Shuten Doji is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Shuten Doji is a Yokai that that uses a giant club and fire element to attack.


Enemy Description

Shuten Doji is considered one of Japan's three greatest yokai, alongside Tamamo-no-Mae and Otakemaru. These three yokai are given particular recognition for being only three yokai whose remains are supposedly presereved in Byodo-in, Uji. A long time ago, Shuten Doji lived in Mount Oe, Tanba Province, and would occasionally attack the capital accompanied by his demon underlings. Under orders from the emperor, Minamoto no Yorimitsu and his four retainers, known as the*****enno, were sent to vanquish him. They suceeded in weakening  him with poisonous sake granted to them by the gods, allowed them to kill him. This led to Yorimitsu's sword to thereafter be called Dojikiri or the "Doji Cutter".

There are several theories regarding Shuten Doji’s origins. One has it that he was born to a human mother after spending 16 months in her womb. Another theorizes that he was a boy if exceeding beauty, who was cursed by a vengeful lover and transformed into a demon. Yet another claims that he was a young monk in training who transformed into a demon when he disobeyed his religious commandments. One of the most ancient of these theories is that he was the son of Yamata-no-Orochi, the giant serpent. Having lost in battle to the god Susano in Izumi Province, Yamata-no-Orochi fled to Omi Province, where he conceived a child with the daughter of a wealthy man. The fact that both father and son were known to have a great thirst for sake is often cited as support for this theory. If Shuten Doji truly is Yamata-no-Orochi’s son, he must have inherited great power indeed.

In Japan, demons are seen as a symbol of power so great it defies the boundaries of reason, but Shuten Doji perhaps towers above them all. No ordinary human can hope to withstand a blow from his weighty metal rod, let alone defeat him in battle, Shuten Doji will drink his prized sake even in the midst of battle, so one must survive long enough to see his habits take a toll on him in order to stand a chance of winning. Alternatively, the legend of Shuten Doji’s death by poisoned sake may also hold the key to beating him…


Shuten Doji Locations & Drops

How to Beat Shuten Doji

Shuten Doji Boss Guide:

 Shuten Doji attacks are slow, but they cover a great distance and deal high damage. He can also use fire attacks.

The best way to defeat his is to perform a hit-and-run strategy. Wait for him to attack, dodge, attack him a few times and retreat back to safety. His burst attacks can also be countered providing a good opportunity to deal damage.

When he uses his fire hair you will have a good opportunity to use Ninjutsu and Onmyo Skills on him.

While in the dark realm, he does an attack string that has irregular timing, making it unintuitive to dodge but will occasionally make him fall to the ground during providing you a free finishing blow. Make sure to rush in and take the opportunity, but be careful as he will strike as he gets up.

Shuten Doji's sake bottle will absorb a portion of any stray Amrita that is released during the fight, such as by breaking the crystals scattered around the boss arena or when he hits you with it. Its exterior will become more crystalized as it fills. Once it is full, Shuten Doji can take a drink from his bottle to forcibly trigger a Dark Realm. Attacking the bottle before the boss drinks from it can shatter the crystals growing on it, releasing the gathered Amrita back to the player; however, it may be worth it to allow him to drink, as it leaves him open for an extended period of time.

In the Darkness in the Capital DLC mission The Revelry Ends, you are introduced to a tougher version of Shuten Doji. While he doesn't look any different, he gains a few new attacks, his club is imbued with fire, and he gains significantly increased attack speed and decreased recovery time, making it a much harder fight. This version is also the way he appears in the Underworld. The strategy is essentially the same, but you get less time to attack after dodging.  He is still vulnerable for the same amount of time if you get him to drink himself into the dark realm. If he takes a drink and begins to trigger the Dark Realm, he gains super armor immediately. You can no longer stagger him by Ippon-Datara soul core, a soul core that staggers all Yokai enemies. However, he is still weak to paralysis. Karakasa Umbrella soul core can paralyze him with one shot and stop him from triggering the Dark Realm. The guardian spirit skill of Baku can also be used to paralyze him. He does not gain super armor if he triggers the Dark Realm due to the depletion of Ki.

