Sacred Bird Cry

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Sacred Bird Cry is one of the Samurai Skills in Nioh2.  Sacred Bird Cry is a Samurai Skills affect the basics of Ki Pulses and Ki Regeneration in different Combat Stances, and are useful for those looking to use Bows and Swords, but should not be neglected by any


Sacred Bird Cry Information

  • Use Sohayamaru to attack your enemy with a barrage of slices. Holding the button down will use your Anima to perform a charge ranged attack, with Anima decreasing by 1 each time you launch an attack.
  • Drop by Minamoto no Yoshitsune in Eternal Rivals, Bond of the Blade




Sacred Bird Cry Notes

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    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but I had to share. I got both the Kodoma Sword Dance, and Sacred Bird Cry just today doing the Bond of Blade mission on the first try! Currently going through the game on DotW, in the early stages of it, and decided to try and farm today. So, I went back to DotD and got the drops without additional luck stacking, that's it. I have probably used up all my luck for quite a bit, good luck to everyone on the grind.

      • Anonymous

        Does this drop in Bond of the Blade? Been farming it for two days now and no luck. Got Kurama Sword dance and all the smithing texts.

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