Sub Missions in Nioh 2 is a Mission category where players partake through side activities of the game that advances side plots of the game. Players can receive special rewards for completing a sub-mission for the first time and subsequent times, this page covers a full list of all the sub-missions in the game.

If you want to see a quick list of the sub-missions, use the Missions page instead, as this page shows rewards and info for each sub-quest.


Nioh 2 Sub-Missions

The Forest Veiled in Darkness

This sub-mission tasks a player with investigating a bandit camp that seems to be stealing and using Spirit Stones.

Recommended Level: 4


A Voice in the Twilight

An elder of the village of Jusanzakura requests for your assistance to kill a Yokai that seems terrorize the villagers.

Recommended Level: 11


Dark Omens

Master Dosan requests for your assistance to investigate and track down the whereabouts of one of his missing merchants.

Recommended Level: 4


A Favor for the Blacksmith

Toyo, a novice blacksmith you met in Tatara requests for your help to recover her valuables which she buried to hide it from the bandits. She could do it if it weren't for the Yokai that's swarming in the area.

Recommended Level: 17

The Search

A mysterious note was sent where it seems to ask for help. Tockihiro asks you to investigate the area and find the one who wrote the letter as well as its companions.

Recommended Level: 18

The Greedy Hunter

There seems to be a Yokai at large in the area and it seems to kill the last group that was sent to stop it. With your abilities, Master Dosan requests that you investigate the forest and kill the unstoppable Yokai.

Recommended Level: 20


Imagawa Diehard

Intel has been gathered which seems that there are still remaining troops from Imagawa's clan, it is up to you to stop them before they plot on killing Lord Nobunaga.

Recommended Level: 23

Hidetatsu's Dying Wish

Lord Nobunaga requests for your assistance to retrieve the spear of his departed father-in-law, Master Dosan from Yoshitatsu's soldiers.

Recommended Level: 25

An Error in Calculation

Maeda Toshiie seems to have left and stashed his most valuable item, an abacus. He asks for your help to retrieve it for him since he admits that he doesn't stand a chance against the Yokai in the area.

Recommended Level: 25


The Sunomata Yokai Hunt

It seems a yokai slipped through Hachisuka Koroku hands and stole his weapon. Koroku asks for your help and joins you in finding the culprit and to retrieve his weapon.

Recommended Level: 25

The Fire God's Magatama

It seems Senji Toyo wants to forge more weapons and armor with stronger components. The novice blacksmith asks for your help to find and obtain a Magatama that can surely help with forging an even powerful weapon and armor.

Recommended Level: 32

A Hot-blooded Howl

It seems Maeda Toshiie is in a tight situation and needs reinforcements. Luckily, you were sent to find him and to help him fend off the remaining enemies of the Oda clan. Especially the warrior who was able to cut down even the fiercest warriors of the Oda clan.

Recommended Level: 30


An End to Seclusion

Oichi runs to your aid to see if you can drive out the horde of yokai that's infesting the forest. Make sure that the road she must travel leading to Oumi is safe.

Recommended Level: 34

The Shifting's Wise Judgement

You and Tokichiro rush back to Sunomata to stop a quarrel that has shifted into a war between Koroku and Lord Katsuie. It's up to you to choose between the Nigatama or Chief and to defuse the situation before things get worse.

Recommended Level: 36

The Viper and the Butterfly

Princess Noh runs to your assistance to help her retrieve an item that was given to her by her late father, Master Dosan. Head back to Inabayama Castle and fight through the yokai infested grounds.

Recommended Level: 37



A ghost has been seen in the forests of Kanegasaki. Mumyo asks for your aid to investigate and hopefully deal with the assumed apparition that's terrorizing the villagers. Hopefully, it's not another one of those owl yokai you just fought.

Recommended Level: 41

Learning a Lesson

Lord Nobunaga's sword has been stolen and the castle has gone mad over it. It's up to you to find it and hopefully retrieve it from a den that's crawling with yokai.

Recommended Level: 39

The Shrine of Oaths


Recommended Level: 37


A Formal Match

Lord Nobunaga has held a contest between his recent retainers and wishes to see who's the strongest among the group. Looks like you're enlisted in the contest. And you're up against the strong-willed Obsidian Samurai. You got this, Hiddy!

Recommended Level: 45

Lingering Snow and Crimson Tracks

It seems there has been an unseasonal occurrence of snowfall in Shibata Katsuie's domain. Takenaka Hanbei asks for your aid to investigate and see if this happens to be the work of a Yokai.

