Otakemaru is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Otakemaru is an appallingly destructive Yokai enemy that attacks with all three of the player Yokai Shifts: Feral, Brute and Phantom.


Enemy Description

Otakemaru is considered one of Japan's three greatest yokai, alongside Tamamo-no-Mae and Shuten Doji. He appears in legends as a demon god who resided in the Suzuka Mountains along the border of Ise and Omi Provinces. He is said to have possessed great supernatural power, with the ability to fly, summon storms, or even cause fire to rain down from the sky. By order of the emperor, Otakemaru was eventually killed by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, and his remains sealed in Byodo-In. It was said that Otakemaru could never be killed as long as he had his three holy swords, and since the swords were capable of repairing themselves in the event of them being damaged, Otakemaru was essentially invincible.

Kashin Koji, the mysterious man whose red eyes each contain three pupils, was really a form of Otakemaru who was sealed, who was sealed in Byodo-In. The seal containing Otakemaru was weakened due to the ongoing war, allowing a small amount of his Anima to escape and coalesce into the form of Kashin Koji. Acting in the shadows, Kashin Koji's goal was to set his true self free. Otakmaru was once persecuted by humanity,  leading to his vehement hatred for the entire human race. There is no doubt that if ever a day would come when Otakemaru escaped his prison, he would not hesitate to kill every living soul in Japan.

The three swords Otakemaru wields are known collectively as the Sanmyoke. The Sanmyoken is made up of Daitoren, Shotoren, and Kenmyoren, and three swords are considered treasures of the heavens themselves. It is said that Otakemaru's ability to summon lightning or fire from the sky is due to the power that resides within these holy swords. If this theory proves true, it may perhaps be possible to predict which of his attacks he will use next depending on the sword he holds in his hand.


Otakemaru Locations & Drops

How to Beat Otakemaru

Otakemaru Boss Guide:


This fight is dividade in 3 Phases.

1) 50% ~ 100% Health: He can transform into all three of the player Yokai Shifts: Feral, Brute and Phantom.

Brute: While he is the brute form he will be slow. Try to get near him, so he attacks you. Dodge backwards, wait for his combo to finish and then go in to deal some damage

Feral: While in the feral form he is very agile and it's very difficult to keep track of his attacks. Try to stay at a medium distance and force him to use his burst attack. When he does, perform a counter burst to stop him and deal damage.

Phantom: When he shifts into Phantom, run near him and attack him as much as you can.

2) 25% ~ 50% Health: He will transform into a true Yokai and use a one-handed sword. He can use three type of swords: Fire, Water and Lightning. His attacks depend on the type of sword he is using, so keep an eye on his sword to be ready for his attacks.

3) 0% ~ 25% Health. When he drops to 25% health he will summon 4 floating hands and his swords will hover around him. He will gain new attacks and will be able to swap swords faster.



Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (50% ~ 75% Health)
Feral Burst: While in Feral form, he can perform a forward burst attack. Use your burst counter to stop his attack and strike back
Phantom Disc: While in the Phantom form, he can summon a disc that follows the player dealing damage Run in circles to avoid the disc and attack as much as you can while staying close
Phase 2 (25% ~ 70% Health)
Fire Sword
Fire Sword Attack: He will charge from a distance jumping to the player and creating an explosion. Wait until he is in the air and doge left or right. Use the opportunity to strike back
Fire Explosion: He will strike the ground with his sword creating fire explosions around him. Use your guard to prevent the damage
Dual Sword Burst: He will summon a second sword and perform a quick burst attack forward You can use your burst counter to cancel his attack.
Frost Sword
Ice Explosion: He will strike the ground with his sword and create ice pools at the player location that will explode after a short period of time. You can see the area of the explosion before it happens. Run away from the pool to prevent the damage.
Ice Sword Attack: He will perform a combo forward creating ice explosions around him. Run away from him.
Ice Ranged Attack: He will conjure ice projectiles on top of his head and throw them at the player. The projectiles are slow so if you run in circles they won't be able to reach you.
Lightning Sword
Lightning AoE: He will strike the ground with his sword summoning lightning strikes in a big AoE around him. Run away from the AoE.
Lightning Strike: He will quickly move forward attacking with a lightning strike Dodge left or right.
Phase 3 ( 0% ~ 25% Health)
Can still use all attacks from phase 2
Elemental Disc: He will combine all his swords and throw them like a disc to the player. This attack deal Fire, Water and Lightning damage at the same time. This attack deals a lot of damage and is very quick. The best option is to use your guard.
Sword Rain: Elemental swords will start falling from the sky at the players location dealing elemental damage.  




