Saika Magoichi

Enemy Type Human
Weakness Paralysis
Resistances ??
Immune ??
Special Drop

Founder's Hall Gate Key
Smithing Text: Hikoemon Ichimonji
Yatagarasu Headband
Haccho Nenbutsu

Saika Magoichi is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Saika Magoichi is a human enemy that attacks with rifle.


Enemy Description

In-Game Description


Saika Magoichi Locations & Drops



How to Beat Saika Magoichi

Saika Magoichi Boss Guide:


 Saika Magoichi have several attacks that can be used both at close and long distance. He is a human, so he is vulnerable to paralysis and poison.

The best strategy is staying at a medium range while running around him. Wait for him to chase you or attack you and then strike back. Be careful of his attacks as they deal massive damage.

You can use your guard to avoid his rifle shots if you are having a hard time avoiding them.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Ranged Attack: He can use his rifle to attack you from a distance. He can do this both while in the ground and Air. Run in circles around him to avoid the shots. You can also use your guard to protect yourself.
Burst Ranged Attack: He will jump forward and send a wave of fire towards the player. Running in circles is the best way to avoid this attack.
Guardian Spirit Flames: He will summon several flames that will start chasing the player after a short period of time. You can use a ranged attack while he is conjuring the attack. Then run away from him and avoid the flames.
Grapple Attack: While in the air, he can grab you and perform a powerful grapple attack. You can use a ranged Ninjutsu or Onmyo Magic to take him down from the air. Try to stay away from him while he is flying.
Guardian Spirit Burst: His guardian spirit will conjure a fire waves that deal damage in straight lines around him. Try to stay away from him and avoid the waves.




Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      19 May 2021 20:07  

      on the Third Word i beat him only by reflecting his projectiles with switchglaive's Whirling Blade. dont think I'm flexing cuz it wasnt easy.

      • Anonymous

        21 Mar 2021 07:33  

        This boss is the prime example of artificial difficulty. Just take a good boss from the last game and make him spam homing fire bullets and also make him shoot, while you have to dodge the fire bullets

        • Anonymous

          16 Mar 2021 22:31  

          So, after smashing this guy in the face for 72 victories, I have a couple tricks to help people out.

          He's rather squishy in terms of defense, but if you treat him like a regular enemy he's pretty good at blocking. If you start hitting him with a combo and just smash at him with it, he will raise his guard and block the whole thing. However, you can abuse him by taking advantage of a defensive quirk he has. If he blocks, and there is a slight delay between that hit and the next hit, such as drawing out a combo slightly, he will drop his guard and you can repeatedly beat his face in.

          Another quirk that seems to be easy to take advantage of is that he only blocks when you actually attack directly at him. If your attack would normally whiff, but the auto-tracking will hit him instead of failing, he won't guard against it. With these two tricks I am able to slaughter him without issue. At level 105 (recommended is 88) I can kill him in about 20-30 seconds.

          A third quirk that you can abuse, but maybe not with all weapons, is his inherent desire to dodge backwards. Anytime he takes damage, or at least 9/10 times, he will dodge backwards one time as soon as he is not staggered anymore. You can use this to your advantage by tapping him with a fast hit (he almost never blocks the first hit, only subsequent ones) and wait for him to dodge, then hit him .

          You'll need something with reach, or a movement technique. I used the dual swords with spinning dragon, and this worked very well because the spinning dragon would rush/track him and hit him every time.

          Some other little tips:
          - You do have time to heal after his grapple. He will throw a bomb, so as long as you dodge this you have time to heal everytime.
          - When he drops from the air, willingly or otherwise, he is vulnerable.
          - I'd estimate there being a 3-to-1 chance of him doing a double grapple where he will whiff and then try again immediately afterwards.
          - Whether he does one or two, when he is done missing, he will hover and try to shoot. If he has only done one grapple and you are relatively close, I'd estimate there is a 5-10% chance he'll shoot once and then try another grapple. Every other time he will go for two shoots.
          - When he is shooting while in the air after his grapple, he is vulnerable to being knocked down. Rifle is usually too slow for this, but both both and throwing items, such as kunai or shuriken, will hit him and knock him out of the air. It doesn't stun him and he'll get up and roll away rather quickly, but it does leave him vulnerable for a quick attack.
          - He has two big red attacks. One is with his sword, which does a lot of damage. It has zero tracking, so you can easily dodge it. The timing for burst countering is a little tricky on that one since its so quick, but it can be done. I've never been able to burst counter his other one which is when he summons his bird. This one doesn't do a ton of damage up front but lights you on fire.
          - Others have mentioned it, but when he summons all his fire balls, run to the side. However, if you do a sort of semi-circle you can run around them. They will track a bit, but they cannot track enough that once you are past them they become harmless.
          - He does have a fairly long melee combo, but he doesn't always use the full thing. I am not sure if it is ki dependent or anything, but if he kneels and shoots mid-combo, he is using a longer combo so keep dodging. If he doesn't, there is a really good chance he is done and will be open for an attack.

          Best of luck!

          • Anonymous

            24 Dec 2020 04:15  

            It seems the Devs found his exploit in the last game, he is no longer downed for a grapple if you hit him while he is in the air with a spear, take care when fighting at a distance as he has an array of attacks that can match your arsenal. His spirit attack is also easy to avoid but very dangerous should you get caught in it as it will also deal fire damage over time.

            • Anonymous

              05 Sep 2020 04:46  

              while trying to get Yara I raked in smithing text for Hikoemon Ichimonji, Dual snake headed tonfa. Sohaya tsurigo
              No Yata or Hacco yet :P

              • Anonymous

                24 Mar 2020 21:24  

                He seems to have low corruption resistance and high elemental resistance. As a onmyo switchglave character I put most magic aside and just used seething dragon unbuffed and barrier talisman with the snake boss core to really mess with his stamina. As long as he is on the ground his AI seems to be mostly baseline human and as such most stunlock tactics against human minibosses should work pretty well.

                • Anonymous

                  20 Mar 2020 13:44  

                  Simple strategy, use two to three gust talismans to reflect his bullets the whole fight, then use shuriken and kunai to pull him out of the air for a good two or so seconds opening. They also help interrupt his specials, the fire balls and the fire wind sickles.

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