This is the version that appears in the First Samurai DLC. For the version that appears in In the Eye of the Beholder, see Otakemaru

Otakemaru (The First Samurai)
 is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. This is a younger version of the Yokai Otakemaru . He appears in The First Samurai DLC with an altered moveset.


Enemy Description

Otakemaru is considered one of Japan's three greatest yokai, alongside Tamamo-no-Mae and Shuten Doji. He appears in legends as a demon god who resided in the Suzuka Mountains along the border of Ise and Omi Provinces. He is said to have possessed great supernatural power, with the ability to fly, summon storms, or even cause fire to rain down from the sky. By order of the emperor, Otakemaru was eventually killed by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, and his remains sealed in Byodo-In. It was said that Otakemaru could never be killed as long as he had his three holy swords, and since the swords were capable of repairing themselves in the event of them being damaged, Otakemaru was essentially invincible.

Kashin Koji, the mysterious man whose red eyes each contain three pupils, was really a form of Otakemaru who was sealed, who was sealed in Byodo-In. The seal containing Otakemaru was weakened due to the ongoing war, allowing a small amount of his Anima to escape and coalesce into the form of Kashin Koji. Acting in the shadows, Kashin Koji's goal was to set his true self free. Otakmaru was once persecuted by humanity,  leading to his vehement hatred for the entire human race. There is no doubt that if ever a day would come when Otakemaru escaped his prison, he would not hesitate to kill every living soul in Japan.

The three swords Otakemaru wields are known collectively as the Sanmyoken. The Sanmyoken is made up of Daitoren, Shotoren, and Kenmyoren, and three swords are considered treasures of the heavens themselves. It is said that Otakemaru's ability to summon lightning or fire from the sky is due to the power that resides within these holy swords. If this theory proves true, it may perhaps be possible to predict which of his attacks he will use next depending on the sword he holds in his hand.


Otakemaru (The First Samurai) Locations & Drops


How to Beat Otakemaru (The First Samurai)

Otakemaru (The First Samurai) Boss Guide:


His attacks are based on the last phase of the original fight, the main difference being he has more universal attacks and less attacks that depend on what sword he has equipped. Blocking is very bad as most of the attacks he has will break your Ki very easily, the main exception is the last hit of a string or the Disc attack, which doesn't do much as Ki damage on block. You should still watch what sword he has out:
  •  Ice Sword: He always starts the fight with this equipped. It has a long range stab with ice, but more importantly a very fast burst attack that does high damage. You want to keep your distance to avoid getting caught by this attack.
  • Fire Sword: Brutal Combustion has a huge startup and recovery time. making it the attack to look out for burst damage.
  • Lightning: The lightning dashes are dangerous to deal, but going into High Stance and rolling makes it easier. Phantasmic Burst is very slow and easy to dodge or block.

