Ryomen Sukuna

ryomen sukuna nioh2 wiki guide
Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Lightning
Fire (on Water side)
Water (on Fire side)

Fire (Matching Side)
Water (Matching Side)

Immune Scorch
Special Drop

Ryomen Sukuna Soul Core
Dancing Blade
Thronecrusher Cannon

Ryomen Sukuna is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Ryomen Sukuna is a Yokai enemy that has a fire half and a water half.


Enemy Description

Ryomen Sukuna's unusual form is composed of two demons, red and blue, who are joined at their backs. It is said to have first materialized during the rule of Emperor Nintoku in Hida Province (modern-day Gifu prefecture), terrorizing and stealing from the populace using the weapons in its four hands. A man named Takefurukuma, who was famous for his heroism, was dispatched to defeat Ryomen Sukuna and succeeded. The Ryomen Sukuna on Mount Tenno was once Saito Toshimitsu, who excelled at both martial combat and Onmyo Magic.

Each of Ryomen Sukuna's halves possesses its own temperament. The red demon fights like fire, violently and aggressively, while the blue demon fights like ice, with coolheaded cunning. The key to defeating Ryomen Sukuna is to tailor your approach to the half you are facing. Attacking each half with the element it is vulnerable is also sure to give you an advantage in battle.

While Ryomen Sukuna was recorded as a cruel yokai in the Nihon Shoki, there many tales originating from Hida Province that describe it differently. In the most memorable of these tales, Ryomen Sukuna is described as the hero that vanquished the demon Shichina and a poisonous dragon, leading it to be worshipped at temples and shrines. It is perhaps appropiate to conclude that just like countless other gods and yokai, Ryomen Sukuna coul be both benevolent nigitama or malevolent aratama as the situation demanded.


Ryomen Sukuna Locations & Drops


How to Beat Ryomen Sukuna

Ryomen Sukuna Boss Guide:


 Ryomen Sukuna can swap between two modes: Melee (Fire) and Ranged (water). Each form takes extra damage from the opposite element, but Ryomen is still immune to the actual status effects. If you want to confuse him, you need to use lightning and either purity (preferred) or corruption. You can get him to switch sides by making the other side face you.

He can be poisoned, so using poison against him is a viable strategy.

While in Melee (Orange) he will use melee attacks and summon fire balls. The best strategy is to get close enough, so he attacks you, avoid his attack and then attack him while he recovers. Also, his burst attack is very easy to counter so you can deal massive Ki damage. On Dream of the demon, his grapple burst attack stops being a burst attack, so make sure you have enough space to back up when he goes for it, and be careful about attacking first.

While in his Ranged (Blue) form you will want to do the same, run next to him and try to make him perform a melee attack, dodge it and then strike back. The ranged form is more difficult because he will shoot arrows at you and throw three homing water shikigami while you are away from him. The arrows have a terrain effect that deals damage even if you are guarding if they hit the ground. The best strategy to avoid the arrows is to run in circles. Running is better than dodging as the arrows are very fast and the dodge won't avoid them. The burst attack is hard to counter at range and deals massive damage. If you do manage to get up close, the melee attacks they have are much more limited and weak by comparison.

