Saito Toshimitsu

Enemy Type Human
Weakness Lightning
Resistances Purity
Immune ??
Special Drop

Saito Toshimitsu is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Saito Toshimitsu is a Human that attacks with unique Onmyo magic and Odachi Skills


Enemy Description

See Saito Toshimitsu

Saito Toshimitsu Locations & Drops


How to Beat Saito Toshimitsu

Saito Toshimitsu Boss Guide:

If you stay far away from him he will buff himself with a Gale effect and, in new game plus a Shockwave Talisman, and throw either Shikigami or Water and Explosive shots. While the Shockwave Talisman is active he will Ki pulse much more often, significantly reducing his recovery time after attacking.

The projectiles he shoots, other than the Shikigami, don't do much damage or accumulate much status effects. The individual attacks he does don't do much Ki damage on block either, outside of exactly Imperious Strike, which is slow and won't break your Ki if it's anywhere near full, and his Quick Stab attack, which basically refills your Ki if it doesn't break it and you have Faster Winded Recovery on your build. Meanwhile, he has several powerful attacks that he can't be staggered out of and that can potentially one shot you for attacking into them. With that in mind, the clear strategy is just blocking while maintaining high Ki and waiting for any attack with lengthy recovery. This strategy gets even better once he reaches half health, as he starts to do more attacks with extended recovery.

Once he loses half his Ki, will stop being proactive and tend to block and wait. This is your opportunity to go on the offensive, but keep in mind he will still do Cuckoo's Call occasionally. Using Yokai Skills instead will circumvent this.

If you do need to attack make sure there aren't any gaps in your offense, as he dodges very far at the first opportunity.

Like most human enemies, confusion is very strong against him, so using lightning and either corruption (preferred) or purity( which he isn't as resistant to compared to fire or water) is a very good strategy against him. In addition to greatly increased damage it will also prevent him from recovering Ki as quickly, allowing you to continue his offense even more.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Quick Stab: A very fast, long range trust with his Odachi. Extremely high damage. Armored until he starts to move forward. Reason #1 you shouldn't attack first. Blocking the attack will stun both of you, giving you increased ki recovery during the animation if you don't get winded, which is safe and refills your Ki but you get no damage. It also recovers quickly, so dodging away from him is unrewarding.
 Imperative Strike: His version is armored, so you can not stagger him, does extreme damage and charges up quickly. Reason #2 why you shouldn't attack first. He Ki pulses after if you dodge, so don't bother trying to whiff punish with melee. If you block and it doesn't drain your Ki, he wont Ki pulse without the shockwave talisman up.
Cuckoo's Call: Fire Imbued. Frequently done while blocking. Reason #3 why you shouldn't attack first. Significant recovery time after use.
Retrograde Flow: Creates a Geyser talisman effect when he pulls the sword out of the ground. Also has Guard Point like Cuckoo's Call. Reason #4 why you shouldn't attack first. The attack has no horizontal tracking. Approach him from the side.
Twin Moons Significant Recovery time after use.
Occasionally he will prepare an Onmyo Magic Spell. Then he will either use Explosive Shot and Water Shot at the same time, or throw 4 shikigami, two fire and two water. It's rarely used up close, so stay close to him if you don't want to deal with an elemental minefield.
The Explosive and Water shots actually don't do much damage or build status well.
Several Melee Attack Strings that are unique to him. They don't do much Ki damage on block. Block two hits and look for an opportunity to dodge behind him.
Phase 2 (50% Health)
He can jump back while doing a Shock wave, then do one of three different options:
  • Devastating Rush, after which he jumps in the air and slashes downward. The second slash is unblockable and knocks you down. (last hit is a Burst attack pre-Dream of the Demon)
  • Moonlit Snow Redux, with the last hit also creating an extremely high damage unblockable Soul Purge Talisman beam (Last hit is a Burst Attack pre-Dream of the Demon)
  • Buff himself with a Protection and Attack Increasing effect.
  • He is invincible while jumping back, and the shock wave does a large amount of Ki damage. Reason #5 You shouldn't attack first.
  • Dodge Behind the Jumping attack. Hard to burst counter while it's still possible.
  • Go into high stance and roll through the beam. If it hits you you will likely die.
  • He only does this when you back up from him.
Devastating Rush: after which he jumps in the air and slashes downward. The second slash is unblockable and knocks you down. (last hit is a Burst attack pre-Dream of the Demon) Dodge Behind the Jumping attack. Hard to burst counter when it's still possible.
Quick Stab: Can now follow up with an grapple attack if you block it. Don't attack immediately after blocking and you won't be in range of the grapple
Twin Moons: Can do another one that's fire imbued. Burst attack on DorD and above Significant Recovery time after use.
Moonlit Snow: Each attack is imbued with a different element (Water then Fire then Purity) Slow with a long delay between each hit.
Imperitive Strke: Can now do another horizontal slash. Second hit is a burst attack on Dream of the Demon and above.




Notes & Trivia

  • ??




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    • Anonymous

      26 May 2021 22:27  

      This cvnt is epitome of horrifically bad design. ****er uses his odachi, faster than Bruce Lee used his fists. Not even mention infinite stamina and mana. I really do not understand what is the point of creating something this stupid? It just kills any desire to continue playing this ****ing game. This is beyond stupidity.

      • Anonymous

        28 Mar 2021 18:59  

        he has insane stamina and quick attacks
        his weapon is a nodachi so it has a longer range than most other weapons
        he has infinte spell
        he can buff attack with water fire and purity
        he has a spell that deflect arrow bullets cannon balls and trowable items and he loves spamming it during the fight(also infine amount of it)
        he has a spell that buff its armor to insane levels (attacks will deal little to 0 damage) and he will start using it from half life. another spell that he loves to spam. also infinite supply
        he has a ranged charged attack that is extremely fast to charge and he will use it if you stay mid/to far away from he. insane radious and range he can potentially one shot you if you are not full health. dodging is extremely difficult because of the radious and speed of the attack parrying is useless because the damage is still insane. i still havn't manage to understand how to deal with it
        attaccking it in yokay form will do very little damage and he will usually displel quickly your power up with a barrage of hits

        rarely i have seen such levels of bullshit in a single boss

        • Anonymous

          09 Mar 2021 12:28  

          I used to be able to beat him,in fact i beat him 4 times, but since the new version it's impossible.
          Maybe it's not calibrated for new players...

          • Anonymous

            23 Feb 2021 16:39  

            Is there some kind of skill this dude uses to significantly reduce damage taken for a while and if so, does it last a certain time or require a certain number of hits to remove or something? Had him cast a buff just as I charged at him and it did 0 damage for ages. Bamboozled tf out of me

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