Palace of the Damned is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 134, has a difficulty level of 3, and features both human and yokai enemies. Palace of the Damned tasks players with killing Ashiya Doman, who took control of the palace. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.


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Mission Rewards

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Equipment & Materials
Soul Cores
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 Palace of the Damned

Mission Start Text

"What in the world...!? I expected the gate to the palace to be heavily guarded, but there is not a single soldier in sight. What there is no shortage of is a dark energy emanating from within. If Doman awaits us there,  I do not foresee us walking out again without a terrible struggle. But no matter, Though great danger may lie ahead, it is imperative that we forge ahead and find him."

Mission End Text

"I have returned to my own time, with the Soul Core box in hand. All that remains inside is a single paper crane, ragged and frayed from the repeated clumsy folds it has been subjected to. But there is no time to ponder the crane's meaning. I must turn my attention to the 'demon slaying youth' that Yorimitsu spoke of. It brings to mind the tales of demons my mother would tell me when I was a child, I sense that these tales will somehow lead to my next destination..."

Kodama Locations

  • From the start, look behind you and go toward the tree close to the rocks there. The Kodama is behind it.
  • Go to the upper right corner of the first big courtyard. The Kodama is hidden behind some rocks close to the bushes.
  • Go up the ladder in the house with the first Dark Realm, and turn right. In the room with a balcony to the left and to the right, the Kodama is on the balcony to the right.
  • In the building with the door before the White Tiger Boss fight, turn to the right as soon as you enter it to find the Kodama.
  • Go to the first blood pool from the Third Shrine, where there's a Fox Spirit and a Bakegani. The Kodama is hidden next to some red leaves.
  • In the building with the second Dark Realm, go to the right room and go down the stairs. Turn right and break the crates right beside the stairs to find the Kodama.
  • After passing through the building with the second Dark Realm, go along the path until you find an Underworld Soldier. Kill it, and look behind the big rock to your right, before going up the slope. The Kodama is hidden there.
  • From the Fourth Shrine, go through the second ring and turn right. The Kodama is hidden between the 2 big rocks covered in talismans.

Sudama Locations

  • From the first fire altar, go down the small stairs and break the crates you see right in front, beside the house there, to find the Sudama.
  • Go right from the Third Shrine, and before reaching the broken bridge, look to your left for a place to fall down, where the Sudama is.

Scampuss Locations

  • Go up the ladder in the house with the first Dark Realm, and turn left towards the 2 mages. The Scampuss is between them.
  • From the shortcut to the Second Shrine, before going up the second slope to the White Tiger Boss fight, turn left and the Scampuss will be there, guarded by a Bakegani hidden underground.
  • On the beams to the left side in the house with the second Dark Realm. You can reach there after going through the house and killing the Hellish Hag, turn left and you will find an opening to the house.
  • On the balcony on the second floor of the house where you fight the Nue. To reach it, go left from the door to enter the building and follow the path up.

Spa Locations

  • From the big building where you fight the Nue, turn right toward where you came from and keep to the wall to your left before the slope to find a Nurikabe. Kill it and the path behind will lead you to the Spa.

Locks Locations

  • Ninja's Locks: before entering the building with the first Dark Realm, turn right and follow the path with 3 mages on the way. At the end, there's a chest with the locks inside.
  • Onmyo Mage's Locks: before entering the building where you fight the Nue, turn left in front of the door and follow the path up to the second floor, where you will find a fire altar, a Hellish Hag and the chest with the locks inside.


Palace of the Damned Walkthrough


Right from where you start, look behind you for a tree close to a pile of rocks and go there to find the first Kodama behind them. Now go forward until you find Abe no Seimei and Minamoto no Yorimitsu, and turn left before going up the slope to find a path that leads to a Bakegani and an item. Go up the slope, interact with the First Shrine and cross the bridge and go left for an item at a dead monks corpse. At this big courtyard you will find 3 mages patroling the area and an Oboroguruma next to an item in the middle of the bridge. First, turn left and go to the entrance of the house to see a Toxic Slime stuck to the ceiling and a mage inside. Kill them and get the item inside. Now, dispose of the enemies there and go to the right of this area to be able to get down under the bridge, where you will find 2 Toxic Slime close to the bridge structure and an item. Get back up and go to the upper right corner of the courtyard to find a Kodama hidden behind some rocks and bushes.

Follow along the path and you will find some items to your right along with another big area. There, kill the Aberrant Soldier and go to the left of this middle area. Kill the Skeleton Bowman and the mage and light up the fire altar there. From there, go down the stairs and break the crates close to the house to get to a Sudama behind them. Now, go in the house, kill the Flying Bolt inside and get the chest. Keep going to the path to the left and go up a slope. Turn right and fall to get to where the Skeleton Bowman was to get an item, get down and go straight, close to a path that goes to the roof of a house to find an item guarded by a Bakegani. Go back to where you fell and turn left this time. When you’re in front of the door go right and follow this path to find 3 mages and a chest at the end containing this mission's Ninja's Locks.