Recommended Level: 45

The Brothers’ Blades

It seems someone... or something... has once again attacked the Tokugawa forces. If it's the work of Yokai, there's no one else rather than you who is suited for this task. Make haste to the battlefield of Amegawa and put an end to this catastrophe.

Recommended Level: 46


The Tiger Approaches

Ever since the news was heard regarding the movement of the fearsome general Takeda Shingen known as the "Tiger of Kai", the forces of Tokugawa have tried to stop him and his troops, but it seems they've just been obliterated. Make haste to Sanpogatake and lend your hand to the hot-blooded Honda Tadakatsu in fighting the yokai.

Recommended Level: 47

Horns on Head Dragonfly in Hand

After helping Honda Tadakatsu fight the yokai in Anegama, he never forgot your skill as a warrior and unique abilities. He asks to cross blades with you to see what you are really capable of. Don't hold back.

Recommended Level: 52

A Shadow's Duty

Takeda's forces have been seen in Amegawa in pursuit and Hattori Hanzo was dispatched to stop them and to help their allies. It's been quite a long time and Hanzo hasn't returned. I'm afraid he's caught in a sticky situation that has something to do with Yokai. Hurry and search for him in Amegawa before it's too late.

Recommended Level: 51


The Fallen Star

Rumors have spread that the "Tiger of Kai" has been seen in the forests of Mino. Although it was also confirmed that he has fallen to illness. It still seems unbelievable that he is still alive. If so, we must investigate and see for ourselves if it is him. If so, he must be executed.

Recommended Level: 48

The Demon King's Blade

Lord Nobunaga wishes to see your full potential as a shiftling. And so, he asks for a duel and wishes to cross blades with you. Show him the true power of a shiftling and defeat Oda Nobunaga.

Recommended Level: 53

The Golden Nation

It seems something out of the ordinary has happened since Lord Nobunaga's messenger hasn't returned from its expedition. You are asked to track down the messenger and accompany him back to safety.

Recommended Level: 50


The Point of No Return

It seems the forest where the spirits of those who have fallen from battles past are now brimming with Yokai. Takenaka Hanbei runs to your aid to see to it that these spirits will be able to finally rest in peace.

Recommended Level: 52

The Missing Gun

A powerful gun manufactured from Sakai has been stolen from Shibata Katsuie while in transit. You are asked to track down the thieves and retrieve the gun.

Recommended Level: 55

The Refined Man of the Underworld

Matsunaga Hisahide requests for your help to retrieve an ancient tea set that has been dragged to Yomotsuhira or better known as "Hell".

Recommended Level: 57


Song of the Yokai

Koroku has found a prestigious bathhouse which he would like to visit. However, he sensed a strange aura inside and feels the presence of the Yokai. He asks for your help to investigate the bathhouse and clear out the Yokai in it.

Recommended Level: 56


There have been reports of people missing around Ishiyama Hoganji. What's worse is it's specifically children that have gone missing. This may be the work of a human. Or yet... a Yokai. Make haste to Ishiayama Hoganji, investigate the area and hopefully stop this case.

Recommended Level: 62

The Burning Sky

Senji Toyo has found a location that has Magatama. She asks for your help to collect more at Mount Ibuki. Surely the material will help her forge even more powerful gear.

Recommended Level: 64


The Warrior

A mysterious shadow has been spotted skulking around the flames burning around Honnoji. You are sent to investigate the area and find this "shadow".

Recommended Level: 66

The Aberrant Mage

Stop the remnants of Akechi's forces and investigate the area. There may be something else that's being plotted in the area.

Recommended Level: 87

The Third Word

A "bird" has been seen flying around outside, it may belong to Magoichi. Follow it and see where it leads.

Recommended Level: 88


Master of the Three Evils

Matsunaga Hisahide requests for you to "entertain" him. Cross blades with him and put your swordsmanship to use.

Recommended Level: 80

Okuni's Search

Okuni asks for your help to accompany back to the bathhouse and to find and retrieve her missing hairpin.

Recommended Level: 74

A Prayer in the Moonlight

A ghost that only appears under a crescent moon has been seen at Ishiyama Hoganji. Investigate the village and search for this "ghost".

Recommended Level: 91


A Message from the Deceased

Tokichiro's forces have made their way to Shikoku and Chosokabe's army seems to be in grave danger against the soldiers and yokai. Head to the island and help Chosokabe and his men in battle.

Recommended Level: 81

Calling on the Fire God

Senji Toyo requests for your aid to collect more Magatama. Surely, it will help her craft even stronger weapons and armor.

Recommended Level: 88

Scattered Fragments

Sen no Rikyu requests for your help to collect four Hiragumo kettle fragments from Yokai which he needs to comfort the souls of the departed on Mount Shigi.