Attacks & Counters

Attack   Counter
Phase 1
Grapple Attack: He will drink from his bottle and slide forward to grapple you. Stops being a Burst Attack in Dream of the Demon   You can use your burst counter to cancel this attack but the timing is difficult. You can also dodge left or right
Fire Hair: His hair will turn on fire, and he will swing it in a wide area round him. Becomes a Burst Attack after Dream of the Demon.   You can see a red circle around him when he is about to perform this attack. Run backwards and use the opportunity to heal or to use ranged skills.
Jump Attack: When confronted from a distance, he will jump and strike with his weapon.   You can use your guard to prevent  his attack or run backwards to a safe distance.
Burst Fire Breath: He will drink from the bottle and slowly throw fire covering a wide arc in front of him. Stops being a Burst Attack after Dream of the Demon.   You can either burst counter this attack, or run behind him and attack him until the attack is over.
Fire Balls: He will drink from the bottle and spit fire balls around him. When they hit the ground they will leave a fire patch.   Dodge backwards and avoid the fire patches. Levitation Scroll invalidates the puddles
Fire Stomp: He will raise his leg and stomp the player with a fire kick. Can also do this after Jump attack.   Dodge backwards
Multi-Club Slam: Burst Attack in Dream of the Demon. He slams his club at a vertical angle to the ground 3 times.  

Burst Counter or dodge to the side. Leaves him open to attacks from behind after the move ends.




Notes & Trivia

  • If he gets drunk from his gourd and enters the Dark Realm, he will glow red and his attacks deal more damage than usual. He also takes more damage than usual. Combine with Onmyo  Magic or Ninjutsu to increase attack power to deal large amounts of damage but avoid his attacks as much as possible.
  • Memories - “This is no end…We will march through the streets of the capital once more…And you, Raiko…You plied me with great drink, but I forget not what happened next…”




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    • Anonymous

      just got warrior of the west armor smithing text + wave swimmer smithing text at the same time in "calamitys pulse" with 35 luck and about 10% item drop rate

      • Anonymous

        this guy is really fun to fight with funny moves. well, basically for me, a boss who doesn't *****in' around evading, dodging, jumping, and running away, is a fun boss to fight. and this guy fights you head on, just like Zuki brothers.

        • Anonymous

          since i dont think anyone realizes... there are 4 different dark realm fights with this guy.... if you exhaust his stamina meter he'll be much slower and more drunken in the dark world...
          if he just opens the dark world he'll be a bout the same speed but have his drunken moveset.
          if he has some crystals on his gourd and drinks he'll be faster in the dark realm and have much higher damage
          and if his gourd is 'dripping' crystals (seems to only happen in DotD and up) he'll have obscene damage buff and even faster moves, and totally forgo the drunk moves for better versions of his normal moves...

          • Anonymous

            True to the lore, poison is a very VERY effective method of killing him. Bring some poison arrows, some gallnut broth and as many quick change scrolls as you can attune and you'll have an easy time. You can poison him immediately by applying poison arrows before going through the door and just unloading on the fool the second you step through, then pop your broth and play as aggressively as you can (without killing yourself) Boss should drop very quickly.

            For reference first time I beat him I had 6 gallnut broths, 2 poison arrow tinctures and 4 quick change scrolls. The scrolls aren't needed obviously, but they allow you to play even more aggressively than you're usually comfortable with without just dying.

            • Anonymous

              Despite his lore saying he is one of the greatest Yokai, his fight is probably one of the easiest. If you take your time and keep a distance from his club, his moves have a long buildup, he even leaves himself open for a grapple after his drunken swings! When he plunges you into the dark realm, his attacks are a bit more aggressive but if you have high enough agility, he can be easily avoided until he calms down.

              • Anonymous

                He absorbs amrita in the room, from the smashable crystals in the arena and also if you consume any spirit stones. it seems to replenish his ki, not confirmed

                • Anonymous

                  Shuten Doji is considered one of Japan's three greatest yokai, alongside Tamamo-no-Mae and Otakemaru. Emperor Sutoku: Am I a joke to you?

                  • Anonymous

                    Get the arrow poison ninjustu and use it for this boss, he just walks towards you mostly and the hair spin is a good opportunity to do it too. The poison take about 3 arrows to take affect and it does a good chunk of damage per tick, can make all the difference for this hard hitting boss

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