Sacred Bird Flight

Boss Skill
Skill Type
Dropped by
Minamoto no Yorimitsu

Sacred Bird Flight is one of the Samurai Skills in Nioh2.  Sacred Bird Flight is a Boss Skill dropped by Minamoto no Yorimitsu where you use Sohoyamaru to make two long range and evasive slashes. Its an active skill that can be equipped by any weapon

Sacred Bird Flight Information

  • perform a horizontal slice with Sohayamaru while moving at high speed, attacking enemies in a wide area.
     Command: L1+Δ (Δ while guarding)



Sacred Bird Flight Notes

  • f you are not locked on to an enemy, you can choose which direction you go in with the left stick.



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    • Anonymous

      Impossible to drop I farm the boss stage almost a year and not single skill drop on console it easy for PC players because they can mod the game and get skill

      • Anonymous

        This ability is pretty much broken. I like it a lot more than Sacred Bird Cry. It's definitely worth farming for. I lucked out and got Severing Spin when I also got this. Farm the mission Suzune in the Flames!!!

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