Splitstaves are Weapons in Nioh 2. This weapon works in conjunction with the Splitstaff Skills skill tree. Splitstaves scale primarily off of the Magic Stat, but also scale off of Courage and Strength. This page covers a full list of Splitstaves in Nioh 2 and information about their stats.

Quick Summary
  • A high utility weapon that allows you to change the properties of your attacks by holding the button down after using them
  • Has some of the best Ki damage in the game, with the ability to attack from many different ranges and with a large amount of mobility skills.
  • This comes at the cost of raw health damage from most of your attacks.
  • Held Shin Crusher is the highest Ki damage per second melee attack among weapons.
  • Held High Stance quick attack and Dragon Dance are legitimately high DPS, which is rare for the weapon.
  • Twin Phoenix is strong with the Elemental Arcana Custom Active Skills if you hold the first hit.
  • Several Strong mobility and evasive options:
    -Changing Ways, Fill the Void and Radiant Moon can be used to evade attacks while attacking yourself.
    -Darting Cloud allows you to reposition after Ki pulsing.
  • Held High stance strong attack, Heron Kick and Roar Power have impressive forward range, allowing you to attack from a safe distance. After the strong attack, you can use Radiant Moon or a held Ebb and Flow to attack enemies again even from max distance
  • Held Side Splitter, Unruly Revolution, Twin Phoenix and Mid Stance Strong attack all have wide range and attack all around you, making them good for hitting multiple enemies.
  • Low DPS outside of the exceptions listed above
  • The only high damage, single hitting attack the weapon has is Roar Power, which is slower than most attacks of this type and has middling damage by comparison.

Splitstaves have the unique mechanic of Fluid Form, which allows you to hold the button used when attacking to change the properties of the attack done, either giving them more range, damage or increasing the amount of hits done, at the cost of increasing the amount of Ki used and generally having slower and longer animations. Because of this, despite being on the lower end of how many active skills it has, the attacks it does have posses multiple unique applications. It also has some of the most mobility options and evasive attacks among weapons, in addition to some of the longest range in both length and radius. Finally, every splitstaff is considered a striking weapon, which increases their Ki damage, giving it some of the best Ki damage available. This comes at the cost of generally being a low damage per second weapon outside of Dragon Dance and held High Stance Quick Attacks, and lacking a really high damage, single hitting attack outside of Roar Power, a rare drop Boss Skill from the first DLC, which you cannot access until you beat the game once.

Below is a list of Splitstaves in Nioh 2, and each weapon has an effect that will ALWAYS be present, no matter what other random bonuses there may be. These effects are listed in the "effect" column. Damage values are not listed since these change by rarity and level, making it difficult to compare them easily. Break and Block are listed, since these do not change with rarity or level.

Every Weapon in the game has Familiarity. The better quality of the weapon, the more Familiarity can be obtained with the weapon, and over time the damage and bonuses of the weapon will improve as the Familiarity increases up to a maximum. This way, using the same weapon over time can yield higher damage than another, even if it's lower level.

Please see Splitstaff Skills for more information.


Watery Devotion: Splitstaff


Utilise Medium Armor, Onmyo Magic and the new Splitstaff weapon with this Nioh 2 Watery Devotion Build perfect for late game. Click here to read full build.





Nioh 2 Splitstaff

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      My new favourite weapon type. I've breezed through to Way of Nioh and the Underworld spamming Dragons Dance + Paralysis :)

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        I wonder why so many of the names are attributed to shinobi classes? Other than Donatello, I can't think of any "ninja" that is typically associated with a staff, especially with the splitstaff leaning more toward the magical monk archetype.

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