Seto Bunrin

Type Tea Sets
splendor-iconSplendor __splendor__
simplicity-iconSimplicity __simplicity__
eccentricity-iconEccentricity __eccentricity__

Seto Bunrin is a the Tea Sets in Nioh 2. Seto Bunrin provides __splendor__ Splendor, __simplicity__ Simplicty and __eccentricity__ Eccentricity. Tea Sets come in different rarity ratings and various decorations that player can use to remodel their hut with.



Seto Bunrin Information

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Seto Bunrin Location/Where to Find

  • Dropped by ??
  • Found at ??
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Tea Sets
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    • Anonymous

      This tea caddy was made in Seto, also known as Japan's largest pottery-producing region.
      It's shape bares a resemblance to that of an apple. Early Seto wares imitated those that were already being made in China, but with time and instruction from various tea masters, a uniquely Japanese style of Pottery began to come into its own.

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