Temper is one of the Blacksmith options in Nioh 2. Temper allows player to modify the Special Effects of equipment by using Umbracite. You can select a new effect from a random pool depending on the quality of Umbracite.

Special Effects

Special Effects are bonuses provided by equipment. There are three types of Special Effects:

  • Fixed: Fixed Special Effects are represented by the locked_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guide_50pxicon. These Special Effects can't be swapped or exchanged.
  • Transferable: Transferable Special Effects are represented by the soul_match_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guide_50px icon. These Special Effects can be transferred to another piece of equipment using the Soul Match function on the Blacksmith.
  • Free: Free Special Effects don't have an icon before them. They can be freely swapped by using the Temper function on the Blacksmith.


Umbracite is a Smithing Material used in Tempering. Umbracite is used to swap a Free Special Effect. There are different qualities of Umbracite, with higher qualities providing better effects. Umbracite can be acquired by disassembling materials.

Tempering Melee Weapons







Name Familiarity
0 999
Melee Damage 4.0% 4.20%
Melee Damage (Critical) 9.9% 10.9%
Melee Damage (Unscathed) 2.9% 3.2%
Melee Damage vs. Human/Yokai 2.9% ??
Backstab Damage 7.9% 10.9%
Active Skill Damage 3.9% 4.3%
High/Mid/Low Active Skill Damage 4.9% 5.9%
High/Mid/Low Attack Damage 3.9% 4.3%
Strong/Quick Attack Damage 3.9% 4.3%
Attack Bonus (STAT) A- A+
Attack Bonus (Amrita Gauge) B+ A
Damage Bonus (Familiarity) A- A
Damage Bonus (Agility) A- A
Damage Bonus (Enemies Defeated) A- A
Damage Bonus (Unarmored) A- A
Damage Bonus (Light/Medium/Heavy) AA- AA
SKILL Damage 8.9% 9.9%
Dmg vs. Revenants 14.9% 17.9%
Final Blow Damage 9.9% 11.9%
Grapple Damage 11.9% ???


Ki Damage

Name Familiarity
0 999
Active Skill Ki Damage 9.9% ???
High/Mid/Low Active Skill Ki Damage 4.9% 5.9%
Melee Ki Damage 8.9% 11.9%
Strong Attack Ki Damage 9.9% 12.9%
SKILL Ki Damage 8.9% 9.9%


Ki Consumption

Name Familiarity
0 999
Guard Ki Consumption -7.7% -7.9%
Guard Ki Consumption (Critical) -14.4% ???
High/Mid/Low Guard Ki Consumption -8.2% -8.4%


Ki Consumption

Name Familiarity
0 999
Melee Attack Ki Consumption -5.4% -5.6%
Melee Ki Consumption (Critical) -7.2% -7.4%
Active Skill Ki Consumption -6.7% ???
High/Mid/Low Active Skill Ki Consumption -8.2% -8.4%
High/Mid/Low Attack Ki Consumption -7.2% -7.4%
Strong/Quick Attack Ki Consumption -7.2% -7.4%


Life Drain

Name Familiarity
0 999
Life Drain (Quick Attack) 22 24
Life Drain (Melee Attack) 20 22
Life Drain (Final Blow) 201 251
Life Drain (Strong Attack) 24 27
Life Drain (Low Attack) 21 23
Life Drain (Grapple) 201 251
Life Drain (Active Skill) 25 27
Life Drain (Melee Kill) 201 271
Life Drain (High Attack) 20 22



Name Familiarity
0 999
Break 14 19
High/Mid/Low Attack Break 17.9% 22.9%
Strong/Quick Attack Break 17.9% 22.9%
Ative Skill Break 17.9% 22.9%



Name Familiarity
0 999
Block 14 19
Block (Critical) 13.2% 13.4%



Name Familiarity
0 999
Fire 12 14
Water 12 14
Paralysis 12 14 
Poison 12 14
Lightning 12 14 



Name Familiarity
0 999
Burn 12.9% 15.9%
Shock 12.9% 15.9%
Saturated 12.9% 15.9%
Paralized 12.9% 15.9%
Poisoned 12.9% 15.9%


Other Bonuses

Name Familiarity
0 999
Amrita Earned 1.5% 1.7%
Amrita Earned vs. Humans 1.9% ???
Amirta Earned vs. Yokai 1.9% ???
Gold Earned 2.3% 2.3%
Gold Earned vs. Humans ??? ???
Gold Earned vs. Yokai ??? ???



  • ???


Talk to the Blacksmith and select the Temper option. Select the piece of equipment that you want to temper and then press the X button. A menu will open showing you the equipment and special effects. You can move to a free special effect to see available swap options. Select the desired Special Effect and press X to exchange it.

  • You can swap Free Special Effects as many times as you like as long as you have the required Gold and Umbracite.
  • The Special Effects pool will change each time you swap a Special Effect.


Selecting the Special Effect

The windows on your left displays the current selected Weapon and its special effects. You can use the D-Pad to move the desired Special Effect.
NOTE: Remember that by using Temper you can only swap Free Special Effects.


Umbracite and Gold cost

The menu on the botton right displays the amount of Umbracite and Gold required to perform the selected swap.


Available Special Effects for Swap

Once you move to a free Special Effect the menu on your right will display available Special Effects that you can equip. The effects that you can apply depend on the quality of the Umbracite.

NOTE: The Special Effects pool will change each time you swap a free Special Effect.






    • Anonymous

      11 May 2020 06:09  

      How do people get melee ki damage and a skill ki damage on there weapon at the same time if there in the same category?

      • Anonymous

        13 Apr 2020 15:05  

        Does anyone know how effective the damage bonuses (familiarity/agility/equipment lightness) are compared to something like melee damage +4%? Is there a way to tell in game? Also, the damage bonus (stat) abilities seem to be the best ones, but i can’t find consistent data on what other abilities they can’t coexist with

        • 28 Mar 2020 02:36  

          Can more information be provided on what exactly are considered conflicting values. I was under the impression that you can have one item per table, but when actually tempering things that is not what I am seeing. It appears to be per TYPE of table. For example if I have something from Damage Pool 2 already, even if I reforge 200 times I will never get anything from Damage Pool 1.

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