When you go into the dark Realm, the ranged side will shoot even when the melee side facing you. He also has a tendency to do two burst attacks in a row.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Melee Phase
Arms Combo: He will use both arms to perform a powerful whirlwind attack while moving forward When he starts attacking run away from him and wait for his attack to finish. Go in and deal some damage. You can also run away from him and use Ninjutsu or Onmyo Skills
Explosive Shot Talisman: He will summon a slow fire projectile that explodes on contact dealing fire damage. Dodge into the attack.
Burst Attack 1: He will start spinning towards the player. Use your burst counter on him.
Burst Attack 2: He will charge a thrust with his sword Burst counter this attack
Grapple: He runs toward you while spinning. This is a burst attack until Dream of the Demon. Burst counter this attack. Make sure you react quickly with brute.
Past Dream of the Demon, you need to leave some space between you and him. Walking at full speed will prevent you from getting hit if you have space. Otherwise, use a Yokai ability that transforms you, as that will prevent you from getting grappled.
Fire Slam (Dark Realm): While in the dark realm he will strike with his hammer creating a fire explosion. Becomes a burst attack starting from dream of the demon. Dodge or Run sideways. You can use the time to recover or use a ranged attack. Blocking will still make you take fire damage.
On higher difficulties just burst counter it. He will also begin to use this attack outside the dark realm
Jumping Slam (DotD+) He jumps into the air and slams down on the ground with all of his weapons, creating a large explosion of Fire and Water This a terrain effect. Levitation Scroll invalidates this attack. Otherwise, go into high stance and roll away, as the attack is active for a deceptively long time.
Ranged Phase
Bow Attack: He will throw frost arrows to the player dealing high damage. Run in circles to avoid his arrows. Using the dodge is not very effective as the arrows are very quick
Water Shikigami: He will summon 3 homing dolls that will explode when near the player. Dodge into the dolls when he throws them. The tracking will be screwed up and they will not be able to regain an angle on you.
Arrow Rain: He will throw three arrows to the sky that will fall on the player after a short period of time You can see where the arrows will land as a blue mark in the floor. Try to run backwards and keep running until they all hit the ground
Burst Attack: He will spin throwing several arrows that deal very high damage This attack is burst counterable. If you use brute you need to close the distance first.
Switch Attack: He will slowly walk forward, shooting one arrow and then switch to the other side while slashing with his sword. The arrow will likely ht you rather than the ground, so blocking that attack and dodging the slice is consistent
Melee Attack: He spins the bow while sweeping across twice. Occasionally he ends with a third attack where he spins his upper half while continuing to spin the bow. This has poor forward range, just back up and wait for the attack to be over.




Notes & Trivia

  • Memories - “It has been an age since one tried to bring me to heel. Now you shall command the fire and ice that dwell within me.”




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    • Anonymous

      Much like the Gyuki, this boss is vulnerable to the explosive arrows/sacred arrows spam. It's not as effective as with gyuki, but it can dramatically shorten the time you're in the ring with him as you can push him into his dark realm phase and break him out of it very quickly leaving him open to an execution.

      • Anonymous

        Cheese strategy: poison shurikens, blister beetle powder, and poison arrow tincture. Use either poison tincture or blister beetle powder (preferable since he doesn't move much) to give it a poison status effect and then use poison shurikens to maintain the poison status effect. You'// have to reapply the poison status effect everytime he goes into the Yokai realm. For the most part just stay away from him while the poison kills him. Once most if not all of his health is down and you're out of poisoning items, then just beat him with your Yokai form.

        • Anonymous

          In retrospect this is one of the best bosses in the game, design wise I mean. His attacks feel fair, despite how many times I got practically (or literally) one-shot by the prick before I beat him. Every time I died though it felt avoidable, aside from the first few rounds but you really shouldn't be expecting to first try the harder bosses when this game has a nasty habit of just... killing you in a single hit. That's a Nioh problem though, not just a Ryomen problem.

          Still if you're playing this game you're probably a masochist so maybe it's not a problem at all!
          As for tips, just abuse his incredibly telegraphed burst attacks.

          • Anonymous

            Onmyo magic Fire Break and Water Break help a great deal with this guy. While fire deals ticking damage, the saturated debuff causes you to take much more damage than you normally would. And on top of that, if you get inflicted with 2 elemental debuffs at the same time, you’ll get the confusion status ailment. This halts your ki-recovery quite a bit and it also causes you to take more damage, it even stacks with the saturated debuff. These skills will help you a great deal in boss fights where multiple elements are present. And it barely takes any grinding to unlock the elemental breaks (pro-tip for those who just started playing the game).

            • Anonymous

              It should be noted (and frankly uodated) that his red side is weak to water while his blue side is weak to fire

              • Anonymous

                If the red, fiery, melee side of him destroys a blue water crystal his already burning sword and axe will also take on the water element... its a pretty cool mechanic but still... WTF!!!???

                • Anonymous

                  thats how you do the flexile sentry right i just love this guy kinda surprising bec in the trial he was a ***** to fight

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