Type Accessories
Defense 7
vs. Physical 4.0
vs. Fire 4.0
vs. Water 4.0
vs. Lightning 4.0
vs. Poison 4.0
vs. Paralysis 4.0
Requirements heart-nioh-2-wikiHeart 1
magic-nioh-2-wikiMagic 1

Omamori is one of the Accessories in Nioh 2. They provide the player with passive bonuses to attack, defense, drop rates, and many more. Players can equip up to two accessories which can be managed in the equipment menu.


Omamori Information

A tiny satchel that provides divine protection. It is said that looking inside will make it lose its power.


Omamori Special Effect

Equipping an accessory provides the wearer with unique special effects, this icon fixed-property-nioh-2-wiki-guide identifies the accessory's special effect. This accessory grants:

 This accessory can have these Restricted Special Effects

Omamori Required Tips

  • This accessory, in addition to having fixed Other Realm Resistance, also has innate resistance to Fire, Water, Lightning, Poison and Paralysis. This doesn't prevent you from having any effects from the Resistance pool either, so you can have a larger than average reduction to a singular element with a small reduction to the rest, or use Elemental Damage Taken reduction to slightly better effect than other accessories.
  • This is one of the few accessories that can have Damage Taken (Critical), Untouched Ninjutsu and Untouched Onmyo Magic.


Omamori Location/Where to Find

  • Obtained as a reward for completing the Sub MissionImmovable.
  • Obtained as a reward for completing the Sub MissionAbduction
  • Occasionally dropped by enemies and breakable objects.
  • Occasionally found inside chests and looted off of corpses.



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