Shadows Creep in Kurama is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 121, has a difficulty level of 2, and features both human and yokai enemies. Shadows Creep in Kurama tasks players with investigating the disturbance on Mt. Kurama and to stop the source of the trouble. This mission is part of The Tengu's Disciple DLC. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



Shadows Creep in Kurama

Mission Start Text

"I too once lived on Mount Kurama. It has been home to all manner of yokai, but the recent increase in the number of aratama attacking people is troubling. I cannot simply stand by as my old home fall to ruin. Could I ask you to go in my stead and find the source of the trouble that afflicts mountain?"

Mission End Text

"A Nue, you say? Well, that would most certainly account for the increase in aratama on Mount Kurama. I had heard that the beast was slain by my distant relative, Genzanmi, Lord Minamoto no Yorimasa. But could it have been brought back to life? The power needed to resurrect such a yokai... well, it is scarcely conceivable. I grow more and more certain that someone or something is pulling strings behind the scenes..."

Kodama Locations

  • From the first shrine, proceed forward until you reach a house that's on the left from the temple with the Kiryoki in it. Head inside the house, exit the backside on the right and check the corner of the fences, you'll find the Kodama there.
  • For the second Kodama, continue through the area and when you reach an intersection that has a red lantern, go straight and head through the red torii gate. Head up the steps of the small shrine and climb up the ladder on the left side. At the top, go left and jump down onto the platform below to find the second Kodama.
  • As for the third Kodama, jump back down to where the ladder was and head east from the small shrine where you'll see red lanterns along the way. Cross the bridge, keep going straight until you reach a temple that's engulfed with the dark realm. From the entrance, look to your right, you'll find the Kodama behind the plants.
  • From the second Kodama shrine, exit the temple from the west gate and head straight until you come across a large tree. Keep going straight and then turn left towards another tree. You'll find the fourth Kodama behind the tree that's next to a ladder.
  • Next, climb up the ladder, walk onto the narrow path on the left, go right towards the path that's inclined, just go straight, and drop down onto the side of a cliff. You'll find the fifth Kodama there.
  • And for the sixth Kodama, retrace your steps and head back to the narrow path. This time, just keep going straight, and before reaching the end where you'll have to turn right towards the backside of the locked cabin, walk to the edge a bit on the left side, and you'll see another narrow path below you that you can drop onto. This narrow path isn't covered with snow and you'll find the last Kodama on it.

Sudama Locations

  • From the first Kodama shrine, after checking the section of the house, go straight and you'll find an intersection with a red lantern. Check the west side and you'll find a storeroom. Check behind it and you'll find the Sudama.

Scampuss Locations

  • The first scampuss can be found behind a small shrine near the first Kodama shrine. When you reach a house, past an open temple, check the backside, and climb up the ladder that's on the left of the back of the house. At the top, you'll find the small shrine where the scampuss is sleeping.
  • From the second shrine, exit through the west gate of the temple and straight until you see a path on the left that has a tree, a Kodama behind it, and a ladder beside it. Climb up the ladder, walk onto the narrow path on the right, and then jump down onto a small platform below from the edge of the cliff on the right. You'll find the second Scampuss below you.

Spa Locations

  • Past the second shrine, go around the narrow path towards the east side from the cliffside. You'll reach the other side of a locked cabin and a yokai mist where you'll encounter a Yoki. Past the yokai mist, there's a ladder that you can climb, you'll find the hot spring at the bottom.

Locks Locations

  • n/a


Shadows Creep in Kurama Walkthrough

First Shrine


You arrive at the starting point of Mt. Kurama where you'll find the first Kodama shrine next to the entrance. Go straight and you'll encounter a ronin that's roaming next to a locked gate, kill the ronin and head east where you'll see a Kiryoki inside a house. Kill the Kiryoki and open the large chest inside. After checking the house, before going west, check the east side of the house to find a body that you can loot that's at the edge of a cliff - a Gaki will ambush you here.


Head up the inclined path on the left side from the first house and you'll encounter a large Bakegani near another house and a Gaki on the top left. You can shoot the Gaki on the head to instantly kill it. As you approach the front of the house after killing the Bakegani, a Karakasa Umbrella will appear as well and attack you.


After clearing the yokai, head inside the house on the right and you'll encounter a ronin here. Exit through the right side of the house and check the corner by the fences. You'll find a Kodama there, while on the other side, there's a ladder that you can climb. At the top, you'll find a Scampuss near a small shrine that's being guarded by a Nure-Onna yokai - there's also a corpse here that you can loot.


