constitution-nioh-2-wiki Constitution Bonus C Break 86
skill-nioh-2-wiki Skill Bonus C Block 39
magic-nioh-2-wiki Magic Bonus B+    

Special Effect

fixed-icon-nioh2-wiki-guideImbue Water

Sasayuki is one of the Switchglaives in Nioh 2. This weapon works in conjunction with the Switchglaive Skills skill tree, and usually has good scaling with the Magic stat. It also scales with Constitution and Skill. So if your Build has high Magic, consider using this Weapon type.


Sasayuki Description

A switchglaive said to have been used by Princess Noh.

The word engraved on a hidden part of the blade, which means "Snow on Bamboo" and is meant to extol the virtues of its sharpness, was taken to be the weapon's name. Just as the snow built up on bamboo leaves is easily removed with the slightest of shocks, so to is the head of any foe that allows the blade of this scythe to find their neck.


Location: Where to Find Sasayuki


Materials Needed to Craft Sasayuki


Sasayuki Notes & Trivia

  • See Blacksmith to understand weapon inheritance and properties.
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    • Anonymous

      This is probably my favourite weapon in the game so far. I managed to get a special effect that restores health on mid-attacks and one that increases attack with familiarity. That coupled with Mumyo's guardian spirit and the shark guardian spirit means I practically never have to use elixirs! I just Cyclone on an enemy and heal up a ton :D

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