While in the dark realm, he mainly gains access to some attacks he had in the base game that he doesn't do normally, like the Fireball and the ice projectiles.These attacks are locked by the  The fight is largely the same outside of that.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Universal Attacks
Melee Attack String 1: He use two of his swords to swipe horizontally three times, then a long range slice fowarward, after which he does a jumping slash into a slam onto the ground that also creates an explosion bsed on the Weapon he had in his hand. Go to High stance and dodge roll behind him when he does the jump.
Kick Series: A series of Kicks that do a large amount of Ki damage. Does High Ki damage, so dodge rather than trying to block it.
Melee Attack String 2: Has the most variance of the three. Two horizontal slashes followed by a either:
  • a vertical slash downward with every sword
  • a Kick, which he either follows up with a slow, long range stab or the jumping slash into the explosion he does after his first melee string.
  • Him dual wielding two swords and doing three slashes fowrard.
The range on the first two attacks is poor going forward, so create space. Then react to the last attack:
  • The slash can be dodged vertically
  • If it's the kick, block the stab or get behind him if it's the jump attack
  • The dual wielding attack will miss you if you dodge into him.
Elemental Disc: He will combine all his swords and throw them like a disc to the player. This attack deal Fire, Water and Lightning damage at the same time. There are two patterns: Either he immediatly throws it foward or swip horizontally with it twice, which also leaves a Yokai realm pool after use. This attack deals a lot of damage and is very quick. The best option is to use your guard.
Sanmyo Storm: Elemental swords will start falling from the sky at the players location dealing elemental damage.  Keep running. Especially don't do an attack that will stagger him, as he will attack while the swords still rain down.
Grapple: He sends his hands after you. If they catch you he will do an very high damage attack. This attack cannot be blocked Go to High Stance and roll through the attack.
Jumping Slash: He will charge from a distance jumping to the player and slashing down. This is a Burst attack with much more range compared to the original. Typically done when far away from you. This is safe to block. You can also dodge the attack or Burst coutner. Just keep this attack in mind when he is far away from you.
Dual Wield: He takes another sword and does three slashes with both of them He goes far forward, so if you dodge into him he will miss with the rest of the attacks.
Stabbing attack: He dashes forward and stabs multiple times with all of his swords, then finishes with a slash downward. There is no tracking during the stabs, but he does track for the last attack. Dodge the stabs, give him some damage and then dodge the last hit.
Fire Sword
Fire Dash: A long range dash while on fire. Has a long, telegraphed startup Blocking is safe. Tends to miss if you get too close to him.
Brutal Combustion: He slams his sword on the ground, creating a line of firey explosions from the attck. Dodge Horizontally.
Frost Sword
Icicle Stab: He will stab you with a long ranged Icicle attack. Blocking is safe.
Ferocious Gale: He rushes at you with a tornado of all three elements. This is a burst attack. He moves foward and deals damage immediatly, so make sure you keep your distance in case he descides to do this attack.
Lightning Sword
Phantasmic Burst: He creates four rotating blades that he shoots at you after a delay. It does little Ki damage if you block the attack.
Lightning Strike: He will quickly move forward attacking with a trail of lightning three times.  The last charge is a Burst Attack until Dream of the Demon Burst Counter while you still can.
Go to high stance and roll horizontally for consistent dodges.
Dark Realm
Fire Sword
Fire Ball: He will summon a fire ball which will explode. He also slashes through the fire ball. Get away from him when he starts the attack. Be careful not to stagger him out of the attack, as the ball will explode whether he hits it or not.
Frost Sword
Icicle Shards: He Creates a group of Icicles that are sent to you one at a time. They are shot slowly, so maintaining horizontal movement will make them miss.
Lightning Sword
Sword Toss: He throws his sword onto the ground and cause lightning to strike on the spot. Block the first hit and dodge the second




Notes & Trivia



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    • Anonymous

      Can we just appreciate how you will likely need to do this mission at least 9 times to get all of his drops, not counting all the soft resetting to fight the boss over again?

      God help you, you need to get double smithing text drops on this nightmare of a boss

      • Anonymous

        Pretty sure Dawn of the Demon might be a decent level for farming the guy, you can just speedrun to him and if he doesn't drop what you want, use earthfold and try again right? The mission only ends if you run past him and through another area with a miniboss and then tall waifu yokai Eboshi at the end, in AAC it's obligatory to fight waves of enemies first before reaching a checkpoint to farm him. But I could be wrong of course

        • Anonymous

          Don't know why there's a tag that says Against all Comers is the best farm (unless you really want a boss gauntlet after hounded by trash mobs), but for those who want the semi-quickest way of fighting this guy outside of demon scrolls, Rivals Return is the best, because its this guy after fighting Tate Eboshi + minibosses. No other crap from the base game plus prior DLC enemies to contend with.

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            ''is safe to block'' ''The best option is to use your guard'' best jokes I have ever read. whoever wrote this must be drunk on rubbing alcohol.

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