Ren Hayabusa

ren hayabusa
Enemy Type Human
Weakness Purity
Resistances Paralysis, Fire, Water, Lightning, Poison, Corruption
Immune Blindness
Special Drop

Art of Combat: Exorcist Blade,
Art of Combat: Flame Dragon,
Art of Combat: Izuna Drop,
Art of Combat: Tiger Claws,
Art of Combat: Umbral Bullet,
Smithing Text: Dragon Sword,
Smithing Text: Falcon Claws,
Smithing Text: Hayabusa Battle Armour

Ren Hayabusa is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. He is a cameo boss from the Ninja Gaiden series. He uses an altered moveset of the Sword and (Clawed) Fists, along with three unique Ninjutsu techniques.

Enemy Description

As a cameo boss, Ren does not appear in the Character Directory in the Hut, and so lacks an in-game bio, much like his descendant Jin Hayabusa in the first game. He is a ninja of the Hayabusa clan, wielding their sacred heirloom, the Dragon Sword, and challenges the protagonist to a duel in order to spar with a true warrior. In the boss fight, he wields the aforementioned sword as well as the Falcon Claws, wearing the battle garb of his clan.

Ren Hayabusa: Locations & Drops

How to Beat Ren Hayabusa

Ren Hayabusa Boss Guide:

As with any human boss in this series, Sloth and Weakness talismans are your friends. Ren's melee attacks up close are unreactable, and will not give you much opportunity to hit him even when you've got him staying still for a moment. They also do very high damage, destroy your Ki if you block them, and his melee attacks chain into themselves without giving you an opportunity to block if you get hit, on top of occasionally using his ninjutsu, summoning a whirlwind that does damage and stuns you, so trying to fight up close is mostly a losing battle if he isn't slowed down with sloth effects or electrification. However, his toughness is low, so he takes a large amount of ki damage if you can force him to block, and he will get stunned breifly if you attack him. With that in mind, if you have a heavily tanky build with a weapon that excels in close range pressure - or more practically in Yokai Shift - you can attempt to beat him up close by playing aggressively. Otherwise, block and move towards him, wait for him to strike, then dodge behind him.

If you have a longer ranged weapon, or need to heal, stay away from him. He can't run, and thus threaten his superior melee, so the only thing that can hit you from a distance is his shuriken, which is irrelevant if you block, and his diving attacks, which become much more manageable from farther away. At that point, you just wait for him to either do a jumping attack, ninjutsu or a walk toward you and either whiff punish/ heal or hit him with a long range attack preemptively if he's just walking.

Because of his low Toughness, you should try to get some kind of Ki recovery reduciton effect on him and abuse Ki damage. Burst Contering him, sticking a Lifesteal Talisman, or Confusion will all stack together and after draining his Ki once essentially prevent him from being an offensive threat, while also allowing you to deal damage to him for basically free. He is especilly weak to high break attacks like Crashing Waves and the Odachi's Flash Attack.

Be aware of his tells for his Ninjutsu. Generally, you want to dodge into the attack, otherwise you won't have an opportunity to hit him and he will do some other attack you have to deal with:

  • Flame Dragon is fairly self-evident, summoning a fireball above his head with a fire rune appearing at his feet. If you try to dodge sideways, wait until he throws it, then dodge, any earlier and it will track you to the end of the dodge. This is also blockable, and the damage is reduced if you have invested in Elemental damage Taken (guarding).
  • Umbral Bullet is him crouching with a purple aura with his hands cupped around the projectile. This can only travel in a straight line, so just recognize and dodge it. This is unblockable.
  • Exorcist Blade is him gathering a tornado around him, before releasing blades outwards. This is usually a 'get-off-me' move, so just being far enough away from him will allow you to not be caught in it. However, the animation of the blades being released is slightly shorter than the whole casting time, so for a second after the blades, he's completely vulnerable. Use this to your advantage. This can also be blocked, and doesn't actually cost you any KI for doing so.

He will attempt to stop you from healing or buffing with a shuriken throw if at range from you. Don't bother healing unless you get him to miss an attack.

He has three grab attacks, one with each weapon, and an Izuna Drop if he breaks your Ki. This latter one is especially deadly, so keep your Ki high whenever possible, both to block and dodge more effectively, both incredibly necessary in this fight, and to avoid a potential OHK. His others are able to be Burst Countered, most easily by Brute, as the attack is delayed, making Feral and Phantom slightly harder to pull off consistently.

As for a ranged build, a lot of his attacks involve leaping through the air, and thus, a well-timed projectile can easily put knock him out of it, though this is risky and not a consistent strategy to rely on. A fairly safe, but time-consuming, method is to get a headshot after he casts Exorcist Blade, as he will not be able to recover enough to throw a shuriken before you can fire in the immediate aftermath of this animation.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Melee attacks: There are several strings he can do per weapon, all of which deal large Ki damage on block if you try to block more than a couple attacks. Block the first hit, then dodge behind him. They can also be parried, but this is risky if you aren't accostomed to the timing of the next hit of a particular string, also you need a parry with a fast activation, like The Shrike, Haze or Just Reprisal.
Leaping Attacks. There are two for each weapon:

Leaping Flip: Ren will jump toward you, spinning his sword vertically. (Shorter Range)

Leaping Slash: Ren will jump towards you with a lightning-quick sword/claw slash for high HP and Ki damage. If the initial hit doesn't kill you, you will likely die from the free hits he gets from you tumbling. (Long Range)

Dodge as he jumps. Occasionally he will get knocked out of this by your long range attacks, but this isn't reliable.

