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Stench is a Status Effects in Nioh 2. Stench is a status ailment. The effectiveness of the medicine is decreased, and you are stunned briefly, gagging.


Stench Description

The effectiveness of the medicine is decreased, and you are more vulnerable to enemy strikes.


Stench Effect

  • The effectiveness of medicine is decreased by half, and you are more vulnerable to enemy strikes.
  • Whenever any item is used that involves eating, an animation of the player gagging  plays, leaving you open for a time.


Equipment that grants Stench:

  • ???
  • ???



Stench Notes

  • You can prevent the gagging animation by using a Burst Counter or Yokai Ability Before right as you get healed.



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    • Anonymous

      So it appears that being saturated prevents the stench status effect from being inflicted, but being saturated causes you to take increased damage so you gotta compromise one way or another.

      • Anonymous

        More vulnerable to enemy strikes? Do they mean the gagging animation by this or is there an actual defense decrease?

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