Dark Realm and Second Shrine

Open the door and go left to find a ladder. Before going up, go to the end of the corridor, ignore the hole in the wall leading outside and an Aberrant Soldier will fall from the ceiling when you reach the item. Kill it, grab the item and go up the ladder. Go to the left and kill both mages there to find a Scampuss. Follow the corridor to the next room, watch for the hole on the floor, go to the left balcony to kill a mage, and to the right balcony for a Kodama. Keep following the corridor to find an Aberrant Soldier and a Yasha along the path to a chest in the last room.

Go down and enter the Dark Realm through the hole on the wall and kill the Oboroguruma there. Go up the ramp and to the right to find a Toxic Slime on the ceiling and anoher bonfire to light up. Go to the balcony, grab the item there and fall throught the hole to a room with 2 Aberrant Soldier inside. Kill them and go to the left to find the Hellish Hag responsible for the Dark Realm. Kill it and go through the corridor to a room with a chest. Now, go to the courtyard, open the door for a shortcut, grab the item next to the Second Shrine and interact with it.

Go to the room where the Aberrant Soldiers were and open the door for the next path. Go up the slope to an area with 2 Fox Spirits, but before going, turn right and go to the end to fall down to fight a Kiryoki and grab the small chest there. Go back up, kill the Fox Spirits, follow the path to find a mage and then another Fox Spirit guarding an item. Keep going along the path, kill the Oboroguruma and enter the door to the left and open the door there for a shortcut to the Second Shrine. Turn left and at the room there is a Nurikabe guarding a room with a chest.

Boss: White Tiger

Rest at the shrine and keep going forward, up the first slope turn left to find a Scampuss guarded by a Bakegani hidden underground. Follow the path to find a mage and an item, enter the building and look to your right to find a Kodama. When you’re ready, open the door to watch a cutscene and fight the first boss, the White Tiger.

The Third Shrine

After the fight, join Abe no Seimei and Minamoto no Yorimitsu and go inside the cave, grabbing the item on the way and interact with the Third Shrine there. Go to the right, grab the item by the end of the broken bridge and go to the start of it to find a place where you can fall down to a Sudama below. Kill the Skeleton Bowman on the other side and fall to the blood pools to find a Fox Spirit, a Bakegani, an item and a Kodama hidden behind some red plants close to where you fell. Follow the path up and turn left, ignoring the Underworld Soldier guarding the right path under the pagoda. Kill the Underworld Soldier to the left, keep going up and turn right to kill a Bakegani and get an item. Now, go right and kill the Flying Bolt and the Fox Spirit there to find yourself back at the shrine.

Now go down again to the path guarded by the other Underworld Soldier, kill it and you will find a Yasha and a Toxic Slime in the blood pool. Kill them and go up to fight a Kiryoki guarding the path ahead. Turn left, grab the item and drop the wood pillar to form a shortcut to the shrine.  Go up, kill the Aberrant Soldier lying down and grab the item before going down to the blood pools to kill the Underworld Soldier and the Bakegani hidden in the blood pool. Follow the path towards the big building.

Another Dark Realm

Open the door, go to the right and kill the 2 mages and Fox Spirit there, then go to the left of this area to find a small chest behind a breakable divider. Light the fire altar and enter the Dark Realm where you will first find a Hellish Hag, an Aberrant Soldier and the Underworld Soldier responsible for the realm. Kill them and open the chest there. To the left, there is a fire altar for you to light and 2 rooms where you will find an Aberrant Soldier and an item. To the right, there will be a room with stairs going down. Go down the stairs and break the crates to the right to find a Kodama. Follow the path to a chest guarded by a Flying Bolt.

Open the door in the middle, go up the path and turn right to open another shortcut to the shrine. Now go left, kill the Hellish Hag and go up to the right to kill an Aberrant Soldier and get an item. Go back to where the Hellish Hag was, grab the item and turn left to find yourself on the roof of that big building. Get inside and kill the Skeleton Bowman and mage on the beams to find a Scampuss to the left. In the other side of the entrance is a chest guarded by a Toxic Slime stuck to the ceiling. Clear this area and go back to where you killed the Hellish Hag and move forward to find an Underworld Soldier and a path up. Kill the soldier and to the right, behind a big rock, is a Kodama.

Spa and the Fourth Shrine

After you go up, turn right and kill the Nurikabe there guarding a chest and the Spa. Keep going and before entering the big building, kill the Fox Spirit and drop the wood pillar. Kill the Kiryoki and drop another pillar for a new shortcut to the shrine. Before going inside the building, turn left and go up the path to get to the 2nd floor, where you will find a chest with this mission's Onmyo Mage's Locks, a Hellish Hag and the last fire altar to light. Lastly, go to the balcony to fight a Yasha and go to the leftmost part to find a Scampuss. Now, go back down and inside to fight a Nue mini-boss there. After the fight, open the doors, grab the chest to the left and open the next doors to find the Fourth Shrine.

Boss: Ashiya Doman and Lightning Gods of Yomi

After the second ring, turn right and the last Kodama will be between those 2 big rocks full of talismans. Grab the item by the altar and through the rings is a Hellish Hag, and to the right is a Fox Spirit guarding an item. Kill them, bring your Electrified Resistance gear and when you’re ready, open the doors for a cutscene and the boss fights: Ashiya Doman, followed by the Lightning Gods of Yomi.



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