Notes & Trivia

  • His yokai text translates to : WAIT...THOSE EYES...COULD YOU BE?  HOW I LONG TO MEET SUZUKA AGAIN




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    • Anonymous

      Does anyone have any tips on how to dodge the lightning attack where he raises his sword, immediately shoots a projectile at you and then lightning instantly strikes down on you? This wiki doesn't seem to have info on that move.

      I'm pretty good at avoiding most of his attacks; it's just this one move that gets me. I've tried running from it to the side, dodging it, and blocking it, but I always seem to take lightning damage and accumulate shock.

      Any way to dodge it, or do I just have to tank it and have some shock cures on hand?

      • Anonymous

        Does anyone know what kind of Yokai/demon this guy is supposed to be? He is the brother of our protagonist’s mother so they are supposed to be the same species.

        Thing is we are never explicitly told what kind of Yokai that Hide, our main character, is supposed to be in addition to half human.

        Does anyone have answers to shed light on this subject? I genuinely want to know and I’m sure others do as well.

        • Anonymous

          If it weren't for the lag from the rain (seriously, how does this game run at a solid 60FPS on a 1060 in every situation EXCEPT in the rain?) this fight would have been 10/10 when I got to it. He doesn't deal huge damage until the third phase, his moveset mostly tries to zone you towards him once you pass phase 1, burst counters are clear and usually easy (except the phase 3 one which sucks), and in general he feels a lot more fair than most bosses.

          • Anonymous

            This guy was fun to fight. I beat him first try both in the base game and then his weird 4-leg form in the DLC.
            Both times i just used my patented "spin-2-win" mode where I keep my SG in mid-stance and just use cyclone 50 times. The DLC version got me a little spooked though, had to dodge around a tad more and heal up sometimes.
            I like his character type. Very much like Dracula from castlevania (in the sense that he gave humanity a chance, but they squandered it and he went for genocide)

            • Anonymous

              Does he actually drop the Sarutobi Gunsticks text? Its not listed here but ive read he does. I dont want to farm him for a week if it isnt on his list.

              • Anonymous

                That latest update to the game made it much easier to get to him. There’s a new mission thats also a boss rush. You have to fight Yatsu-no-Kami and Shuten Doji first, and then you get to fighting Otakemaru in his real form. Not even a bigger and badder version of our Yokai Shift. Just straight up him starting with one sword, and then three when a certain amount of his health-pool is drained (you know..... the usual). Makes it SO much easier to farm items from him in my opinion. But I can understand not wanting to fight a Yatsu-no-Kami at that high a level. So you do you.

                • Anonymous

                  Can somebody change the picture with the actual boss? Right now its just a frame from a cutscene showing a character’s yokai shift phantom form.

                  • Anonymous

                    1Inosasao + 2Saoirse...Kato clan ...2 weakness talismans ...anima bonus on all soul cores for amrita absorption ,damage taken ,etc. Yesterday meet Otakemaru and killed in 2nd try ... Soul of Cinder fight in Nioh

                    • Anonymous

                      Lots of people experience difficulties with different bosses in Nioh. No matter who says the hardest boss is, there is gonna be a debate and start a huge arguement. For someone who has not played Nioh 1, they will find Nioh 2 difficult. For those who played Nioh 1, the game is alot of easier. For me, hardest boss in Nioh 2 is Otakemaru, and I actually beat him on my first try. Its not about how many times you die, his skill sets are complex and has many different phases to deal with, so its not easy to remember all this in a fight. Burst countering different speeds, dealing his different combos and many more aspects.

                      • Anonymous

                        Now this is a final boss; I love it when a final boss uses attacks from other bosses throughout the game, as well as having some epic signature attacks. The only move I don't like is his unblockable, insta-kill fireball that he can rotate to track you with. Also, I think it should be mentioned that this fight is made easier by Tokichiro helping you; his Guardian Spirit, Masaru, will appear a total of 3 times to attack the boss, showing up shortly after the start of each phase. Whenever Masaru disappears, it leaves behind an orb that looks like the Mission Complete orb, and if you touch it, you get 1/3 of your Yokai Shift charged. Being with the Toyotomi clan will also make this orb into a free health regen.

                        • Anonymous

                          I don't see how people consider him the hardest Boss in the game. I found him much easier than Enenra, Tokichiro (either version), Lady Osakabe, Shibata Katsuie or his human version. Even Daidara Bocchi was harder for me.

                          • Anonymous

                            I like how nobody mentions his lightning ball he throws that covers a larger area than you can avoid. Literally the only move that gets me, and the only move not listed. Amazing.

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