attack_power_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideAttack Power x1.07 attunement_limit_1_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideAttunement Limit 23
defense_power_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideDefense Power x0.95 phantom_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideYokai Shift Phantom

Guardian Spirit Protection

Special Effect Bonus Stat req.
Anima Bonus (Ranged Hit) A- -
Yokai Ability Damage (Force Boost) +25.0% -
secondary_icon_guardian_spirit_nioh_2_wiki_guide_24pxToughness +20 -
Anima Bonus (Timely Guard) 3.0 Courage + Skill = 21
Lightning Resistance +20.0 Magic + Stamina = 19

Rokugezo is one of the Guardian Spirits in Nioh 2
.Guardian Spirits can be selected on the Shrine menu and each provides a different boost to the player.
Activate Yokai Shift by pressing + (BY on Xbox/Steam controller)when the Amrita Gauge is full.


Rokugezo Description

Rokugezo, meaning "Six Tusked Elephant", takes the form of a gigantic white elephant. Elephants were once used in Tianzhu (modern-day India) as a symbol of military might, with the number of elephants possessed by an army corresponding to that army's perceived strength.

It is said that in heaven, elephants served as the Buddha's mode of transport. It is widely known that the boddhisatva Samantabhadra and Sakra, Lord of the Devas, were also elephant riders themselves.

While Rokugezo may be adorned with florid decorations, its ferocious countenance and six sharply tapered tusks exhibit its ability to mercilessly cru*****s opponents. Yoshimoto inherited Rokugezo from Sessai Choro, his most trusted retainer and longtime teacher.


How to unlock Rokugezo


How to use Rokugezo

  • Yokai Shift: Phantom
  • The Guardian Spirit Skill is Rokugezo stomping and creating a line of lightning strikes in front of it in a wide area, dealing Lightning Damage. Use this attack perpendicular to an enemy to maximize the amount of lightning strikes that hit.
  • The main draw of this Guardian Spirit is the Timely Guard Anima Bonus. As long as you can block with good timing, you will essentially have all the Anima you would ever need. The increase to toughness also plays well with this bonus.
  • It also gives you a significant boost to Yokai Ability Damage when you use it at full Anima. To make the most use of this bonus, you would have to pass on any increase to the amount of Anima that you store, which isn't the best idea necessarily. While this is usable in Yokai Shift, it is hard to see how much Anima for each Yokai Ability you have stored quickly, overall making this a situational boost.




Rokugezo Gallery



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      Samantabhadra is known as Pǔxián in Chinese and he rides a white elephant with six tusks, which is allegedly the same elephant that appeared to Maya to herald the birth of Buddha

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