Okuni's Search is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 74, has a difficulty level of 3, and features yokai enemies. Okuni's Search tasks players with helping Okuni to find her missing hairpin. This mission is unlocked after completing the Main Mission: Ruin Draws Near. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



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General Info


Video Walkthrough

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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion
  • ??
  • 21400 Gold
  • 22648 Amrita




  • 7x Spa  (hot springs)
  • 2x Dark Realm
Equipment & Materials
Soul Cores
Key Items



Okuni's Search

Mission Start Text

So we meet again. Perhaps I can ask something of you? The other day, when you helped me at the bathhouse, I seem to have dropped one of my hairpins in all the commotion. For reasons I cannot go into, it is irreplaceable and I need it back. Considering what happened there last time, I'm too frightened to return by myself. Would you do me the favour of accompanying me?

Mission End Text

Ah, my sister has a matching hairpin.

A Spirit Stone, you called it? Well, my sister always loved the way it glowed. She never took her eyes off it, and then she just vanished without a word. I've heard that Hideyoshi has been seeking those stones to help wage his foul war, I just hope my sister hasn't got herself dragged into all this. Anyway, thank you for all you have done!

Kodama Locations

  • none

Sudama Locations

  • none

Scampuss Locations

  • none

Spa Locations

  • There are three on the starting floor.
  • There are two on uppermost floor, in adjoining room inside a Dark Realm.
  • There is one on the bottom most floor in the center of the room inside a Dark Realm

Locks Locations

  • none


Okuni's Search Walkthrough

Accompany Okuni

You'll return to the bathhouse for this mission. Only this time, Okuni will join the party and you'll need to accompany her to find a missing hairpin. At the starting point, you'll find the shrine for this area. You'll encounter yokai enemies along the way such as Nure-Onna, Namahage, Gaki, Flying Bolt, and Tesso. You also won't miss a couple of Spa (Hot Springs) on both floors since you'll most likely pass through it when you explore and clear each level.

You simply need to reach the bottom section of the bathhouse first to reach the objective. To do that, head to the topmost level of the bathhouse and jump down onto the beams from a broken railing. Before you jump to the bottom, make sure you are prepared, because you'll be fighting a group of yokai enemies within the dark realm. You'll face a Yamanba, Ubume, One-eyed Imp, Tesso, and a One-eyed Oni that will dispel the dark realm after killing it. After the battle, pray at the shrine, use the spa, and ride the lift up where you'll fight the boss of this mission: Enenra. To learn more about this boss, click here or check our video guide for this boss that's linked below - defeating this boss will complete the mission and you'll obtain Beaded Hairpin.







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Trivia & Notes:

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    • Anonymous

      Enenra's HP got an increase I assume because Okuni is with you, but she's so useless that you end up just soloing a tanky Enenra.
      Also, the Namahage in the room can be killed before fighting Enenra; he can even be snuck up on through a secret door.

      • Anonymous

        Okuni is absolutely useless in this mission, in fact I would go so far as to say as an assist character and NPC she is actually a detriment to the player.

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