Raging Strike

Raging Strike
Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Custom Active Skills
Requires a certain amount of Astral Wisdom
Demonic Destruction I

Raging Strike is one of the Shiftling Skills in Nioh2. Raging Strike is a Custom Active Skills that increases the damage dealt by certain Active Skills by 20%. In exchange, you will take damage when using them..


Raging Strike Description

Increases the damage dealt by certain Active Skills by 20%. In exchange, you will take 20% of the damage dealt when using them.
Ki Consumption Rate 1.10

 See Custom Active Skills for information on how to equip this skill.
The damage increase is additive with Melee Damage and similar effects.
This does work with Melee Damage (Unscathed), as you deal the damage and then your health is reduced, after you already gained the Unscathed bonus, though obviously you would need to heal after.
Early game, this gives you a large amount of damage when it's generally hard to get much of it. Later on, however, if you have many Melee Damage-type effects, you won't gain as much damage because of diminishing returns, but will take more damage than you gain from this effect. Overall this is best used to try to one shot an enemy.
There is a secondary use for this skill: it is a controlled way to damage yourself for builds that want to be at critical health.

Builds that use Raging Strike

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Raging Strike Notes

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