Unfortunately, there is no way to distinguish which gap closer he will do until he is doing it, but if you aren't close to him the dodge from the Leaping Flip should also clear you from this move.

Slash Combo: Ren will quickly slash at you with his sword in various combos.  Block or dodge them, these are his basic attacks. 

Burst Attack: Slash Combo: Ren will charge with a Burst Aura, then do four sword strikes in quick succession, ending with a horizontal spin around him. 

Block the combo if you have high Ki, otherwise avoid the first strike, he will continue the combo whether you're in it or not, then use the end of the spin to get damage in on him. Or negate it all together with a Burst Counter. 

Tiger Claws: Ren will gain a Burst aura and then repeatedly jump around you, slashing with his claws. 

Burst Counter it, this one is a lot easier for the other forms than Impale, as there are multiple attacks to potentially counter. 

Burst Attack: Impale: Ren will charge up with the Burst aura, then impale you in one movement for high damage if you are in close proximity to him. 

Burst Counter it. Feral and Phantom will have to wait until he goes for the actual grab part, but Brute can do it during the whole animation. Otherwise, just back away, the range is limited. 

Izuna Drop: On an Ki-broken opponent, Ren will grab them and drop them headfirst into the floor. 

Don't be Ki-broken, is the best advice. However, it is possible to escape if your recovery speed is high enough, dodging backwards should make him miss you with the initial grab. 

Umbral Bullet: Ren will crouch and throw a purple ball of Ki at you. 

This attack has relatively little tracking, if you recognise and dodge it sideways, there should be no threat with this move. 

Flame Dragon: Ren throws a large semi-tracking fireball at you with a damaging aura around him. 

Dodge after it's thrown, this will lessen the tracking, dodging while it's still above his head will give him time to re-aim it. 

Exorcist Blade: Ren will create a tornado, then send out a shockwave with blades within it.  The tornado does not have a great deal of suction and the blade explosion is not much larger than the initial tornado, so distance is an easy counter to this move. You can also get a headshot on him immediately after this attack with proper timing. 
Shuriken: Ren will throw two shurikens at you if at range or if you try to shoot him with a ranged weapon while idle.  Be ready for them so they don't stun you long enough for him to close the gap on you. Only go for headshots if he's in the middle of an attack he has to commit to.  They do relevant damage but can be blocked easily.


Notes & Trivia

  • His armour set is the same set used by Ryu Hayabusa in the modern Ninja Gaiden games, whereas his descendant in the first game wore the set of Ryu from the first Ninja Gaiden.
  • The Izuna Drop and Flame Dragon return from Nioh.
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    • Anonymous

      You just literally need to strike first and stay on top of him. The only problem I'm finding is farming his Arts and Texts

      • Anonymous

        Giys just cheese this dumb boss with spear or sacred bird flight, team ninja must be ran out of idea how to make boss fight. Worse boss for sure

        • Anonymous

          So after 30 attempts i remembered how i killed Hanzo in "The One Who Lives in the Shadows".
          His attacks are simple to avoid but window for damaging him is very small.
          Simply Fatal Thrust him between his attacks. Add some elemental effect on Fatal Thrust for more damage.

          • Anonymous

            Using sloth talisman doesn't have any effect when I try... that bastard stays just as quick than before... and that's supposing i'm actually able to touch him with it since he starts bouncing like a damn rubber ball when use everything that looks like a long range attack.

            • Anonymous

              an easy way i found to beat this dude is with Tonfa in high stance and the barrier talisman for Ki regen, start an attack with high stance heavy then spam pulverize as much as you can and if you have it Demon Fang for a grab since it does alot of Ki damage, and if you have the soul box and or Lightning Gods of Yomi use that paired with a purity debuff (or any elemental debuff you can easily do) on him and you get lucky you can trigger Confusion easily like that if you can land several of the lightning bolts, upkeep the barrier talisman and heal in-between the moments after you grapple attack him and you should be fine.

              • Anonymous

                Groundfire traps are the main reason I was able to beat this guy, same goes for basically any human boss but they really helped here

                • Anonymous

                  Hardest human boss almost no question.
                  For pure melee people like myself, he was insanely hell to learn because of his crazy speed, but as soon as I started to farm him for the combat arts, he also became the most fun to fight against because of said speed.

                  • Anonymous

                    If you've unlocked it, using Sacred Bird Flight as your main tool can make this fight pretty easy. Use the skill while he's running toward you (not while charging spells) and then dodge afterward in order to evade his quick melee attacks. You can also use it to knock him out of his jump reliably. This tactic doesn't require a lot of skill or timing; you can almost spam Sacred Bird Flight and get away with it. He'll have a lot of difficulty landing any melee strikes on you, and his spells are easy to dodge by themselves.

                    • Anonymous

                      my way of fighting him is wearing heavy armors to prevent flinching, and spam God Of Wind combo with Dual Blades, the heavy armors make sure this Ki destroying combo hits him.

                      • Anonymous

                        Just kept spamming Beyond Infinity, any time he went areal he was knocked on his ass letting me riposte.
                        About 20 min farming to get all his skills with a 27% item drop rate.

                        • Anonymous

                          Quick cast Onymo Magic mystic art = win vs him. Way easier to cast talismans to buff you and to also to land a sloth talisman. Once sloth in place even easier to cast more talismans on him.

                          • Anonymous

                            Is it normal that you drop one Smithing Text and 3 Arts of Combat the first time you kill him, or am i just a lucky ****?

                            • Anonymous

                              This guy is literally designed to kill you. He evades your projectiles and does insane damage. Don't bother blocking because he'll just hit through your block. Not really fun due to his mechanics. Good luck hitting him with sloth because he'll just avoid it.

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