Spectral Swarm

Anima 5
Attunement 9

Spectral Swarm is a Yokai Skill in Nioh 2. Spectral Swarm is unlocked by attuning a Tatarimokke Soul Core to your Spirit Guardian, enabling you to perform this unique skill.


Spectral Swarm Effects

The player grows the wings of a Tatarimokke to attack with four slow moving projectiles with loose homing. If , they land on the ground, they create yokai realm puddles. Deals a large amount of Ki damage. Activating this attack while not locked on to an enemy will shoot these projectiles at the ground in front of you.


How to get Spectral Swarm


Spectral Swarm Notes & Tips

  • Like every other instance of this projectile, this will get dispelled by enemy attacks. Revenants with Barrier Talismans or the Familiar spell series will negate this attack completely.
  • The start up time on the skill is really long, so the best way to use this against Yokai bosses is after they switch to and from the dark realm, or after they recover their Ki, as they stand still for an extended period of time. This will remove a very large portion of their permanent Ki if all four projectiles connect, significantly reducing their time in that phase and permanently making it easier to drain their Ki for the rest of the fight.
  • You can use the creation of a mass amount of Yokai realm pools to your advantage in various ways:
  • The projectiles can trespass objects for a few seconds after the cast, and the homing property is really strong, which is notable during boss fights. 



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