Roaring Gun Ammunition

Type Projectile
Player Capacity 5

Roaring Gun Ammunition is a Usable  and Projectile item in Nioh 2. Projectiles are needed to use ranged weapons such as bows, rifles, and cannons.


Roaring Gun Ammunition Information

Special bullets propelled by a large amount of gunpowder.


Roaring Gun Ammunition Effect

  • Higher damage Rifle projectiles that have innate Piercing Projectiles and suffer no damage penalty over distance, but with slower reload times.


Roaring Gun Ammunition Required Material for Crafting


Roaring Gun Ammunition Location/Where to Find



Arrow  ♦  Bliding Shells  ♦  Burning Oil Jar  ♦  Caltrop Ball  ♦  Explosive Rounds  ♦  Fire Shuriken  ♦  Gunpowder Bomb  ♦  Hamaya Arrow  ♦  Hand Cannon Ammunation  ♦  Iga Enhanced Shrapnel Bomb  ♦  Iga Gunpowder Bomb  ♦  Iga Shrapnel Bomb  ♦  Kunai  ♦  Mud Jar  ♦  Paralysis Shuriken  ♦  Poison Arrow  ♦  Rakansen Coin  ♦  Rifle Ammunition  ♦  Roaring-Gun Ammunition  ♦  Sacred Arrow  ♦  Shrapnel Bomb  ♦  Shuriken  ♦  Smoke Ball  ♦  Storm Kunai  ♦  Stun Arrow

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