Owatatsumi's Grace

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(2 Items) Life +358

(3 Items) Saturation Accumulation (Enemy) +25.0%

(4 Items) Ki Damage vs. Saturated Enemy +20.0%

(5 Items) Increased Defense (Timely Guard)

(6 Items) Water Damage +30.0%

(7 Items) Melee Damage vs Saturated Enemy +35.0%

Owatatsumi's Grace is a Set in Nioh 2. The Owatatsumi's Grace Set provides various special benefits to players: the more pieces you equip from one set, the stronger the bonuses. This is an Ethereal Grace which starts to appear in Dream of the Wise.


Owatatsumi's Grace Information

  • This gives you bonuses for fighting Saturated enemies and doing Water Damage. The main drawback to this grace is against any enemy resistant or immune to this element, everything except the Life and Timely Guard buffs are blanked. Because of this, consider having another equipment set ready in your inventory to switch to at a shrine if you know you are about to fight enemies that counter your build. This is a bigger issue for this grace compared to Kagasuchi and Takemikazuchi as there are more enemies that immune or resistant to water than there are fire and especially Lightning, and the ones that are are typically more dangerous.


Enemies Notably Resistant to Saturation Enemies Immune to Saturation
  • Yatsu no Kami
  • Nuppeppo
  • Itsumade
  • Karakus Umbrellas
  • Ubume
  • Lightning Gods of Yomi
  • All slimes
  • Nure-Onna
  • Suiki
  • Yasha
  • Yoshitsune no Minamoto
  • Nightmare Bringer
  • Uminyudo
  • Gyuki
  • Ryomen Sukuna
  • Daidara Bocchi
  • Lady Osakabe
  • Water Onyudo
  • Water Oni-Bi Core
  • Water Fox Spirit
  • Water Mitsume Yazura
  • Bakegani
  • Kappa
  • Snowclops


Where to find

This is an Ethereal Grace. Ethereal weapons, armor and accessories that don't belong to a set bonus will receive one of these special graces., depending on how far into the New Game + cycles you are in.

This Grace starts appearing on Dream of the Wise.



Notes & Builds

  • Builds, tips and notes go here



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