Recommended Level: 


Stray Cats

Hattori Hanzo seems to be taking care of those Scampuss yokai. Unfortunately, they've wandered off while he had his back turned for a second. Help Hanzo find the Scampuss that are scattered in the area.

Recommended Level: 86

The Roaming Artisan

Senji Toyo's grandfather is returning from his travels! In spite of this, it seems he is having trouble navigating the mountains. Senji Toyo requests for your help to find him and aid him back home.

Recommended Level: 94

Mataza of the Spear

Maeda Toshiie who is now in command of the Hokuriku region wishes to cross blades with you to see who's the strongest. Show him what you are capable of.

Recommended Level: 104


The Bravest of the Brave

A man named Maeda Keiji who claims to be the uncle of Tokichiro wishes to meet you. Perhaps you should pay him a visit and see if he could be a friend or a foe.

Recommended Level: 103

The Dream's End

It seems a female who resembles Okuni was seen dancing Jurakudai. Join Okuni and search the castle for her younger sister.

Recommended Level: 108

Restoring Harmony

It seems Saito Toshimitsu's corrupted soul still walks the battlefield of Mount Tenno in the form of Ryomen Sukuna. Make haste and free him from the darkness.

Recommended Level: 110


Japanese Heart Yokai Smarts

After an unexpected battle against Hachisuka Koroku at Komaki-Nagakuta. He requests to cross blades with you for the second time around to see which shiftling is stronger than the other.

Recommended Level: 110

The Scented Letter

It seems Lord Nagamasa's daughter may be alive. Head to Daigo Temple and search for her whereabouts.

Recommended Level: 112

Restless Spirits

The pain and regret of the fallen soldiers have now turned into ghosts that now haunt Kitanosho. Something must be done before someone gets hurt.

Recommended Level: 111


Yaksha Returns

Free of anguish, despair, and anxiety. Azai Nagama's last wish is to fight once more against a strong and noble samurai as yourself. 

Recommended Level: 112

Dawn of Hope

Hatori Hanzo asks for your help to aid William to find his missing son.

Recommended Level: 117




DLC Sub-Missions

The Lost Sword

A rumor amongst the soldiers hints that the weapon, Ame-no-Murakumo was left in the Yasahima after the battle there. Return to the battlefield and help Minamoto no Yoshitsune obtain the legendary weapon.

Recommended Level: 122

The Loyal Retainer

One of Lord Yoshitsune's retainers has heard of your abilities in slaying Yokai enemies. He has asked you to meet him in a remote area and to join him in "hunting" yokai that has occupied the forest.

Recommended Level: 122

Shadows Creep in Kurama

A disturbance in the mountains of Kurama has started to terrorize the local villagers of the area. Lord Yoshitsune asks for your help to investigate the area on his behalf and to get rid of the source that seems to be the work of a legendary yokai beast.

Recommended Level: 121


The Tale of the Taira

You remember Yashima, do you not? The place you first met Yoshitsune? It seems that even now with the coast deserted, mysterious music can be heard sometimes, mingling with the sound of the waves. At least, so the rumours say. Curious goings-on are your specialty, so what say we go and take a look?

Recommended Level: 126

Prisoners of the Stones

It seems the flames of war burn bright once again in Hiraizumi. The Fujiwara and Minamoto clans appear to be clashing over the Spirit Stones. Many loves will be lost unless we intervene. If only there were some way to ensure the stones don't end up in the hands of evildoers... Well, first things first, let's head to Hiraizumi. We can at least survey the battlefield to get a better idea of what's happening

Recommended Level: 127

An Encounter Among the Blossoms

No matter how old I get, the beauty of the cherry blossoms never ceases to amaze me. But with the land overrun by yokai, many of those who head for the mountains in innocent pursuit of the blossoms will never return. Let us rid this place of the yokai that have infested it to ensure no one falls victim to them. Perhaps then this place can be enjoyed for the beauty of its blossoms once again

Recommended Level: 125


Soul of the Warrior Monk

Well, well, it seems that brute Benkei has a matter he would like your help with. He appears to be most exercised about it, and it would hardly do to turn a blind eye to his plight. As a warrior ho has felled countless enemies to further his collection of spirit-inhabited weapons, his should not be underestimated. Don't let your guard down just because you beat him once.

Recommended Level: 228

Bond of the Blade

The soul of Lord Yoshitsune asks for one last wish to draw blades with you Now, clear your mind and take up your weapon, and show him that you have what it takes to bring his last battle to an end.

Recommended Level: 229


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