Opening of the Mind's Eye

Mission Type Training Mission
Recommended Level 100
Rewards Swordsman's Locks x2
Water God Slayer x1
Whetstone x2
Condition/s Required Sword Proficiency: 120,000
Complete Mission Ruin Draws Near

Opening of the Mind's Eye is a Tutorial Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 100, and tasks players with testing their capabilities of fighting and mastering the Sword weapon against Shisenin Kosen.


Mission Text

Mission Start Text

So, you seek to learn the secrets of the blade, do you? I, Shisenin Kosen, came to grasp the essence of the sword through devotion to study of Shugendo for over a hundred years. If you wish to learn the secret for yourself then face me in combat and I will show you the way.

Mission Complete Text

To be able to stand up to my katana shows that you possess a terrific amount of talen. As promised, I will share with you the secrets of the sword.

Discard your pride and be diligent in practice. You still have a long way to go on the path of Shugendo, but I shall eagerly await your return to see how you have progressed.


Opening of the Mind's Eye Walkthrough

Enemies and Yokai in this mission:
  • Shisenin Kosen
NPCs in this mission:
  • Shisenin Kosen


Your Sword proficiency must be at least 120,000 or more to start this tutorial mission, you can gain proficiency points by unlocking any weapon skills and by fighting enemies with the Sword. Before you start the mission, make sure you have made any preparations needed since this tutorial mission leads straight to a mini-boss battle against Shisenin Kosen.

This Dojo master mission is relatively easy, as he uses Sword of Meditation often, leaving him completely open until the actual attack appears. More importantly, it stops his Ki from regenerating until the attack completely recovers. As he loses health and on higher NG+ levels, he will take less time to do the attack. The main dangerous attack he does is a special version of Iai Quickdraw shared with Tsukahara Bokuden, with significantly increased range and break.

Defeating Shisenin Kosen will end the mission.




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