Repaired Hiragumo

Type Key Item

Repaired Hiragumo is a Key Item in Nioh 2. Key items are used by players to advance certain questlines, access locked areas. These can be found in specific areas of a Location, dropped by Bosses or Enemies, or are given by an NPC.


Repaired Hiragumo Information

The tea kettle repaired by Sen no Rikyu using the fragments found scattered over Mount Shigi. Whether or not Rikyu used onmyo magic, the finish is flawless, though the occasional rattling sound suggests that it is more fragile than it might appear.


Repaired Hiragumo Usage

  •  ???


Repaired Hiragumo Location/Where to Find

  • Dropped by ??
  • Found at ??
  • Sold by ??




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    • Anonymous

      Since there's no info posted about the purpose of it yet: I went to the interim and found the teahouse guy chilling in the tree. I talked to him while this was in my inventory and he commented on it being nice or something and gave me Juko Sekii, a tea utensil.

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