Skill Point Cost
Skill Type

Stomp is one of the Fists Skill in Nioh2. It's a quick stomp that increases the damage of your active skills.


Stomp Description

Stamp your feet, increasing the power of your next Active Skill.
Command: L1+Square (Square while guarding)

Stomp Notes

  • This is a 20% melee damage multiplier.
  • The description is misleading, any active skill done while the buff is active will gain this bonus, but only the ones unique to the Fists will remove it prematurely. For example, both the normal grapple and Izuna Drop will gain the bonus, but Izuna drop ends the buff after use, while the generic grapple doesn't.
  • This is an excellent move to help build Unbroken stacks quickly.


Fists Skills
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