Prisoners of the Stones is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 127, has a difficulty level of 2, and features both human and yokai enemies. Prisoners of the Stones tasks players with stopping the fight between the Fujiwara and Minamoto clans. This mission is part of The Tengu's Disciple DLC. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



General Info

  • Recommended Lvl: 127
  • Mission Lvl. Difficulty: 2
  • Bosses: n/a


Video Walkthrough

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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion
  • ??
  • 35800 Gold
  • 118776 Amrita



  • n/a


Equipment & Materials
Guardian Spirit
Soul Cores
Key Items
  • n/a



Prisoners of the Stones

Mission Start Text

"It seems the flames of war burn bright once again in Hiraizumi. The Fujiwara and Minamoto clans appear to be clashing over the Spirit Stones. Many loves will be lost unless we intervene. If only there were some way to ensure the stones don't end up in the hands of evildoers... Well, first things first, let's head to Hiraizumi. We can at least survey the battlefield to get a better idea of what's happening."

Mission End Text

"Ho ho, so the man you rescued was none other than Date Tomomune, you say? Then there is no need to worry. His descendants are destined to flourish in Oshu in the years to come. That region should know peace for now. I just hope that Tomomune's desire to protect his people without relying on Spirit Stones will live on long after he is gone."

Kodama Locations

  • n/a

Sudama Locations

  • From the starting point and first Kodama Shrine, check the east side and cut through the bamboo to find a dead-end where you'll find a Sudama.

Scampuss Locations

  • From the second shrine, head east from the garden towards a yokai mist blocking a house. Behind that house, there's a large bell guarded by a Warrior Skeleton. The Scampuss can be found on the left side of the bell.
  • After grabbing the first Scampuss, head north towards the backside of another temple. You'll find the second Scampuss on the left side next to a tree behind the temple.

Spa Locations

  • n/a

Locks Locations

  • n/a


Prisoners of the Stones Walkthrough

First Shrine

Upon starting this mission, you'll arrive outside of Hiraizumi where you'll find the first shrine for this mission. From the Kodama shrine, go right towards some bamboo that you can cut through to reach a dead-end where you'll find the first Sudama. After trading with the Sudama, go back and head straight where you'll see an Archer standing by the edge of a cliff, walk slowly and sneak up behind him to execute a backstab. Next, jump down and kill the other guard that's roaming.

After killing the roaming guard, first, go west towards an inclined path and you'll encounter a Wheelmonk yokai, kill it and then open the large chest at the end of the path. Next, go back to where you encountered the guard and head towards the campfire where you'll encounter three more guards. Make sure to kill the one on the right side near the campfire to stop him from setting off an alarm. Once you've killed all three, move forward a bit from the campfire and you'll see a ladder to your right. Climb to the top and you'll come across a large Gaki next to a corpse you can loot. From here, go back down and continue straight towards the linear path until you reach a temple where you'll come across a friendly NPC fighting an Aberrant Soldier and a Namahage - make sure to check the left side of the Buddha statue to find a small chest.

Next, speak to the man and you'll learn that there are rumors about a yokai terrorizing Oshu and asks for your help, the samurai then joins your party for a short while. Head outside the temple and open the door leading to the garden section where you'll find the second Kodama shrine.

Second Kodama Shrine

Pray at the second shrine to activate the checkpoint and then head west where you'll first encounter an Aberrant Soldier. Head straight towards a small shrine and kill x2 Gaki feeding on a corpse that you can loot. Next, at the back of the shrine, there's a small chest that you can loot that's being guarded by another Aberrant Soldier and a Koroka. Next, from the small shrine, head east towards a yokai mist blocking the path ahead. The yokai within it is a Wheelmonk, kill it, and then check inside the house on the left to find a large chest that you can loot. Behind the house where you fought the Wheelmonk, you'll see a large Warrior Skeleton guarding a large bell. Kill it and then check the left side of the large bell to find a Scampuss.

Next, go back to the house and head down the short stairs where you'll come across a large Bakegani. Make sure to check the left side from the stairs to loot the body next to the broken bridge. From here, continue north towards the back of another shrine and you'll find another Scampuss on the left side next to a tree. From here, keep going straight towards the destroyed wall and head down the inclined path towards another yokai mist where you'll have to fight a Waira - kill the yokai and continue forward back into the cave.

The first yokai you'll encounter in the cave is a Namahage and a large Gaki. Shoot the horns of the Namahage to inflict a critical hit and to weaken it. Proceed further into the cave until you reach the first section which is the scaffolding that's engulfed with the dark realm. Head all the way to the bottom and kill the source which is the Ippon-Datara. After you dispel the dark realm, use the third Kodama shrine that's also at the bottom and then head back up one level of the scaffolding to unlock the large chest that can now be opened.

Yokai Gauntlet

Next, go towards a small room on the left side of the bottom section where the third shrine is. This is the last section where you'll have to fight a gauntlet of yokai enemies. You'll fight enemies such as a Warrior Skeleton, Gaki, Koroka, Aberrant Soldier, Tesso, Koroka, and the Nuppeppo. Killing the Nuppeppo will complete this sub-mission and you'll acquire a new Guardian Spirit from your ally Date Tomomune, the Blue Dragon.



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Trivia & Notes:

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