Tate Eboshi

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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Purity
Resistances Corruption
Immune ??
Special Drop Smithing Text: Suzuka Battle Attire
Smithing Text: Tate Eboshi Switchglaive
Art of Combat: Arc of Chaos
Smithing Text: Searing Bolt Tonfa
Smithing Text: Black Rain & Thunder

Tate Eboshi is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Tate Eboshi is a female Yokai that attacks with scythe.


Enemy Description

Tate Eboshi, the yokai that haunts Suzuka Pass, was once a bandit. She was born to an unmarried mother, who eventually died in an epidemic. Orphaned and scorned by the other villagers, she fled into into the wild and became a common thief. It was in this state that Otakemaru found her. He used the power of the Spirit Stones to transform her into a yokai, becoming her only friend. Tate Eboshi is wildly devoted to Otakemaru, and she will not hesitate to use any means necessary- no matter how cruel they may be- to gather the Spirit Stones he needs to realize his dream.

Suzuka Pass, which is located on the border of Omi and Ise, has long been an important route connecting the capital to the eastern provinces. This led to bandits running rampant in the area, preying on the merchants or travelers passing through. Tate Eboshi is described as one of those bandits in the Hobutsushu, a Buddhist anthology from the late Heinz period, and the Hogen Monogatari, a war chronicle from the early Kamakura period. Since Suzuka Pass was also rumored to be a haunt for demons, it is believed that the elements of these tales were combined as the years went by, leading to Tate Eboshi eventually becoming known as a demon.

Since Tate Eboshi was transformed into a yokai by the Spirit Stones’ power and continued to amass an enormous store of Spirit Stones afterwards, she excels at drawing out and manipulating their power on the battlefield. She can use their power in a huge variety of ways - from increasing the size of the scythe she wields to conjuring up platforms to step on from Spirit Stone crystals in the blink of an eye. Her aggressive personality leads her to prefer directly attacking enemies from the front, but one should keep an eye out for the creatures she might get to attack you from behind.


Tate Eboshi Locations & Drops


How to Beat Tate Eboshi

Tate Eboshi Boss Guide:

 Tate Eboshi is extremely large with range to match and she likes to back dash after attacking, but the majority of her attacks bring her to you and staying up close doesn't bring you many opportunities to damage her proactively. Because of this, you are better off creating space and then waiting for her to come to you. Her big weakness is the horn that she is named after, and hitting it does a large amount of Ki damage, while also stunning her for a while, and despite not looking so, you can do this multiple times even without entering/ exiting the dark realm, where it visibly repairs itself. While hard to hit normally, you can get around this by waiting until she does an attack where she slams into the ground with her scythe, since that brings her head much lower allowing you to hit it with melee attacks, and you can also reliably do it after burst countering her. She is also one of the few Yokai bosses to be put into a grapple state when burst countered while winded or when it does enough Ki damage to wind her. She doesn't stay in a grapple state for long however, and always recovers with a jumping slam that can potentially kill you on it's own, but is safe to block.

She is resistant to corruption but not to the extent that it is useless against her. Overall she is very weak to confusion.

Once she reaches half health, she starts to do the jumping, homing AOE attack even outside the dark realm. Blocking is safe, as the recovery time for her is too long for her to capitalize on her breaking your guard (if it even comes to that)


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Scythe Swing - up to 4 horizontal swings, faster in Dark Realm Dodge through each swipe. It's better to dodge away from her, since she often goes for the stomp or spin kick if you stay close to her.
Run into Amrita Wave - Places her scythe on the ground, then runs forward and releases an Amrita wave forward Dodge into her, she goes past you.
Stomp - Fast stomp with short range. Rarely done on it's own. Dodge forward or backward, avoid blocking this and create space, since more attacks are coming soon after.
Spin kick - Fast 360 degree spin kick, can combo into Scythe swing Dodge through, avoid blocking
Slash into Amrita Wave - Spinning slashes followed by backwards motion and Amrita wave forward. There are two different timings for how long she decides to slash around her. Initial slashes are best either blocked or other wise create space so they whiff, the wave is long range and best side-dodged
Slow jump - Raises her scythe and it glows yellow, then jumps and slams down with a large AOE forward Dodge forward behind her or to the side. Her head is low when she recovers, giving you a good opportunity to hit her horn if you dodge sideways and then run at her.
Delirious Assault- Raises her scythe and it glows yellow, then spins twice, or four times in the Dark Realm, then slams down with an AOE.  Dodge through initial slashes, slam can be dodged behind or burst countered on DotSa or DotSt
Her head is low during recovery, so this is a opportunity to break her horn.
Arc of Chaos- Throws her scythe, it spins, then she slashes after catching it. Burst Attack after Dream of the Demon Can be dodged sideways, requires multiple dodges, or burst countered on DotD or above
Amrita projectiles - Raises an Amrita stone and fires a number of homing projectiles You can block one and then dodge. This is important so you can distinguish between this attack and the groundquake
Amrita ground quake - Raises an Amrita stone then buries it and a trail of explosions fires forward  Sprint sideways. If you can get close to her her horn can be hit.
Amrita Butterflies - whistles and surrounds herself with damaging butterflies, runs out quickly Avoid getting close
Amrita jump - Leaps into the air onto an Amrita platform, and either fires projectiles and jumps at you or jumps immediately. Can cross to a second platform before attacking. Dodge the projectiles just like Amrita projectiles, dodge through jump or block; has long recovery.
If you hit her with a ranged attack while she's on the platform she will fall.
Grab - slides at you an performs an unblock able attack. Burst attack before Dream of the Demon Dodge sideways, or burst counter on DotSa or DotSt
Phase 2  
Triple stomp - perform three consecutive stomps, used only to enter or exit the Dark Realm Dodge away
(Dark Realm Only) Mega Butterflies - Whistles and summons a number of Amrita butterflies which slowly home towards you and dissipate when connect with a surface Keep distance and sprint away
Vertical Spin - Leaps into the air and spins vertically multiple times Dodge to the side and keep away
Fast Jump - Leaps into the air and homes towards your position then slams down with an AOE rapidly. Always used directly after being grappled Very fast, can be dodged but easier to block, as it has a long recovery so getting guard broken doesn't matter.




Notes & Trivia

  • Memories - “I am sullied and soiled, but if you think me worthy, I will serve you.”




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