Projectiles in Nioh 2 are consumable Items that players can use on ranged weapons like Bows, Rifles and Cannons. Projectiles are needed to use ranged weapons as asmmunition and some of them provide unique stats. Below you can find all Projectiles in Nioh 2.



All Projectiles in Nioh 2




A bamboo shaft tipped with an iron point. Three feather fletchings add spin to the arrow in flight, making it even more accurate- and deadly.

Rifle Ammunition

Standard Rifle Rounds.

Explosive Rounds

Special ammunition for hand cannons.

Sacred Arrow

This arrow is imbued with spiritual power to exorcise evil.

Hand Cannon Ammunation

Normal ammunition for hand cannons.

Roaring-Gun Ammunition

Special bullets propelled by a large amount of gunpowder. Highly destructive, with a great deal of penetrating power.

Gunpowder Bomb

When thrown, it explodes and damages all enemies in the surrounding area.

Shrapnel Bomb

Explodes when thrown. The resulting blast propels shrapnel in every direction causing damage to all enemies in the surrounding area.

Iga Gunpowder Bomb

When thrown, this explosive device detonates on impact and damages all enemies in the vicinity.

Burning Oil Jar

A throwing weapon made for fire attacks, it spawns flames that continue to burn for a short period of time. The weapon is made by filling a jar with oil and covering its opening with a cloth. When ignited and thrown, the resulting impact shatters the jar, causing the oil to scatter and instantly set the surrounding area ablaze.

Mud Jar


A jar filled with mud that emits a foul odor. It is rumored to be made from yokai born from mud, yet the exact method of its production remains unknown.

Spreads a layer of mud in the area it is thrown that damages those that enter it, marking them with a terrible stench.

Hamaya Arrow

A special arrow that can be shot using a bow. It has the Pure attribute, which allows it to deal with heavy Ki damage. In addition to inflicting status ailments, when used against youkai. It can also dispel Yokai Realm puddles

Smoke Ball

Allows you to ready Smoke Balls.
When thrown, these devices create a smokescreen that allows you to hide from enemies. Additionally, enemy players will be unable to lock on to you while you are concealed.

Iga Enhanced Shrapnel Bomb

Allows you to ready Iga enhanced shrapnel bombs.
When thrown, these devices explode on impact. The resulting blast and flying ceramic shards inflict devastating damage on all enemies in the vicinity.

Iga Shrapnel Bomb

Allows you to ready Iga shrapnel bombs.
When thrown, this explosive device detonates on impact, sending ceramic shards flying and inflicting significant damage on all enemies in the vicinity.

Fire Shuriken

Allows you to ready Fire Shuriken.
These throwing stars burst into flame upon impact, inflicting additional damage on their target.

Paralysis Shuriken

Allows you to ready Paralysis Shuriken.
When thrown, these weapons damage enemies and cause them to become Paralyzed.


When thrown, these items inflict damage on your enemy.
A double-edged knife used by ninja for a variety of applications, most often as a throwing weapon. They are heavier than shuriken and inflict more damage.

Storm Kunai

When thrown, these kunai inflict damage on your enemies.
Kunai that are specially crafted to enable several to be thrown at once. Smaller than standard kunai, they are not as powerful, but can be used to simultaneously attack in multiple directions.


Throw these razor-edged stars at enemies to inflict damage.
Shuriken are throwing weapons traditionally used by ninja. Their pinwheel-like shape causes them to spin in the air when thrown, allowing for greater accuracy.

Poison Shuriken

When thrown, these weapons damage enemies and cause them to become Poisoned. 
Throwing stars dipped in venom. As shuriken aren't particularly powerful weapons, this technique was devised to improve their effectiveness in combat.

Caltrop Balls

When thrown, this explosive device detonates on impact, scattering caltrop spikes.

Rakansen Coin

Allows you to ready Rakansen Coins.

Throwing it deals damage to the enemy. This item is not consumed on use, but using it will cost a small amount of money.

Poison Arrow

Allows you to ready Poison Arrows. These arrows have been treated with a toxic tincture that makes them poisionous for a limited time.

Stun Arrow

Allows you to ready Stun Arrows. When used, this tincture ibmues arrows with a paralyzing effect

Bliding Shells

Allows you to ready Bliding Shells.
When thrown, these devices explode sending a cloud of fine particles into the air. Enemies affected will have their vision impaired and will atack blindly.



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