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Sloth is a Status Effects in Nioh 2. Sloth is a Status Ailment and slows down the movement and attack speed of enemies hit by that effect.


Sloth Description

Movement and attack speed decreased.


Sloth Effect

  • Significantly reduces the attack and movement speed of the target.
  • This is similar to the Electrified effect, except stronger. They both combine to reduce movement speed if stacked on one target..


Ways to apply Sloth:



Sloth Notes

  • This significantly reduces the targets ability to attack or dodge, allowing you to do offense basically unopposed.
  • One minor disadvantage this poses however is that Burst Counters become more difficult to time; unless using a Brute Burst Counter (as that is an attack animation as opposed to a reaction-based counter like Feral or Phantom). Some i-frames from dodging also get lengthened; needing some minor adjustments in timing offensive attacks. These adjustments however are easily offset by the major advantages offered.



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