After grabbing the scampuss and the kodama, continue to the next section where you'll encounter a Koroka that's shapeshifted as a lantern. After killing it, go east towards an open storeroom, but before you head inside, walk near the steps and ready your bow, aim at the ceiling and you'll see a Spider yokai waiting to ambush you. Kill the spiders and then open the large chest.


From the room, go straight towards the left side and you'll come across a red torii gate where you'll see a Magatsu Warrior roaming. Shoot the yokai with your bow to draw it towards you, kill it, then proceed forward and kill the remaining yokai such as Gaki and a One-eyed Imp. Next, kill the Yoki that's guarding the steps leading to a shrine, and then when you reach the top, look behind you and you'll see a Tesso and a small Spider inside a shed. From the shed where the Tesso and Spider was, loot the body that's hanging, loot the small shrine that's in the middle to obtain an item and a memory, then go behind it to kill a Gaki and a Kappa.


Next, check the east side and head up the inclined path where you'll see red lanterns along the way. At the top, there's a ronin enemy guarding the area as well as a Warrior Skeleton yokai. Once you've cleared the area, cross the bridge and you'll see a small Bakegani ahead, kill it, and continue following the red lanterns. The second lantern on the right is a Koroka, ready your bow and shoot it from afar to stun it - continue straight and you'll find a door that you can open that leads to a garden of a temple that's engulfed with the dark realm.

First Dark Realm


When you open the door and enter the dark realm, you'll immediately see a Tesso, a One-eyed Imp, and a Karasu Tengu roaming outside the large temple. You can instantly kill the imp by shooting it directly at its big eye, and then draw out either Tesso towards you and outside of the dark realm. This way you can remove the buffs it has when it's in the dark realm, giving you the advantage to defeat it. You'll need to fight the Tengu inside since it's the source of the dark realm, it will just disappear and return inside the dark realm if you try to draw it outside - killing the tengu dispels the dark realm and you can use the second Kodama shrine that's by the entrance of the large shrine.

Second Shrine


After using the shrine, head towards the front door and open it to enter the shrine. You'll see a ronin in the middle of the altar, shoot it on the head to stun it and then approach it to finish it off. Before you head outside the exit on the left, make sure to open the large chest that's on the right. There's also a sleeping Karakasa Umbrella on the right side as well near the main door. You can also obtain a memory by interacting with the large incense pot in the middle on the altar.


Once you've cleared the shrine, head outside from the left side of the shrine and draw out the Magatsu Warrior that's within the yokai mist which is blocking the path ahead. After killing it, go straight towards the side of a cliff and work your way forward until you see a forest section and a cabin. Around the corner of a huge tree trunk, there's a Yamanba waiting to ambush you and a Kiryoki further inside the forest. The front door of the cabin is locked, so you'll need to find another way in.


Simply go towards the narrow path and head east and you'll find yourself on the other side of the cabin and another yokai mist where you'll encounter a Yoki within it. Inside the cabin, you'll see a Kappa, kill it, loot the body to obtain Saigyo's Poem III, and then open the locked door from inside the cabin - from here, continue forward and climb down the ladder.


At the bottom, you'll find a Spa (Hot Spring) that you can use. After using it, climb back up, head back to the narrow path, and head to the bottom section where you'll find the third shrine. Be careful since you'll encounter yokai here such as Nure-Onna, Spider, and Yamanba - the path here is pretty much linear and it will lead you to the main boss of this sub-mission.

Boss Battle: Nue


Nue is a yokai beast that harnesses the element of lightning. Nue is another agile boss in this game, but the good thing is, it charges up for about a second before it executes its attacks. If it rolls forward, make sure you dodge to your side and do not run after it because a stream of lightning will appear along the path it rolled at. What you can do is, dodge to your side and position yourself next to it so that you can land a few attacks. Take advantage of countering its burst attacks so you can interrupt it for a short while and land a few attacks while it recovers. If you see it gathering energy, be ready to block its lighting beam that it shoots from its mouth. Also, avoid its grab attack, dodge it at the last minute it lands on you so that it loses its balance when it lands on the ground, allowing you to follow up with some attacks.


Just like any other boss yokai, Nue can conjure the dark realm when its health is at 50-60%. While it's in the dark realm, it becomes more agile and the lightning it emits causes shockwaves. One attack you can interrupt with a burst counter is when it runs on the wall and propels itself towards you. You'll want to make sure you land that burst counter so that you can interrupt it and counter it with a few attacks - you'll complete this side mission by defeating Nue and you can obtain random loot, as well as its soul core, Nue Soul Core.



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