Summer Twilight

Summer Twilight
Skill Point Cost
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Summer Twilight is one of the Kusarigama Skills in Nioh2. Summer Twilightis an active skill that increases your attack strength, but also the amount of Ki damage you receive. Can only be used when your weapon is holstered..


Summer Twilight Description

Increases your attack strength, but also the amount of Ki damage you receive. Can only be used when your weapon is holstered.
Command: Hold R1 + Circle button


Builds that use Summer Twilight

  • ???


Summer Twilight Notes

  • This multiplies Melee Damage by 35.0%, at the cost of taking 50% more Ki damage.
  • The draw back can be turned into an upside with the Impurity Transference Doll.This allows you to significantly increase the damage you deal as well as the Ki damage dealt to enemies, which works well with Winter Dawn



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      when they say "sword must be sheathed" do they mean like a single sword or any sword? (im using dual tachi's)

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