Corruption, Poison
Immune Lightning
Special Drop Nene Slayer
Sun and Moon Hatchets
Mitsuyo Kusarigama

Nue is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Nue is a Yokai chimera that attacks with lightning and poison.


Enemy Description

Pronounced NEW-ay. A yokai chimera. A yokai chimera. Its fanged mouth terrorises its prey with an eerie cry. Nue is wreathed in dark smoke, making it difficult to discern its overall appearance. Its ability to summon thunder has earned  its alternate name of Raiju, the thunder-beast.

Possesses a monkey’s face, a tiger’s torso, and snake for a tail. Its mane is quilled and sharp enough to cut any who approach. In addition to fierce claw and fang attacks, it can hurl itself bodily with enough force to smash a stone wall. There are many legends of Nue appearing in Japan, unleashing lightning and causing all sorts of disasters.

One legend holds that a fearsome cry heralded the appearance of a Nue over the royal palace in Kyoto every night, draining the young emperor of vitality. No medicine could cure him. But after the samurai Minamoto Yorimasa felled the Nue with an arrow, the emperor recovered at once. Yorimasa was bestowed with a beautiful sword called Shishi-Oh, King of the Lions as a reward.


Nue Locations & Drops


How to Beat Nue

Nue Boss Guide:






Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Storm Roll: Nue roars and stand on its hind legs before rolling in a straight line. Lightning strikes occur which leave behind Yokai Realms, which cause lightning affliction.  Dodge out of the way and avoid the lightning strikes before attacking the boss from behind doing additional damage.
Pounce: Burst Attack Nue will shake and leap at the player. Should it hit the player a grapple animation will occur and cause heavy damage. Burst Counter or dodge. Nue does not remain idle after the attack fails so strike quickly then retreat.
 Spin: Nue spins its entire body to hit the player. Happens often when the player get behind Nue.  Retreat should Nue start the spin then dash in for some quick hits.
Poison Stream: The snake tail will reach over Nue's head and release a stream of poison, causing a poison affliction. Stay out of range and if possible attack from the back or sides.
Lightning Breath: Nue breathes a stream of lightning from its mouth and moves in a horizontal line. Causes lightning affliction. Dodge or quickly get out of range.




Notes & Trivia

  • Nue originally appeared in Nioh as a boss in the third main mission, "The Spirit Stone Slumbers".
  • Use the large amount of Yokai Pools to increase Anima quickly, especially in the Dark Realm to either Burst Counter or use Yokai Skills often. Use Yokai Skills that cause massive Ki damage to end the Dark Realm quickly.
  • Memories - “Brave soul who fears neither my voice nor my appearance. Come, join me and become a raging storm,”




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