The Stone of Penance is a new feature added to the Shrines in New Game Plus. This allows you to upgrade the rarity of your accessories and increase the chances of you gaining items of Divine or higher rarity, but at the cost of gradually increasing the damage and health of enemies.

Stone of Penance Description

The stone of penance replaces the training option in the shrine after you start New Game Plus. 

You can receive a Stone of Penance in exchange for surrendering an accessory. While in possession of one, the health and attack power of enemies will increase, but so too will the chances of them dropping equipment with a rarity of Divine or greater. These effects increases as the +Value of a Penance stone increases.

  • Their damage increases roughly 10% every 1 plus value on the stone. At +9 their damage will be doubled.
  • Their health increases roughly 10% every 1 plus value, but mostly caps at +5.
  • The increase in rarity of higher level drops has diminishing returns with other ways to enhance the rarity of dropped items, such as Ethereal Item Drop rate and Luck. Essentially, you can choose not to build towards drop rate or go with a High Penance stone value, but doing both is a waste.

When playing at a difficulty that is set the the Stone's difficulty level or higher, defeating enemies will increase the Stone's Penitence at a rate proportionate to the Amrita gained from each enemy.

  • Killing bosses will fill the Penitence the most by far, especially if it's a level end boss or one of the bosses in a scroll.

Performing Resting Rites on the Stone of Penance will cause it to vanish, and will allow you to reclaim your surrendered accessory as well as a large amount of Amrita. During this process, the chances of your accessory being strengthened are determined by the Penitence of the Stone. Upon performing the Resting Rites, enemy attack power, and equipment drop rates will be reset. Should you receive a new Stone of Penance at a later time, its Penitence and +value will be reset to their initial values.
Rather than performing Resting Rites, you can choose to Increase the Pain, raising the +value of the Penance stone to raise the severity of it's effects, while also increasing the chances of your accessory getting upgraded and the amrita you earn from Resting Rites.

While playing Coop with other players, the health and attack power of enemies will not be adjusted, but your Stone will earn less Penitence, and if the stones value is +3 or higher, you will not earn Penitence at all.

How to use the Stone of Penance

  • First, you go to the Shrine, either during a mission or from the starting point.
  • Then, you select Receive Stone and choose an accessory you want to surrender. While the stone is active, you can not use the selected accessory. You then select a difficulty level. A mission's difficulty level must be set to the Stone of Penance's difficulty level or higher in order to increase the Stone's Penitence.
    • The Difficulty of Underworld Missions are considered Dream of the Nioh, and the Difficulty of Scroll Missions is based on what NG+ cycle you were on when the scroll dropped. A scroll of the demon is considered Dream of the Demon, inheriting the rarity of a scroll of the Nioh will not change the difficulty.
    • The difficulty of the Stone will also impact the chances of increases in rarity.
  • At any point, you can temporarily disable the current stone by choosing Return Stone at the Shrine. This will save your current progress while also removing all the effects of the stone, however you still cannot use the accessory until you perform a proper Resting Rites. Alternatively, you can also remove all progress and start a new stone by choosing Return Stone and then Receive Stone once again. This will also give you back the accessory used for the previous stone.
  • Once you fill the Penitence gauge, it will glow blue and you can choose to either increase the pain, which speeds up the rate of which your gauge will fill on that previous +value from that point on, while also increasing the severity of the Stones effects, or perform resting rites. After filling the gauge of one +value for a difficulty, you can start any stone from that +value, though the rate of filling the bar will be slower than if you worked up to that point. If you choose to increase the pain, you will be able to perform resting rites at any point for no cost.

How the Stone of Penance upgrades Accessories

Whether or not an accessory will be upgraded after performing resting rites a stone of penance, what effects you gain, and in the case of upgrading it to ethereal rarity, what grace the accessory will obtain is seeded, meaning the result will be the same even if you close the application without saving.

  • Rarity/ Plus level increase: There isn't anything stopping you from choosing a low +value stone, seeing if it fails or not, quitting without saving if it did, and then choosing to increase the pain.
    • If the difficulty of the stone is set to dream of the nioh and the rarity of an accessory that belongs to a set bonus is increased to Ethereal, that set bonus will become the set bonus+ version, see Set Bonuses for more details.
  • Special effects: When the rarity of the accessory is upgraded, or every time you perform resting rites if it's an Ethereal Item with a slot missing, one of the empty special effect slots are filled up by a predetermined special effect. This effect is chosen upon accessory generation from a pool of special effects, however if you temper the effect it would have been onto the accessory, or something that conflicts with that effect, it rotates to another one of the effects in a pool. So using this to try to gain a particular star effect isn't a very good idea, or at least not better than using a big Sudama to reroll a divine accessory. (See its page for more details).
  • Ethereal Graces: This is chosen when the Accessory is generated, and cannot be changed, outside of rerolling the accessory at a big Sudama, since this technically creates an entirely new accessory. You cannot gain any Dream of the Nioh exclusive ethereal grace from a Stone of Penance.


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